October 26

OneNote Homework

Students have several items on OneNote for homework. They have an assignment from STEM which is due Wednesday and then they have an spelling/typing assignment from me that’s due tomorrow.

To access Office 365 from home students should:

Go to www.cobbk12.org and click on the Parents tab
Click on Office 365 login (there is also a link to support for Office 365 that includes instructions and tutorials)

The username is: [email protected]
The password is: their student ID #

Once logged in, students should choose the One Drive icon (has clouds for the icon)
Click on “shared with me” on the left side of the screen
Click on “STEM” on the right side of the screen for STEM Homework. For Spelling Homework click on FLOYD Homework
Click on the student’s name (left side of screen)
Information is on the assignment is in the Handouts folder and their response page is in the Homework folder.

Students were all successfully able to do this on their own in the STEM Lab. We will continue to work on this in the STEM Lab through the winter holiday break.

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