September 3

September 4th-7th

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. I’m looking forward to our short week, and it’s not too long till our September Break!

Please look in your student’s parent folder to find information on our Heritage Project. Students will complete this cross-curricular project through classwork and homework in language arts and social studies. In this project, students will research their country of origin or any other country from which people immigrated to the United States. Their Project Board is done at home and is due on September 19th.
On September 21st we will have a special event to help bring our heritage study to a close. Our Heritage Day will be a chance for students to share and celebrate their backgrounds and heritages with classmates and families. We would like to invite parents and family members to join us for a cultural experience! Each child’s presentation board will be on display for viewing. We are also asking each family to bring in a ready-to-serve dish related to their family’s heritage or their country of choice as part of a giant buffet. Please join us as we learn about each other and the differences that make us all unique!
All directions on our Heritage Project is coming home one tomorrow.
I also sent home 5th grade t-shirt forms last week. The t-shirts cost $10 and they must be paid in cash. Please have those turned in by September 12th.
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Things coming up:
Thursday: Esperanza Rising Los Melones Quiz

Homework This Week:

Tuesday: Esperanza Rising Compare & Contrast Sheet

Wednesday: Esperanza Rising Vocabulary Sheet


This week in class and at home students will be reading Los Melones in Esperanza Rising. We will quiz on it on Thursday. Students should be working on their Reading Response in class throughout the week. Our reading strategy this week is to recognize inferences in our reading.

The next two weeks we will be writing opinion pieces. This week we will be discussing what arguments we would like to make for our opinion writing, students will create a thesis statement, and then students will be working on creating an outline for their writing.

Social Studies/Science
In social studies students will be learning about the great inventors during the Turn of the Century. The inventors students will be learning about are: The Wright Brothers, George Washington Carver, Alexander Graham Bell, and Thomas Edison.
On Tuesday students will present their Pangaea Project. The rest of the week we will be talking about Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Thursday we will be creating volcanoes in class.

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