May 17

May 20-22nd. LAST BLOG POST!

I cannot begin to express how much I’m going to miss this amazing class. They have been amazing students and I’ve seen each one of them grow so much this year. It’s been an honor being their teacher.

On Monday is the 5th grade Kickball game. In the past teachers have played against the kids. However, we reflected and decided as a team that we’d rather all the kids play as much as possible, rather than maybe once an inning. Therefore we will be have 5 different 5th grade teams, and only kids will be playing kickball. Parents are welcome to come and watch. We will begin playing at 12:30. Monday we will be eating in the classroom.
I was planning to do a party in the classroom on Monday. But looking at our busy schedule for Monday, we are going to do class superlatives and points party on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Early Release Day
Students should not bring backpacks Tuesday and Wednesday. We will have a class party and give out class superlative awards. Students will also be practicing for our Awards Ceremony on Wednesday.

Wednesday! LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Early Release Day!
Attached I have the invite for the Awards Ceremony. Parents we’d love for you to attend. There will be a wonderful slideshow of the kids that Mrs. Castillo has been working on. Every child will be receiving a DVD of the slideshow to take home. They will then have their fun party, if you haven’t paid yet, please do so ASAP. After the party the kids will walk the hallways for their final walk. Bring your tissues!Invitation for last day

Again, this has been an amazing year. Theses students are so special to me and I just adore them. Thank you for raising such beautiful awesome kids, and being so supportive to me. I appreciate everyone so much!

May 12

May 13-17th

Happy Mother’s Day to the amazing mothers of my students. Y’all are amazing and the kids are so blessed to have you all as their mothers. Thank you for everything you do. Hopefully you’ve been pampered by your 5th graders today.

The Warm Springs Field Trip was a huge success! We had a wonderful time. HUGE THANK YOU to Mrs. Pojol, Mr. Perlman, Mrs. Dewar, and Mrs. Hartsell for volunteering their time and chaperoning. They were awesome!

We have 8 more days of 5th grade! These next few days are a lot of fun! Here’s what’s going on:

Monday: Regular schedule. States Parade at 8:20 AM!

Tuesday: Our lunch will be at 10:48-11:18. We will be working on Decades Day presentations.

Wednesday: FIELD DAY! Lunch will be in the classroom!

Thursday: Decades Day! Students will be presenting their projects to 5th grade in the media center. They should dress up in their finest 90’s wear! Please do not buy ANYTHING! Just use things you have around the home to dress up like the 1990s. While I’ll be wearing my 90’s grudge outfit all day, the kids can bring a change of clothes if they want.

Friday: Talent Show!

May 5

May 6-10th


The rest of the school year we will be focusing on reading our books, and completing our decades and state projects. Thursday is our field trip to Warm Springs/Calloway Gardens. Students should wear their gray 5th grade t-shirts or a gray shirt.

Important Dates:

Monday, May 6th – Students will take the Reading Inventory Test
Thursday, May 9th – Warm Springs Field Trip

Monday, May 13th – States Parade
Wednesday, May 15th Field Day
Thursday, May 16th Decades Day *Students dress up in their 90’s outfits.

Monday, May 20th –Kickball game!
Tuesday, May 21st- Early Release *No backpacks
Wednesday, May 22nd – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!! Early Release, 5th Grade Awards Ceremony at 8:30 and party!

April 26

April 29-May 3rd

We had another great week of testing! Next week is our final two days of testing! HALLELUJAH!!! The Science Milestones will be on Thursday, May 2nd. Social Studies Milestones will be on Friday, May 3rd.

Put in Calendar:

Progress reports will go home Tuesday, April 30th. Thursday night at 6:30 pm there will be a PTA performance at the school. And on Friday students will be taking the 5th grade Panoramic Photo at 1 pm. Students should wear their Gray 5th grade t-shirt or a gray t-shirt.

Reading: Students will be focusing on their independent reading and working on their comprehension skills. We will be testing on Q4 standards in reading on Monday. I plan on having a fun ‘flashlight reading’ on Wednesday.

Writing: The writing focus the next couple of weeks will be working on our state reports and Decade’s Day timeline. The homework this week will be making sure student’s are keeping up with their group work. Because of Milestones Testing for the entire school, we are limited with technology for research. Therefore students may have to do additional research at home.

States: This week I am focusing on making sure students can identify all 50 states. I have attached a document with online resources to help them. If students are proficient on this already they will work ahead on identifying the capitals. States Review-u5q7b3

Science/Social Studies: We have covered all 5th grade standards in social studies and science. This week will be just reviewing for the milestones on Thursday and Friday.

April 24

Kincaid Elementary School Book Drive

Hey parents!
Have you heard of the Kincaid Elementary School book drive? Well, it’s when students donate books to our school. The 5th grade AC students are creating ways to make students want to donate books to Kincaid. Help us to make the hidden world of books become known, so Kincaid children can explore this hidden world of books! Books will be sorted and distributed to classroom libraries throughout the school.
Thank you from the 5th grade AC class

April 19

April 22-26th

I wanted to get this out now because I know that many people have a busy weekend ahead of them. Just a reminder that Monday and Tuesday students will be testing on the math portion of the Georgia Milestones. Thank you to everyone who has contributed in bringing in snacks for those tests. I truly appreciate it. There will be no homework on Monday and Tuesday and no math class.

Reading: This week is the final week for book clubs! Students should be meeting with their groups and completing all the work for their book. Their work is counted as a project grade. In reading students will also be beginning to research information about their assigned state. They will begin writing a state report.

Decades Day Preparation: Every student has been assigned a topic to be researching and creating a timeline for our Decades Day celebration. This is our first big group project, and students need to remember they have to be accountable for their work. If they do not complete their work, the entire group suffers. This week students will be doing research and creating a rough draft timeline on their specific topic during the 1990s.

Social Studies/Science:
Monday we will be reviewing economics and completing task-cards for a grade. The rest of the week will be reviewing what we’ve learned in social studies for the Milestones next week. I can’t believe it but we got to every social studies standard! Our priority is to review! We also got to every SCIENCE standard too! The week will be focused on making sure we remember everything we learned in science. Students can bring technology Wednesday-Friday because we will be playing Kahoot as review.

April 14

April 15-19th

Last week went very smoothly with testing! I was so proud of how the kids handled the test and respected everyone who was working. Great work! We have a week off from testing. Instead of focusing on writing this week we are going to work on math instead of writing in homeroom. Next week we will be testing on the Math portion of the Milestones.

I will be introducing two new projects that will be worked on IN CLASS this week. The students will be assigned a state to research and create a float for our 5th Grade State’s Parade, and then they will be determining what decade topic they would like to research for our Decades Day Project. The decade the kids will be studying is the 1990s. The kids will be determining what topics they would like to research for decades day. They will be working in groups and creating an electronic timeline that they will present in front of all the 5th grade classes.

Important Dates:
Wednesday: Wordly Wise Vocab and Spelling Test

Reading: Students will be working on the book club books and studying Wordly Wise words. They will also be working on researching their assigned states and planning out creating their timeline.

Social Studies: This week we will be finishing our social studies standards by reviewing what happened at 9/11 and discussing how the internet impacted our culture today. The rest of the week the students will be talking about economics. We will be learning about having a personal budget, what a savings is, and expenditures.

Science: This week we will be studying about electromagnets and magnets. Next week we will be testing on electricity and then reviewing our science standards for the milestones.

April 7

We’re Back! April 8-12th

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Spring Break. I enjoyed the sunny days and time with friends. I know many people were leaving the area for vacations and I can’t wait to hear those stories. I also look forward to hearing the interesting stay-vacation stories as well.

Well testing is here! Georgia Milestones test will begin this week on Wednesday. The kids will be tested on the ELA portion,reading and writing.This is the first time Kincaid is taking the Milestones on laptops, so please be thinking of us and our administrators. We could use the extra luck and blessings. My attitude is to just go with it and do your best!

What students love most about testing is probably the extra recess and no homework. There will be no homework on testing days. The kids should still read for at least 20 minutes but I would like them to focus on relaxing, getting to bed early, and having a good breakfast before coming to school. Students must make sure to bring their book to school everyday.

Tuesday we will have a relaxing reading day at school. The kids can wear their pajamas and bring blankets. We will make reading forts and spend a good portion of the day reading and discussing what we’ve learned.

I would like to say that I am really proud of the kids and their hard work this year. I have 22 amazing students that work hard and always do their best. Which is all a person can really ask for, and I am so grateful to be their 5th grade teacher. They’re the best 5th grade class and are going to do great.

Here’s What’s Going On This Week:

This week is all review and reading for pleasure. Monday and Tuesday we will review figurative language and review looking for context clues. Writing will be reviewing the RACE strategy and citing meaningful evidence.

Social Studies: The focus this week is to discuss Lyndon B. Johnson’s role as president after the assassination of JFK, and learn about LBJ’s work for Civil Rights. We will be reviewing Caesar Chavez and his contribution to migrant worker’s rights.

Science: Monday we will be making a circuit in the classroom and discuss the different types of circuits. Wednesday we will begin talking about magnets and do an experiment in the Science Lab with magnets.