Ice, Ice, Baby……

We are home today because of an abundance of caution about travel on the roads with ice.

What can you do to ensure you maximize your time?

Visit Build An Atom and go through the activity as a review of your atomic structure knowledge. There is nothing to turn in with this – just a review so that we are on the same page when we see the powerpoint and discuss in class.

Use your flashcards to your advantage to work on cementing your knowledge of the 30 element symbols and names on which you will be quizzed on Friday, January 12.

Continue working on your Atomic Theory Webquest we began in class on Friday. Honors, yours will be due on Tuesday, while gen chem has theirs due on Wednesday. We will have a class discussion about your notes in which I expect each of you to participate in order to earn your points.

Watch the safety movie Safety It’s entertaining and informative and will help you be ready for the safety quiz.

Review your algebra and take the 4-question dimensional analysis quiz on Schoology. It is due by Friday, 1/12.

Stay safe and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Also, please recall that I will post very seldom here but instead I’ll communicate with you on Course Sites. Since we have a couple of ladies who have not yet been in class, I posted in both locations.

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