October 29

October 30th-November 3rd

I hope everyone had a great week! This week we have Halloween!!! We won’t be wearing costumes on Tuesday but we can always keep to the theme and wear orange and black that day! Thank you to the parents that have offered to bring a treat that day! Y’all are the best! If you have any extra candy you would like to get rid of I would love to have it for our class fund!

Things to put in your calendar:
Tuesday ~ Open note Test on Reconstruction
Friday ~ Computation Quiz and Wordly Wise 5 Spelling Test
November 6th Family Trees are due!

Math: This week we will be talking about decimal division. We will be working with models and then solving the decimal division using standard algorithm. There will be a Computation Quiz on Friday.

Social Studies: Reconstruction Test will be open notes. Students may use their study guide to help them on the test. The test will be on Tuesday. Wednesday we will begin our unit on Westward Expansion.

Reading: In class we will be continuing our unit on Esperanza Rising. Students will be getting homework related to the book each week. We will also be talking about figurative language: metaphors and similes. Students will have a MobyMax lessons on metaphors and similes. There are the lessons the students must complete. It will be due on Friday.

ELA/Writing: We are working on opinion writing. Students are comparing two texts to determine whether they should support SeaWorld or not. In class students will be creating a thesis statement and then using text evidence from the two passages to support their argument. Students will also be practicing their spelling words. There will be a spelling test on their Wordly Wise 5 words on Friday. We will also be practicing using commas in an introductory clause.

Science: We are still working on our Matter unit. We will be talking about mixtures and then Chemical Changes this week.

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