Ice, Ice, Baby……

We are home today because of an abundance of caution about travel on the roads with ice.

What can you do to ensure you maximize your time?

Visit Build An Atom and go through the activity as a review of your atomic structure knowledge. There is nothing to turn in with this – just a review so that we are on the same page when we see the powerpoint and discuss in class.

Use your flashcards to your advantage to work on cementing your knowledge of the 30 element symbols and names on which you will be quizzed on Friday, January 12.

Continue working on your Atomic Theory Webquest we began in class on Friday. Honors, yours will be due on Tuesday, while gen chem has theirs due on Wednesday. We will have a class discussion about your notes in which I expect each of you to participate in order to earn your points.

Watch the safety movie Safety It’s entertaining and informative and will help you be ready for the safety quiz.

Review your algebra and take the 4-question dimensional analysis quiz on Schoology. It is due by Friday, 1/12.

Stay safe and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Also, please recall that I will post very seldom here but instead I’ll communicate with you on Course Sites. Since we have a couple of ladies who have not yet been in class, I posted in both locations.

Great First Day!

I enjoyed meeting each of you today. In the morning classes, we had the opportunity to do a fun lab. Feel free to show it to your families as you have the supplies at your home! We will conduct it on Friday in 4th period due to time constraints today.

If you did not turn in your information form today, please do so tomorrow so I can spend some time reading your intro paragraphs.

We will be in the computer lab tomorrow, carrying out a webquest as we get moving on the content for our class. Recall that standards and syllabi are available on Course Sites in “introductory documents.”

Parents, I will NOT be posting here daily; instead, I communicate with my students via my CourseSites platform. Your children received log-in information today and are welcome to share with you.

Students, be sure to attend to the Schoology pre-course assignments. Learning the 30 element symbols and names is not something that happens overnight so allot sufficient time for the task.

Element-ally Speaking :-)

On Schoology, I asked you to learn the symbols for 30 of the elements on the periodic table. These include hydrogen through calcium (the first 20) AND iron, nickel, copper, tin, silver, gold, lead, zinc, bromine, and iodine. You need to know the name and the symbol for each of these elements. There will be a quiz on Friday, January 12, in class. Make flashcards. Practice with a friend 🙂

CourseSites Online Class

Chemistry students, each of you will have access to my online class at In this online resource, you will find a wealth of resources. Be sure that you use this to your full advantage to supplement what we learn in class. Also refer to the calendar for honors and for general at the top of this page. I will provide you with your log-in for CourseSites in class. Parents, ask your student for the log-in code. Each unit, you will have a literacy assignment on CourseSites to perform and submit online that counts toward your grade.

Pre-Course Assignments

As you know, Harrison has pre-course assignments for most academic classes. Chemistry Pre-Course

You will need a good scientific calculator for this course and the knowledge of how to use it properly. It is not necessary to have a graphing calculator but you can use that if you already own one.

Be sure to give yourself enough time to prepare for class so that YOU are successful. There will be an in-class quiz over the 30 listed elements and symbols as well as a safety quiz. There is one on-line quiz to take about math concepts. Some of the content regarding protons, electrons, and neutrons will also be on the first test. See you on Thursday, January 4!

Appreciation :-)

Thank you for a great semester! I hope that you learned to think for yourselves, to read questions carefully for information, and how to analyze and that you will carry this learning experience with you as you progress to future science courses. I hope that you and your families have a wonderful break and that you return rested and re-energized ready to take on Semester 2!

Two and a Half Weeks Remain….

We have two and a half weeks remaining in the semester. It is imperative that you put your best foot forward on each assignment. Please go ahead and review your polyatomics so that you are not caught unaware.

Monday, December 4, is a 5 question multiple choice quiz about molarity and dilution. The calculations you did for your Making a Solution lab are examples. Please solve more problems in preparation. There is a Quest assignment for this unit. Perhaps working some of those problems would be a good idea.

On Monday, we will also learn about solution stoichiometry. The Prep of a Solution lab will be conducted on Thursday, Dec 7. Your Dissolving Sugar labs that you finished today are due on Tuesday, 12/5. We will also begin learning about acids and bases.

Tuesday and Wednesday, we will learn about pH and associated equations and titrations.

On Friday, Dec 8, we will conduct a lab about colligative properties. We will also have the pH quiz to give another grade in the category before exemption forms are due.

On Monday, 12/11, we’ll review the pH quiz and do a little SLO review and problem solving.

Tuesday, 12/12, we have a titration quiz. Then we will conduct a virtual titration.

The SLO occurs on Wednesday, 12/13. It counts 4% of the semester grade. After the SLO, you can work on labs in class.

On Thursday, we’ll review the pH and titration quizzes and review for the test which occurs on Friday, 12/15. The UT Quest is due Thursday, 12/14, at midnight.

On Monday, 12/18, there will be an extra credit cumulative quiz opportunity available which includes acid/base, solutions, thermo, reactions, stoichiometry, and formula writing. It is completely optional. We will also answer questions from the final exam review available here on Course Sites.

Final exam for 1st and 2nd periods is on Tuesday, December 19, and the final exam for 4th period will occur on Wednesday, December 20.

Polyatomic Ions – Your KEY to Success in Honors Chemistry!

Today in class, you received a hot pink sheet with 26 polyatomic ions listed. The first time you’ll need this is on Thursday, August 31, on the ionic nomenclature quiz. You will continue to need them for the entire semester. Please work on learning them. Make flashcards. Use the quizlet on Course Sites. Help yourself. Students who DON’T learn them are not successful in honors chemistry so please be sure to learn them well.

I have posted this here on the blog as well as on Course Sites. Do recall that Course Sites is the place I use to communicate with my students.