November 5

November 6th-10th

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Extra-credit Family Tree Projects are due tomorrow. This is what is going on this week!

Put in your Calendar:
Tuesday: No school! Students will have MobyMax homework.
Wednesday: Worldy Wise 5 Vocab Test
Esperanza Rising Quiz
AR Test 2 Due
Thursday: Multiplication and Division of Decimals Test.
Physical vs. Chemical Change Quiz
Friday: Foundation Friday, Patriotic Day!

Math: We are finishing reviewing the dividing decimals and reviewing multiplying decimals. Thursday we will Test on multiplying and dividing decimals. Friday we will begin our unit on fractions.
Social Studies: We have begun our unit on Westward Expansion. We will be talking about the transcontinental railroad in class.

Reading: We are reading Esperanza Rising. Monday students will be assigned to read chapter 4 of Esperanza Rising as homework. They will have a quiz on Wednesday on their reading. There will be a Wordly Wise 5 Vocab Test on Wednesday too. There is a Quizlet made to help students review. Student’s 2nd AR test is due on Wednesday too.

LA/Writing: Students will be getting new words to study spelling this week. The test on this list will be next Friday. In class we will be working on finishing our opinion essays on Sea World. Students will be finishing their ‘sloppy copy’ this week and then typing their final draft. The final day to work on this writing will be next Monday.

Science: We will be discussing the differences between a physical change and chemical change. Students will have an activity where they will be sorting whether particular items are physical or chemical changes. They will also have the notes in their Science Journal. On Thursday they will have a quiz identifying whether a change is physical or chemical.

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