August 25

August 28th-September 1st

    Things to put in your calendar:
    We will also have a Math Computation Quiz

    Whole Number Place Value and Forms Test
    Volcano & Earthquake Test
    2nd AR Test Due!

What’s Going On in Class

Math: Students will be reviewing the 3 forms of expanded form, place value, and value. Everyday we will have a few computation problems on our homework to prepare them for their computation quiz on Wednesday. Wednesday students will receive a studyguide for their math test. Thursday we will play Kahoot to review. Students are encouraged to bring their devices that day. Friday will be our math test.

Social Studies: The kids did a great job on their Citizenship unit. We will now be moving into our Civil War unit. Today we read Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco. Next week we will be discusses the differences between the northern and southern states and causes of the Civil War.

Reading Groups: We will be working in our reading groups next week. Students will have groups that will focus on reading comprehension, reviewing inferences, and then small group with me on identifying themes in stories. Students 2nd AR Test is due on Friday. They need to have passed an AR test with an 80 % on any book that is a 4.5 or higher. (code word emoji) Our Wordly Wise test will be on Tuesday, September 5th.

Language Arts/Writing: Students will have a lesson on peer editing and what that looks like. We will be completing our Roller Coaster writing this week. We will also be talking about writing with conjunctions.

Science: We will be completing our unit on Volcanoes and Earthquakes this week. Wednesday students will receive a study guide for their test on Friday. There will be a Ready for their test by Monday as well.

August 22

Performing Arts Field Trip

Today I am sending home Performing Arts Permission forms and donation envelopes with your 5th grade student. This allows your student to go see the Orchestra with the entire 5th grade class. The form must be checked off and signed by their parent for them to participate. They do not have to send back any money, but we do need the signed form.

August 21

Due Dates This Week!

There will be no homework for tonight except reading. I also know that many students are checking out so I have decided to change the dates for the quizzes and tests we’re taking this week.

Wednesday we will have our Making Inferences Quiz

Thursday we will have our Math Computation Quiz and we will also have our Citizenship Test.

Reading logs are always due on Friday.

All of these dates should be written in your child’s agenda.

Enjoy the eclipse!

Miss Floyd

August 19

We Want to Win!

Classroom competitions for the Kincaid Foundation donation drive are in full swing. The class with the highest percent of students participating in each grade wins a Popsicle Party! Each child that donates also gets earbuds! Go to today to make your donation so our class can win!

The Foundation is requesting a donation of $75 per student or $150 per family, but EVERY donation counts towards our class competition!

100% of donations STAY AT KINCAID!!!

August 18

August 21-25th

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday is the crazy Eclipse Day! I am excited for our party! If your student is going to be here at school watching the Eclipse have them bring a beach towel to sit on outside. I highly recommend the kids make pinhole viewer for the Solar Eclipse. The instructions to make one are here. Any student who makes one and brings it on Monday gets a homework pass!

The schedule for Monday is this:
At 1:45 Kincaid’s 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade homeroom teachers will bring students with permission forms out to the back field. The school is providing glasses for each student and they will be bringing them outside with them. Miss Marchelle, our amazing STEM instructor, will be narrating the eclipse for us by explaining what is going on. At 2:40 we will be going back to the classroom for dismissal. Finally dismissal will begin at 2:55.

The rest of the week is as following:

Math: We are beginning our unit on place value. Students will also have a Computation Quiz on Wednesday. Every Wednesday will be our Computation Quiz day. Students will have computation practice on all their homework to prepare them for their quizzes.

Social Studies: We will be taking our Citizenship Test on Wednesday. Students will be getting a study guide on Monday. If they return that study guide signed by a parent Wednesday they will receive an additional 5 points on their test. Monday there will be a Quizlet ready for students to use to study for their test.

Reading: Students will be having a short inference quiz on Tuesday. We will then be working on identifying the theme in a story and poems. We have also have new Worldy Wise Words. There is a Quizlet ready for students to begin studying. The vocabulary test for Wordly Wise 2 words will be September 1st.

Writing: We are still working on our Roller Coaster writing. The end of the week we will be working on peer editing them. (code word pencil) Students will also be working on Worldly Wise 2 E in class on Wednesday.

Science: This week we will be studying Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Science Lab is on Friday.

August 11

August 14-18th


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Here is what will be going on next week so you can be prepared! Parents please look at your student’s behavior sheet that is stapled in the front of their agenda. You need to sign and your student will bring it back Monday.

Just letting you know! If your students makes an 80% or lower on a quiz they need to have it signed by a parent and returned the following day. If a student does not get their quiz sign then they will be staying inside for recess every day until it is returned signed.

Here is what is going on next week!

Math: We will be continuing studying order of operations and number expressions. We will be taking a timed test on multiplication on Monday. It is not a grade but anyone who makes a 100% gets a piece of candy. Friday we will have a quiz on Order of Operations.

Social Studies: We will be working on our Bill of Rights projects in class and discussing Due Process and the amendment ratification. There is a Quizlet ready for memorizing the Bill of Rights.

Reading: We will be working in our reading groups next week. Our focus in class is making inferences. (Code word bananas). Our Wordly Wise Vocab Test is on Friday. There is a Quizlet ready for students to use to study and they should have made flashcards to use to study.

Writing: Students will be working on their Roller Coaster Writing! We will be reviewing the literary elements that make up a good short story. We will then be working on our outlines for our stories.

Science: Homework this week will be revolved around our Pangea Project! Students will work on their project Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at home and then Thursday it is due! In class we will be talking about tectonic plates and the different types of plate movement. Thursday we will have a quiz on the 7 continents, drawing the layers of the earth, and drawing the 3 types of plate movement. A review sheet will be provided.

August 9


I am working on making my mass email list for parents so be patient with me!
Some of the parent emails I put in say they are incorrect. So if you haven’t received a personal email from me please email me because I am probably working on trying to get your correct email.

If you want please sign up for Remind 101! And if you don’t know how email me and I can sign you up for it. I am going to be sending a reminder tomorrow about Reading Logs that are due Friday (code word blue!). Last week I was kind and allowed students to turn their Reading Journal in late by taking away points from their grade. I will not be doing that this week. If it’s not given to me Friday it is a 0 in the grade book.

Speaking of grade book, I will be entering grades into synergy hopefully by Monday. There has been some glitches in the system and it hasn’t allowed us to enter grades yet. However, administration is confident it should be fixed by Monday. Fingers crossed!

We have some wonderful volunteer opportunities that students can do at Kincaid!
One is Kincaid Peer Helper. Peer Helper is where students can help Ms. Brooks work with students who have special needs and different abilities in Pod A. I would love to have a few students represent our class with that. The other volunteer opportunity is to be a Library Intern and help Mrs. Perosino with library check out in the mornings and during our class checkouts. Both of these amazing opportunities require students to fill out an application. I will be giving applications out tomorrow for interested students.

August 6

August 7-11

I hope everyone had a great weekend! This week I will be sending home your students Class Dojo account. You can message me on it and you can also keep up with their points. Please let me know if you would like to sign up for Remind101s. Each week I will send reminders on Reading Journals and other things through texts.

We have PE Tuesday and Thursday this week! So don’t forget your tennis shoes!

Please remember to sign and return your child’s Weekly Behavior log on Monday. It is stapled in the front of your student’s agenda.

Math: We will beginning our unit on Order of Operations. We will have a quiz on the vocabulary on Friday. You can go on Quizlet to help study. Go to the Quizlet page and follow the instructions on logging in. The set to study is Order of Operations Vocab!

Social Studies: We will be continuing our unit on Citizenship and the Bill of Rights.

Reading & Language Arts: We will be finishing our study of genres. Students will have a quiz on the different genres on Tuesday. There is a Quizlet for them to use to study, it’s called Book Genres. We will also be working on our Wordly Wise words this week and next Friday we will have a Wordly Wise Vocabulary Quiz. In writing we will be setting up our Writer’s Workshop notebooks and doing some writing activities getting ready for Writer’s Workshop.

Science: We will be finishing our study on the Scientific Method on Monday with our Tootsie Pop experiment. Next we will be focusing on the Earth’s constructive and destructive forces. This week we will be learning about the layers of the Earth. There will be a quiz on the 7 continents and layers of the earth on Friday. I have a great song to learn the continents on my blog on the page STUDY ITEMS.

Have a great week!