December 9

December 10-14

I would like to thank everyone for the kind notes and emails you have sent me about the death of my grandfather. Last week was very difficult so thank you so much for your support. I definitely have the best class and the best parents!

The Holiday Break is coming soon and we have a lot to get through before the break. Here’s what’s coming up!

Put in your calendar:

Monday: Behavior Sheets should be signed.
Wednesday: Science Test
Friday: The Roaring 20’s & The Great Depression Test


The homework this week is for students to be reading their independent book for 20 minutes everyday and complete their Board Game Reading Project. The project is due Monday, December 17th. Book report board game-1txcd0h

Any work that is not completed in class is homework.


This week we are finishing reading different passages on an account and comparing them. Students read different firsthand and secondhand accounts on Rosa Parks. Tomorrow we are comparing the passages and finding their similarities and differences. We will then be reviewing looking at context clues and determining the meaning of words based on clues in the text.
Last week we took the RI again. I was so impressed by how the student’s did on the RI since the beginning of the year. I can tell they have been working really hard on their reading. I will be sending home a report on Wednesday, but I will also put their RI score on their 2nd Quarter Report Card.


Tomorrow students will be editing and peer editing their short stories. The rest of the week we will be looking a point of view in our writing. We will be looking at stories that are written in third person and switching it to first person or vice versa. I have a very fun Toy Story writing assignment that the kids will be completing this week.

Social Studies:

This week we are reviewing the Roaring 20’s and The Great Depression. Students will complete a study guide in class on Thursday. We will play a review game on Friday and then take the test. That means we will be completely caught up Quarter 2 Social Studies standards! We will be focusing the rest of the quarter on Science. When we come back from the break we will begin World War II.


We are completing our unit on Inherited and Learned Traits. Students will be working on a study-guide on Monday and play a game on Tuesday. Finally our test will be on Wednesday. The rest of the quarter we will be learning about my favorite unit CELLS!

November 25

We’re Back!

I sure hope everyone ate a lot of Turkey and got some rest! It has felt like a nice long week and I’m excited to get started again. I believe we have 27 more days until Christmas Break, so we have a lot to cover before then.

Things coming up:

Monday: Behavior Sheets need to be signed
Thursday: Text Structure Quiz

*HW is online this week. If students have issues getting access to the internet they can work on it in class during 7:15-7:45 AM.

Monday: No Red Ink Practice due Wednesday
Tuesday: No Red Ink Practice due Wednesday
Wednesday: Readworks Assignment due Friday
Thursday: Readworks Assignment due Friday

Reading: We will be completing our unit on identifying the different types of text structure. Students will be working on identifying the different types of text structures in informational texts. We will be working on reading a comprehension passage and answering questions, students will work on their reading responses, and reading their informational books. Students should be working their Reading Game due December 17th. Book report wanted poster 2018-2b5ju9c

Writing: Students will be working RACE strategies and grammar this week. We will be reviewing conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections. We will be learning about the differences of compound and complex sentences. There will be a test on grammar conventions and sentence types next week.

Social Studies: We finished studying about World War 1 and the effects it had on the United States. This week we will be studying The Roaring 20’s. Students will be learning the cultural developments and individual contributions in the 1920s of the Jazz Age. The kids will be learning about Louis Armstrong,, the Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes, baseball star Babe Ruth, the automobile and Henry Ford”s assembly line, and finally the transatlantic flight Charles Lindbergh.

We will beginning the unit of Inherited and Learned Traits. The kids will be learning how some characteristics of organisms are inherited & other characteristics are acquired.

November 11

November 12-16

Only a week away from Thanksgiving Break! Thursday we have the Thanksgiving lunch that parents are welcome to come! Guests pay $3.75 for a delicious Turkey feast. Our lunch will be at 11:45-12:15.

Here’s what’s coming up!

Wednesday: World War I Test

Thursday: Science Classification Test

Friday: Progress Reports will be sent home

*Students should read 20 minutes everyday

Monday: * Worldy Wise 4A

Tuesday: * Study for World War I Test.
* OneNote Preposition Assignment

Wednesday: * Study for Classification Test
* Wordly Wise 4B

Thursday: * Interjections Grammar worksheet

Reading: Monday students will checkout informational books to do their Game Board Project. The rest of the week students will be working on their reading response, reading their informational book, and learning about the different types of text structure.

Writing: This week we will be studying prepositional phrases and interjections. Students did a great job last week on their conjunctions quiz. Students will also be practicing their typing skills by writing short passages on ONENOTE.

Social Studies: Monday and Tuesday we will be reviewing what we learned about World War I. Tuesday we will play Kahoot as a review game and Wednesday will be our test.

Science: Students will be reviewing what we learned on plant classification and on Wednesday we will play a review game. Thursday we will test.

November 4

November 5-9th

Busy week this week! There is no school Tuesday and Friday we have the Orchestra Field Trip.

Things to put in your calendar:

Monday: Wordly Wise 3 Vocab and Spelling Test

Thursday: Conjunctions Quiz

Friday: Orchestra Field Trip. Students should dress to impress for the event as respect for the performers.


Monday: Education Galaxy Conjunctions Assignment. *DUE FRIDAY

Wednesday: Wordly Wise 4 A

Thursday: Conjunctions Worksheet

Reading: There will be no reading responses due this week. We are focusing on identifying text structure in informational books. Students will also be studying Worldly Wise 4 words. Just a reminder students need to read at least 20 minutes everyday as homework, they need to write what they read in their agenda everyday.

Writing/ELA: This week I will be conferencing with each student on their Heritage Writing. We will be talking about what they did great on and where they can improve. We will also be learning about conjunctions this week. Students will have a conjunctions quiz on Thursday.

Social Studies: This week we are learning about how the German attacks on U.S. shipping during the war in Europe ultimately led the U.S. to join the fight against Germany. We will also be learning how the U.S. contributed to the war, and the impact of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

Science: In science this week we will be learning how plants are sorted into groups: seed producers, non-seed producers.

October 29

October 29-November 2nd

Things to put in your calendar:

Monday: Students will be bringing home their instructions for the Book Report 2nd 9 weeks Homemade Board Game. It is due Monday, 12/17/18.

Thursday: Wordly Wise 3 Vocab and Spelling Test.
Heritage Writing Report Due Thursday

Homework This Week
*Unfinished classwork is also considered homework.

Monday: Worldy Lise 3D

Tuesday: Wordly Wise 3E

Wednesday: Wordly Wise Spelling Choice Board

Reading: We will begin reading The Most Beautiful Roof in the World. We will be reading this book and studying it’s text structure. Students should be studying their vocabulary words. We have our spelling and vocab test on Thursday.

Writing: Students will be finishing their Heritage Report this week. Monday students should be done writing their rough draft and begin typing their paper. Tuesday we will be talking about whether we elaborated in our paper. Students will look back at their paper and determine if they gave personal opinions or fully explained a concept in the paper. Wednesday we will be peer editing our typed paper and fixing any last minute mistakes. The paper should be ready to turn in on Thursday.

Social Studies: We are beginning our unit on World War I. We will be talking about the causes for World War I (MAIN).

Science: We are finishing our in class Vertebrate and Invertebrate Projects on Monday. The rest of the week we will be talking about classifying plants. We have science lab on Wednesday.

October 22

October 22-26

Put in your calendar:
Wednesday: Immigration Test in Social Studies

Monday: Wordly Wise 3 A.
Tuesday: Study for Immigration Test
Wednesday: Wordly Wise 3 B
Thursday: Wordly Wise 3 C

In class we are reading Wolf Hallow. It’s an award winning children’s book based on a girl during World War II. I am reading it aloud to the class, but if the kids would like to purchase the book and read it with me they can.
Our focus this 9 weeks in Reading Informational Texts. Our focus in learning as much as we can on the Rainforest by reading different books and articles on the Rainforest. Students should also be studying their Wordly Wise 3 vocabulary words. Our test will be next Thursday.

We are writing our Heritage Reports this week. Students will be writing a 5 paragraph essay on the country they chose to research for the Heritage Project. We will be working on the outline and rough draft this week, and then our final product will be typed and finished next week.

Social Studies:
This week we are finishing our unit on Immigration. Students will be working on the study guide in class today and tomorrow. Wednesday we will review with a Kahoot, and then test on Wednesday. Here is a Quizlet to help students study for their test.

We are still focusing on Classification of Organisms. We will have science lab on Wednesday.

October 19

Red Ribbon Week in STEM

We are very excited the fifth graders will be “planting the promise” for red ribbon week next year. We do want to let parents know the kids will be outside digging, in case they get messy, they can dress accordingly. Our STEM Red Ribbon Day is Friday, October 26th.


October 14

Early Release Week October 15-19th

I look forward to seeing everyone at our assigned Parent Teacher Conference. If you need a reminder of your date and time please email me.

The Book Fair is going on this week. Feel free to drop by after your conference.

Homework This Week:

Monday: Worldy Wise 2D

Tuesday: Wordly Wise 2C

Wednesday: Wordly Wise Spelling Choice Board

Thursday: No Homework

Things to put in your calendar:

Thursday: Wordly Wise 2 Vocab and Spelling Test

Reading/ELA: We are finishing Esperanza Rising Monday and taking a test on the book! The rest of the week we will be focusing on reading informational books. We are also going to be talking about writing an informational piece of writing. Students will be writing about the country they researched for the Heritage Report.

Social Studies: Students will be learning about the reasons why people immigrated to the United States. We will also be talking about the rise of cities like Chicago and Pittsburgh in the early 1900s. We will be testing on the Turn of the Century next week.

Science: We are learning about the classification system. Students will be studying about invertebrates and vertebrates.

October 9

October 9-12

The quarter is almost over! Thursday starts the new 9 weeks!

Wednesday the Wanted Reading Project is due!

Homework this week:

Tuesday: Reading Project and read the rest of Los Aguacates from Esperanza Rising.

Wednesday: Complete reading Los Esparragos in Esperanza Rising.

Thursday: Wordly Wise 2C

We are finishing Esperanza Rising this week. We won’t be done by tomorrow so the test on the book will be on the 2nd 9 weeks Report Card. Students should be working on studying their Wordly Wise 2 List words. The vocabulary and spelling test will be next Thursday.

We are spending this week discussing what informational writing looks like. We will be unpacking our rubric for informational writing and then next week working on writing an informational paper on the country we researched about for our Heritage Project.

Students did a great job on remembering Phylum, Kingdom, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. We are talking about this week 6 Kingdoms and their similarities and differences.

Social Studies: Today we finished learning about the Spanish American War and Panama Canal. This week and next we will be learning about why people immigrated from European countries to the United States in the 1890s.