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Helping Kids Get Organized ~ Some Suggestions for Parents

This article by Ellen D. Fiedler, Ph.D. can help the “organizationally-challenged” student find a strategy to combat their issues with disorganization.


Help for You and Your STRUGGLING Student!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I have attached two articles that might help you and your student cope with the stress of high school and/or their first honors class.

1.) The attached article discusses how students learn and study.  If your student is struggling in any class, please read this article with your student and discuss the issues raised. Secret to Raising Smart Kids – Scientific American Mind

2.) The following article discusses gifted underachievement and how parents can guide their underachieving students towards success. Click on this link to read the article – Parenting Strategies to Motivate Underachieving Gifted Students

I truly hope that these articles will shed some light on the challenges that your student is facing in high school.


Shannon H. Herndon

Harrison High School

AP, Gifted, and Honors World History

Honors Humanities

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