January 19

January 22-26th

I really thought we were going to have school today. However, the week off (basically) has been very fun.
Here is what’s going on next week:
Put in Calendar
Monday: 1st AR Test Due and Math Test!
Tuesday: Vocabulary & Spelling test on Wordly Wise 7 words
Thursday: Reading Journals Due

Social Studies: We are studying the Great War. World War I is a very fun unit that I’m excited for the kids to learn about. We will be talking about the MAIN reasons World War I started. The M-A-I-N acronym refers to – militarism, alliances, imperialism and nationalism. Wednesday we will be talking about Eddie Rickenbacker, please ask your student about him.

Math: Our math test on fraction division will be on Monday. We will review the studyguide and then take our test. Tuesday students will take a pre-test on Q3 math, and then we will begin our short unit on line plots.

Reading: We will review our Wordly Wise words on Monday and then our Vocabulary and Spelling test on Wordly Wise 7 words will be on Tuesday. There is a Quizlet on those words for students to use to study. The rest of the week students will be working in reading groups. In our reading groups we will work on identifying description text structure, working on Wordly Wise 8 words, and our reading comprehension.

Writing/ELA: The snow days keep extending our Spanish- American War newspapers. Students will be finishing that up on Monday. The rest of the week we will be working on verb tenses. Students will be having some homework on identifying verb tenses and their shifts.

Science: I hope students are taking advantage of the snow days to begin their Cell Project that is due February 16th. The cell planning sheet on function should hopefully be filled out. We will be working on memorizing the different cell functions. I have created a Quizlet to help students on that. The awesome song for cells is also here in this link.

January 12

January 16-19th

January 16-19th
We had a great time watching the Atlanta Symphony. I hope everyone has a wonderful 3 day weekend. We did not get to take our 5th grade yearbook photo because of the rain. We will take it on Friday, the 19th.

Put in your calendar:

Tuesday, Quiz on Spanish American War/Panama Canal
Wednesday: Fraction Division Test
Thursday: Reading Journals Due, Vocab Test/Spelling Test
Friday: Taking 5th Grade Yearbook Photo. Students wear red or 5th grade t-shirt.

Social Studies: On Friday students received a study guide with answers on it to review for their quiz. They will have a quiz on Tuesday on it. On Wednesday we will begin our unit on World War I.

Math: Tuesday we will be reviewing fraction division and then test on Wednesday. We will take our pre-test for Quarter 3 math on Thursday and then begin our short unit on line plots.

Reading: We are working on reading informational books and identifying their text structure. Last week we worked on Sequence/Chronological Order Text Structure. This week we will be working on Description Text Structure. We will be also studying our Wordly Wise 7 words. Our test vocabulary and spelling test will be on Thursday. A Quizlet is made and ready to use for those words.

Language Arts/Writing: Students will be finishing their Spanish-American War Newspaper writing on Wednesday. The rest of the week and next week we will be working on identifying the perfect verb tenses in Language Arts.

January 9

January 9-12th

I’m sorry to be posting this on Tuesday morning. I try to get my weekly posts on Sundays but realized Sunday afternoon that I had left my laptop at work. :/
I hope everyone had a great ‘ice’ day!

Things to put in your calendar:
Thursday: Reading Log Due
Friday: Orchestra Field Trip. I sent home extra permission slips to students I hadn’t received it back from yet. Please have those to me as soon as possible. Your student cannot attend Friday if I do not have a signed slip.

Math: This week we will be working on dividing unit fractions by a whole number with models. There will be no quiz this week.

Social Studies/Writing: We are completing studying about the Spanish American War. Students will be creating their own newspaper where they will have to write two articles on the Spanish American War. One article will be as a serious news reporter and the other using yellow journalism.
This week in Social Studies we will also be studying the Panama Canal. There will be a quiz on Spanish American War and Panama Canal next Tuesday.

Reading: Students will be working on reading informational texts and determining their text structure. This week we will be working in reading groups on reading informational texts with sequence text structure. Students should also be working on their Wordly Wise 7 words. Our vocab test will be next Thursday. Reading Project information will be coming home today. It is due on March 5th.

Science: Students are studying my favorite subject which is cells. We will be identifying the organelles that are in a plant and animal cells. We will also be studying what makes a plant and animal cell different. Information on the cell project will be coming home today. The cell project is due on February 5th.

January 3

Welcome Back

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! We will beginning quarter 3 tomorrow. Wow! Can’t believe the school year is halfway done.

Tomorrow we will have ART as our enrichment and Friday we will have PE.

Report Cards will be sent home on Friday.
There will be a change in the due date on Reading Journals. They will be due on Thursdays the rest of the year instead of Fridays. The first Reading Journal log is due on Thursday, January 11th.

AR Tests! Students should be reading books that are a 4.8 or higher in AR.
AR Due Dates are the following:
#1 January 19th
#2 February 2nd
#3 February 16th
#4 March 9th
Quarter 3 Book Project will be on a Biography. Directions and Due Date will be announced soon.

December 15

December 18-20th

We’re almost there to Christmas Break! Don’t forget that Tuesday and Wednesday will be Early Release! Students will be dismissed at 12:30 on Early Release days.

Put in your calendar:

Monday: 5th Grade Christmas Party in Cafeteria @ 12:30-1:30. Feel free to check out your student after. We will have recess directly after the Christmas Party.
Wednesday: Social Studies and Science Test!

This week we will be focusing on finishing our Esperanza Rising book and completing our Immigration unit and Electricity Unit. Students will work on their study guide in class on Monday. We will review Tuesday and test on Wednesday. There is a Quizlet ready for students to use to study over the weekend!

December 11

Attendance Winner!

I am so proud of our class. We were the winners of last month’s attendance contest. We won a pajama day, which we will have on December 20th! Thank you for your continued support of your student by reinforcing the importance of good school attendance. I hope we will win again next month!