September 18

Civil War Living History Museum 10/3/17

You are invited to our Civil War Living History Museum! It will be Tuesday, 10/3/17
Our class will be presenting from 8:30-9:00.

This is a drop-in event. We will not have a formal presentation. Please come by during 8:30-9 to see our Civil War experts present their projects! You will have time to visit other 5th grade classrooms. We look forward to seeing you there!

September 18

September 18-22nd!

5 MORE DAYS TILL SEPTEMBER BREAK! Our last day of Iowa testing is Tuesday! I am really impressed by how seriously our students have been taking the test! Definitely the best 5th grade class! To celebrate we will have our pajama day the day after testing on Wednesday!

Important Dates:

Tuesday: Multiplication Quiz!
Wednesday: Pajama Day!
Friday: Better Than a Book Report due!

Math: Tuesday we will have a multiplication quiz then we will be starting division with three digit by two digit factors. (code word: remote) There will be no computation quiz this week.

Social Studies/Language Arts:
We will be studying the different battles of the Civil War, and they will also be working on their speeches. Students will be presenting their speech on Friday. Over the break they should work on memorizing it for our Civil War Wax Museum Presentation. The break would also be a great time for students to be getting their costume ready too.

In class we will be studying summarizing a passage and book. Students Better Than a Book Report is due on Friday.

Science: In class we will be working on our Constructive and Destructive Forces booklet.

September 11

Monday & Tuesday Off!

As you all already know, school is closed Monday and Tuesday! I know our students are terribly disappointed :). However, there are a few things they can do during the next few days off!

READ!!! Students should read their books every day and record it in their Reading Journal. They could work on this week’s writing response in their Reading Journal. Finally, they can work on their Reading Project! It’s due on the 22nd! You can find the directions under Reading Requirements.

Have a wonderful and SAFE couple of days off!

September 8

September 11th-15th

Next week is Iowa Testing! We want students to come to school well rested and have a good breakfast! Hopefully we won’t be rained out, but be sure check the Cobb County website to see if any changes happen. Next week students won’t have as much homework because I want them to be relaxed and ready for the test. They will have math homework and their reading journal to do though.

Things that are DUE next week.

Reading Journal will be due on Monday!! Students know this and it was written in agenda.

Friday we will have our math computation quiz.

Math: We will be studying the different strategies to multiplying 3 digit by 2 digit multiplication. Students will be studying the Partial Product strategy and the Standard Algorithm. Our test on multiplication will be the following week. The computation quiz on Friday will have a 3 digit by 2 digit multiplication problem.

Social Studies/Language Arts: Our focus for next week will be studying the major battles in the Civil War. We will also be working on our Civil War Wax Museum Project. Students have been assigned their character. The list is hereCivil War Wax Museum.-2j6rksn. In class next week we will have 3 days of researching our person. Students will be bringing home on Monday their instructions for the project but it can also be found hereIf the Dead Could Talk-v8rhs9. The written speech will be due September 22nd, but the presentation will not be until October 3rd. This research will be taking our Language Arts portion of our day.

Reading: We will be studying how to summarize a passage using the strategy Somebody Wanted But Then So Finally. Students should be studying their new Wordly Wise words. There is a Quizlet made for them to be studying and they have also created flashcards.

Science: We are continuing studying Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition. Hurricane Irma will be an excellent example of weathering and erosion. Ask your students to also sing our Weathering song (Water, Wind, and Ice…). In class we will be making a Constructive and Destructive Forces booklet to go along with our unit.

September 6

Attendance Award!

I am so proud of our class! We are the H.E.R.O. attendance winners for the month of August. H.E.R.O. stands for H-here
R-ready to learn
O-on time

We had the highest daily attendance among all of the 5th grade classes and won a PAJAMA day. Your student can wear school appropriate pajamas on Friday, September 15th .
Thank you, parents for sending your child to school on-time and ready to learn, every day they feel well!

September 3

September 5th-9th

I hope everyone has a wonderful 3 day vacation. Enjoy having Monday off! Here is what is going on next week!

Dates to put in your calendar!

    T-Shirt Forms and Payments are due Wednesday! The 5th grade t-shirt is really awesome and we would love to have our students have one. We wear them on field trips and special events and it’s only $10. So if you would like your student to get one please turn in the form and money to me by Wednesday, September 6th.

    Wednesday we will have our Wordly Wise 2 Vocab Test.

    Thursday we will have our math computation quiz.

    This week 3rd grade will be testing for the CoGAT so our scnedule will be a little different.
    Lunch will be at 11:53-12:23. Special is at 1:40-2.

Math: We will be beginning studying multiplication by three digit and two digit numbers. Students will be learning 3 different ways to multiply three digit by two digit numbers. Partial Product, Area Model, and the Standard Algorithm. Under the page Helpful Study Items I have videos that help explain each of those methods if parents are interested in seeing the different methods. Thursday will be our math computation quiz.

Social Studies: We will be studying the causes of the Civil War, the differences between the North and South. We will also be talking about Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, and other abolitionist.

Reading: This week we will be continuing our study of identifying themes of different stories and passages. This week we will be focusing mostly on themes in songs and poetry. Wednesday we will have our Wordly Wise 2 Vocab Test. There is quizlet made and ready to use to help students study for their words. They should already have flashcards made for those words as well.

Writing/Language Arts: This week we will be focusing on identifying parts of speech in our writing. We will also be talking about writing using compound sentences.

Science: Our class will be studying Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition. We will be focusing on the types of weathering in class this week.