February Classroom Lessons

  • Pre-K- Manners/Being Courteous
  • Kdg- jobs at home and school
  • 1st- tools you need to perform different jobs
  • 2nd- Jobs today vs someday
  • 3rd- Journey to Jobs & How Santa Got his Job
  • 4th- Career Inventory and Career Exploration & Dealing with Bullies
  • 5th- Career and Exploration requirements & Operation Transition

December Community Service

Hendricks Elementary School’s student council members along with millions of other students helped raise one million dollars towards the Make-A-Wish foundation! For every letter written to Santa a dollar was contributed. Macy’s then matched that dollar, making the grand total Two million dollars that was contributed to the Make-A-Wish foundation!



Thank you Huskies for your giving spirit and community service.

January Counseling Lesson


Pre-K….Dealing with our Feelings/Emotions

Kindergarten…..Being An Active Listener (Whole Body Listening)

First….New Year, New Me; (New Year’s Resolutions)

Second…..Good Bye 2017! Hello 2018! (New Year’s Resolutions)

Third……. Setting Long and Short Term Goals

Fourth……  2017 to 2018: Setting short-term Goals; Setting long-term goals

Fifth……. 2017 to 2018: Setting short-term Goals; Setting long-term goals




Backpack Blessings

Backpack Blessings is a weekend food program to assist in consistent and substantial nutrition for students and families. Counselor and staff assist the student in putting at least 5 food items in their backpack to take home and enjoy over the weekend. The items will consist mostly of individual portions to supplement weekend meals and have “child- friendly” preparation methods.

How to Register: 

Parent/Guardians complete registration form and return it to the school counselors. Backpack Blessings forms can be requested by students or families from counselors, teachers, or front office staff. Do not hesitate to ask!

The program lasts throughout the year.


*** Special thanks to Austell Presbyterian Church and South Cobb Rotary Club for their generosity!