Here are some sites that may be useful to you during the semester.
Schoology is the location where you will find all things to supplement our course. You were provided with the log-in code in class. You’ll have assignments on Schoology throughout the semester. is a great site with information about all elements. is incredibly informative and entertaining. has great resources to help you with understanding of material. has all sorts of worksheets and answers for a variety of topics.

New standards have been implemented for chemistry in the state of Georgia. Please find them here and notice the verbs that are used to indicate items for which students are responsible. Science-Chemistry-Georgia-Standards(1)-151cq5p

Your textbook is DIGITAL. At home, please use your email address to access.

Problems with digital access from a non-school computer or device (i.e. iPads, phones, Chromebooks, home computers, etc.)? Use your Office 365 credentials.
a.Typically, that is, but to make sure, students check StudentVUE for accurate information.
b.The password is the same one used to login to school computers (computer labs, classroom computers, laptop carts, etc.)

The syllabus for honors chemistry is here. honsyllabus1819-286uo11

The syllabus for AP Chemistry is here: APsyll-1yfv8e8

Extended learning is available in the science department if you need it. See signs on science teacher doors for dates and times.

Departmental make-ups occur on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.

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