August 12

August 13-17

I hope everyone is having a wonderful restful weekend. I have to admit I was so tired from the full week I didn’t do anything Saturday except clean and read. I was very lazy!

Students need to make sure that their Behavior Sheet is signed by tomorrow. The Behavior Sheet is in the front cover of their agenda.

Target begins on Friday for any Target student.

Things coming up:

• Weathering & Erosion Quiz in Science
6:30 3rd – 5th Parent Night
7:10 Repeat Session

Math: Look at teacher’s blog tab.

Students did a great job talking about books they loved to read and what is means to be accountable in reading groups. Monday we will be setting reading goals for ourselves. I will be asking students to think how long it takes them to read without taking a break. We will be establishing some exercises on how to refocus after reading for so many minutes.
The rest of the week we will be learning what the differences between retelling a story and summarizing it. The best way to describe retelling would be the movie version of a book, and summarizing would be the trailer. Next week we will begin our book study on Esperanza Rising.


In writing we will be learning about the 7 types of writing. We will be going through what are informational writing, narrative writing, research writing, and reflections this week.
Social Studies
Last week we discussed what the rights and responsibilities of a citizen are. This week we will be reviewing the Bill of Rights. We will be talking about what Due Process is and that it is protected under the 5th Amendment. Then we will be learning about the amendment process, how amendments are changed and created.


We are continuing our study on weathering and erosion. Weathering is the breaking down of rock and erosion is the movement of rock and sediments. Thursday we will have a quiz on identifying the differences between Weathering and Erosion.

August 5

August 6-10th

We had a great start to the school year last week. I keep bragging to everyone that I have the best 5th grade class. They are truly amazing students. Here are a few pictures of the kids doing their team-building exercises.

This week is our first week of math. Please make sure you know who your student’s math teacher is and go to their blog to see what’s going on it their math class. Go here to find out what’s going on in my math class.

Monday students will receive the 9 Weeks Reading Requirements sheet. I have uploaded the Reading Requirements to my blog. The sheet the kids come home with in their Parent Folder they need to get it signed and returned to me ASAP!

Here’s what’s going on this week:

Math: Look on Math Tab.

This week in Reading we will be setting up our Interactive Reading Journal. We will also be discussing what Reader’s Workshop is and what our procedures will be with it. The end of the week we will be talking about how to paraphrase the stories we read.
Students should begin their Reading Log this week! Students must read 30 minutes for 4 days! Logs are done in their Agenda, and they are due on Thursday. Make sure your student is reading every day and recording it because it is the EASIEST grade the students will get. Read for 4 days and record it and complete a response in class on the book, then students will get a 100% Reading grade weekly.


The kids will take the RI on Monday during our writing block. The RI will determine their reading level. I will write down their Lexile level on their Reading Requirements sheet for you to see.
The rest of the week in writing class we will be working on short writing responses and working on our writing fluency. We will also be discussing how to use strong vocabulary in our writing.

Social Studies:

Our first few lessons will be discussing the 4 domains of social studies and the different themes we have in social studies. The rest of the week we will begin our unit on Citizenship. The kids will be learning on what the difference between a right and a responsibility is.

In Science we will begin our unit on Constructive and Destructive Forces. We will be talking about weathering and erosion.

July 27

Welcome Back!

Welcome to 5th Grade! I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher this year and I look forward to building a wonderful relationship with you and your child. I know this will be his/her best school year ever!

My name is Hannah Floyd. I went to Kennesaw State University and earned my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. GO OWLS! I earned my Gifted Endorsement and Microsoft Innovator Certificate last year. This is my third year teaching 5th grade. I enjoy fostering student’s creativity by challenging them to think outside the box. I also set high expectations for all my students and work with each child to achieve these goals.

I would love to communicate with you! I prefer email. You may reach me at [email protected] I will respond to you within 24 hours. Please share your email address with me so you are up-to-date on what is happening in the classroom! I also use Remind101 to text reminders to you. I update my blog weekly and post what we are doing in the classroom there. I also ask that you sign your child’s agenda daily. Daily class work and homework will be recorded by your child in the agenda.

Your child will be most successful if we work together. Please feel free to contact me with your questions and concerns. Let me know what works best for your child and what doesn’t. My goal is for your child to have a positive, productive and successful 5th grade year.

I strongly encourage you to join Kincaid’s PTA and support Kincaid Foundation. Both of these organizations work diligently to support the learning of all students at Kincaid.

I look forward to an amazing year!

Ms. Floyd

May 20

Last Update

LAST Update!
This is the last time I will be updating y’all on what’s going on in class. It’s very bittersweet. I am so proud of our students and how much they have grown this year. I will miss every single one so much, but I am excited for their new journey into middle school.

• States Test!
• Teacher vs. Student Kickball Game
• Yearbook Signing

Tuesday: Early Release Day!
• NO Back Packs Needed!

Wednesday: Early Release Day & Last Day of School!

5th Grade End-of-Year Celebration Schedule
8:30-10:00 am – Awards Ceremony in Gymnasium

10:00-10:30 am – 5th Graders move to back playground with teachers while
parents set up the gym for the party

10:30-11:30 am – Party in Gym

11:30-12:00 – 5th Graders and Teachers return to classrooms to have
final goodbyes.

12:10 – 5th Grade Walk to board buses

May 18

Reminders for Parents of Rising 6th Grade Dodgen Students

Don’t miss out on important information from Dodgen Middle School. Sign up for Dodgen Toolkit as the parents of a “Rising 6th grader.”
• Go to the Dodgen PTSA website (
• Log in if you already have a Toolkit Account at your elementary school. Otherwise, create your Toolkit Account. Click on Contact Information and add your child as a Rising 6th Grade student.
What should you know now?
• Summer math and reading assignments and grade-level supply lists will be available on the Dodgen website soon; they will be shared via eblast to those who register for Toolkit.
• Payment of 2018-19 student fees and signup for PTA will be available on Toolkit July 1st.
• You may pre-order Spirit Wear on Toolkit now.
• Panther Day is July 30; the 6th grade session is 1:30-3:00 p.m. Students will have yearbook photos taken, meet their homeroom teachers, and sign up for clubs.
• Dodgen 101 for 6th graders and other new students will be held Saturday, August 11. Parents may tour the school with their students; locker help will be available; volunteers will be available to assist parents and students with questions.
• Watch our “Dodgen 101” video series, which is available at Dodgen PTSA’s website at the “New to Dodgen” drop down menu.
• Questions? Ask us at [email protected]

May 6

May 7-11th

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The weather this weekend has been incredible. We have 13 more days of school! I can’t believe it! It feels like yesterday they walked into the 5th grade halls for the first time.

We are going to be working on the State Floats! Don’t feel like you need to spend money for this! Students need to bring their own materials but have them look around the house to see what could work. I will say that they are already looking amazing. I’m very impressed by the kids collaboration and creativity on their state floats.

Put in Calendar:

Monday- The Opera is coming to Kincaid to perform for the 3-5th graders.

Tuesday- Students will take the RI (Reading Inventory Test), please talk to your students about taking this test seriously. Middle Schools look at these scores to help determine placement.

Wednesday- Students will take the MI (Math Inventory Test), please talk to your students about taking this test seriously. Middle Schools look at these scores to help determine placement.

Students will have a Watson’s Go to Birmingham reading quiz on chapters 6-10.

Thursday: Math Computation Quiz

Friday: Tug of War at Enrichment

Coming soon:
*States Parade, May 14th
*Field Day, May 15th
*Decades Day, May 17th
*State Project Due, May 18th
*Teacher vs. 5th Grade Student Kickball Game (go teachers), May 21st

April 30

May 1-4th

May 1-4th

Things to put in your calendar:
• Tuesday: Zaxby’s Night
• Thursday: Computation Quiz, Wordly Wise Spelling & Vocab Test, and AR Test 3

We are focusing on improving our computation skills. This week we are focusing on improving computation with fractions. There will be a computation fractions quiz on Thursday.

Students will be studying the Northeast states this week. They will be learning where the state is located and what the capital is. The Quiz on Northeast states will be on Monday. Students should be working on their individual state project at home.
Today students created a plan on what they need to bring for their state float for the States Parade. We will begin building our floats on Wednesday. They can bring in whatever they need to make them on Wednesday.

Decades Day:
Today we completed our categories timeline for the 1950s. Students are working on their research report this week. They may have some homework completing this report. Next week we will begin working on our presentation for Decades Day.

We are still reading The Watson’s Go to Birmingham. Student’s chapter review questions will be due on Friday. The kids are also studying their Wordly Wise 12 Vocab words. The test for that will be on Thursday.