February 12

Articulation Events

5th grade parents, please make sure to remember the following dates for 5th grade articulation events:
Tues, March 5th: 5th grade visit to Simpson Middle School AND rising 6th grade parent night at Simpson (6pm)-permission letters have already gone home so please return asap.
Thursday, March 14th: J.J. Daniel Middle School Counselors visit Kincaid
Fri, March 22nd: 5th grade visit to J.J. Daniel Middle School-permission letters went home this week so please return asap.
Tues, April 9th: Dodgen rising 6th grade parent night
Thurs, April 25th: rising 6th grade parent night at J.J. Daniell (6pm)
May (date TBD): Simpson Middle School Counselors visit Kincaid

February 11


Please mark your calendar as you are making appointments/plans –
This year the EOG Milestone Test given to grades 3-5 will be taken entirely on laptops over a period of weeks.
5th grade will take the EOG Milestone Test on the following days:
Wednesday, April 10th
Thursday, April 11th
Friday, April 12th
Monday, April 22nd
Tuesday, April 23rd
Thursday, May 2nd
Friday, May 3rd
Testing will begin promptly at 8:00am each day.

February 11

February 11-15th

I hope everyone stayed warm in this crazy weather. I can’t believe last week it was warm and then went back to being insufferably cold. We only have 5 more days till February Break! So we have that to look forward to!

Tomorrow students will be bringing two things home. They will be bringing a sheet of paper discussing Pink Slips, and information on the 5th Grade Field Trip.

Put in Calendar:

Tuesday: Cells & Microorganisms Test

Thursday: Valentine’s Day! & Worldly Wise 7 Test

Friday: STEM DAY at 10:30 in Media Center

The focus for reading is analyzing how visual and multimedia elements contribute to the meaning, tone, or beauty of a text. Students should be reading and studying their Worldly Wise words for their test on Thursday.

Writing: Last week we focused on planning our personal narrative and looking at organizing our thinking and creating a persuasive lead. This week we will be looking at figurative language and how that can help our writing. We will also be looking at what prefixes and suffixes are and how that can help our spelling.

Social Studies:
I was very proud of how well the kids did on their World War II Test. Our next unit in history is the Cold War. The Cold War began in 1946 and ended in 1991. There is a lot of history that happens within the Cold War so we will be learning a condensed history of it. However, we will be referencing it for the rest of the school year. Our focus this week is why it began and understanding that the Iron Curtain is not an actual curtain. 🙂


We will be testing on Cells and Microorganisms on Tuesday. The rest of the week we will be learning and physical and chemical changes. The focus for the next few weeks in science is for students to explain the differences between a physical change & a chemical change.

February 5

5th Grade Slideshow

Email/Teachers Blog Paragraph:
Dear 5th Grade Parents,

Before we know it, our 5th graders will be passing through the halls of Kincaid for the last time. Every year, a compilation DVD is created for the senior class. This DVD (slide show) spotlights each and every 5th grade student. Each child will be given a copy of the completed DVD as a keepsake. In order to complete this DVD, it is imperative we start early and receive plenty of pictures! This year, I will be putting together the 5th Grade “Slide Show” DVD for the class of 2019.
I am requesting that you send at least 2 pictures of your child. One young (Kindergarten or younger) and the other a current picture. Pictures can include kids in their sporting or extra curricular activity (gymnastics, ballet, swimming, drama etc), family vacations, bus stop pictures, first/last day of school, school functions/activities. Basically, I want to have plenty of great pictures to choose from to add to their slide show. You can start sending pictures to me immediately. Please ensure all pictures are sent digitally, as I cannot accept physical pictures. The deadline for receiving pictures is Sunday, March 31.
PLEASE DO NOT WAIT TO SEND IN PICTURES! Editing and arrangement is very time consuming and having pictures in as early as possible is requested.

Please send pictures to: Stephany.castillo2008@gmail.com
Subject line: Kincaid 5th Grade Pictures (CHILD NAME/TEACHER)

February 3

February 4-8th!

*Read 20 minutes everyday

This week students will have questions on the first 5 chapters of The Watson’s Go to Birmingham. The answers are due Monday, February 11th. There will be a quiz on the first 5 chapters of the book that day too.

We are going to begin reading The Watson’s Go to Birmingham. Students will be responsible for reading the first 5 chapters by Monday, February 11th. We will read some of it in class, but students will be required to read certain pages independently . Our focus the next couple of weeks in looking at the tone and mood of our reading.

Writing: The kids are going to spend the next couple of weeks writing a personal narrative. In grammar we will be learning about prefixes and suffixes.

Social Studies/Science: We are testing on World War 2 on Monday. The rest of the week will be focusing on cells and microorganisms. Thursday we will work on a study guide and next Tuesday we will test on Cells and Microorganisms.

January 28

January 28-February 1

Make sure to be looking at Cobb County website about possible school possibly being cancelled on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It’s KINDNESS week at Kincaid! My favorite quote of kindness is “When having the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.”
Show School Spirit During Kindness Week:
Monday -Hats off to kindness (wear hats)
Tuesday -Being kind is groovy (wear 70’s clothes)
Wednesday -Kindness Rocks (wear rock star clothes)
Thursday -Cougars are Kind (wear Cougar Pride or school colors)
Friday -Cheer for Kindness (wear sports clothes


*Read everyday for 20 minutes
Monday: Worldy Wise 6C
Tuesday: Worldy Wise 6D
Wednesday: Wordly Wise 6E

Things Coming Up:
Thursday: Worldy Wise 6 Spelling & Vocab Test
World War 2 Test

Reading: Monday students will be receiving information on their Biography Bottle Projects. This quarter students will read a biography or autobiography about a person who has had a positive impact on U.S. history. They will complete two assignments based on this person, one of the assignments will be done in school and the other done at home. At home, students will create a visual display and presentation about the person. The project should demonstrate a knowledge of the person’s accomplishments based upon the book and research done in class. Students will prepare a 2-3 minute speech to present in class along with their visual display. The speech must include the person’s important accomplishments and how they made a positive impact on U.S. history. The project is due on March 7th.

Writing: We are spending the week learning about Greek and Latin roots, and how to use them in our writing and reading.

Social Studies: Monday students will be learning about the United Nations and Eleanor Roosevelt’s involvement in the UN and World War II. Tuesday students will work on a study guide in class and Wednesday we will play a review game over World War 2. Thursday we will test.

Science: This week we will learn the information about how microorganisms benefit or harm larger organisms. Wednesday we will have Science Lab.

January 22

January 22-25

Just a reminder that the Cells Project is due January 28th.

*Students should read 20 minutes everyday

Monday: Worldy Wise 6A

Tuesday: Worldy Wise 6B

Wednesday-Friday: Work on Cells Project

Reading: The standard we are continuing to focus on is to be able to describe how a narrator’s or speaker’s point of view influences how events are described. We are going to be reading famous American folktales and discuss how the stories would be told differently if another character told them. Next week we will test on this standard.

Writing: Last week the kids began to write an essay on their personal hero for PTA. Tomorrow we will finish editing them, and then continue working on our opinion essay.

Social Studies: Last week the kids learned about D-Day, Iwo Jima, and Japenese Internment Camps. This week our focus will be focusing on the end of the war. students will be learning about the Tuskegee Airmen and Navajo Code-Talkers.

Science: By this point your child should have the organelles memorized and know their functions. This week we will be learning about microorganisms.

January 18

Kindness Challenge

As part of our “No Place for Hate” program, we are looking forward to participating in the Kindness Challenge from January 28th-February 1st.
The students will work together as a class to complete activities to show kindness such as, asking a new friend to play, helping someone, writing a thank you note, or performing a kind act of their own design. Teachers will have daily discussions, read stories, and watch short video clips about showing kindness, inclusion, and respect.
Additionally, we will show kindness in our community by hosting a toiletries drive to benefit The Center for Children and Young Adults AND SafePath Children’s Advocacy Center. With the help of our Student Council, we will be collecting items such as shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, etc. These items will go to children in our community. A flyer with more information will come home about this.
We will also have some fun by dressing up to the following themes each day.
Monday (1/28)-Hats off to kindness (wear hats)
Tuesday (1/29)-Being kind is groovy (wear 70s clothes)
Wednesday (1/30)-Kindness Rocks (wear rock star clothes)
Thursday (1/31)-Cougars are Kind (wear Cougar Pride or school colors)
Friday (2/1)-Cheer for Kindness (wear sports clothes)

January 13

January 14-18th

Here we go! 2nd week of Quarter 3 and we made it through Human Growth and Development. Hopefully the kids weren’t too traumatized by the lessons (they were very dramatic coming back from the lessons) lol.

Monday I am assigning the Cell Project. Students will build either a plant or animal cell. They can use any materials they have just lying around the house. The project is due January 28th.

Here’s what’s coming up:
Wednesday: Point of View Quiz
Thursday: Wordly Wise 5 Spelling and Vocab Test!

Homework this week:
*Read 20 minutes everyday
Monday: Wordly Wise 5C
Tuesday: Point of View HW sheet
Wednesday: Wordly Wise 5D
Thursday: no homework.

Reading: The kid’s reading journals are due starting this week. The kids know when they’re response is due and it should be worked on in class. They are given 30-45 minutes every day in class to be reading and working on this response so there should be no reason it’s not completed by their assigned due date. Our focus this week is still understanding different characters point of view and how their perspective influences the story.

Writing: The kids will be writing an opinion paper on a prompt. Tuesday the kids will begin the organizer and then Wednesday and Thursday the kids will be typing their paper. They will be typing their rough draft because the Georgia Milestones will be on computers this year. I want them to be prepared to be writing a first draft on laptops rather than paper.

Social Studies: Last week the kids learned about why World War II began and about German and Japanese aggression. We also talked a little bit about Anne Frank and concentration camps. This is a dark period of history, and I am very impressed by the kid’s respectfulness of listening to the stories. This week we will be talking about Pearl Harbor and why the United States joined World War II.

Science: The kids have been doing a great job memorizing the different organelles and their functions in a plant and animal cell. This week we will be working on being able to recognize pictures of the organelles and the differences between an animal and plant cell. We have Science Lab on Thursday. Cells Song