Math and Atomic Models

I will communicate with you via Course Sites. Check there daily for announcements. Because we have a handful of students still in transit, I am repeating the Course Sites message here.

Today, we reviewed the honors math quiz in class. The problems can be found at:

HHS Chemistry Content –> Unit 1 Atomic Structure –> Notes

I will post our class notes daily here on Course Sites for you.

I’m not sure if it was “summer brain” or the fact that you were surprised to see math on day 1 but a significant number of you struggled with the quiz. If YOU find the material foreign or more difficult than you can manage, please visit your counselor ASAP. I want you to be successful in honors chemistry and we will be using this math for the entire semester.

We also started a webquest about atomic models. Please continue to work on it for the next several nights with the anticipation of completion before you walk into class on Friday. First, watch each link and take notes. After doing so, complete the CER for each of the 6 models. On Friday in class, we will “de-brief” the models to ensure that each of us has accurate information regarding the merits and limitations of each model. Questions from this activity will be on the unit test. Recall that there is a link at Unit 1 Atomic Structure –> Labs to allow you to click the link so you don’t have to type the web address.