May 20

Last Update

LAST Update!
This is the last time I will be updating y’all on what’s going on in class. It’s very bittersweet. I am so proud of our students and how much they have grown this year. I will miss every single one so much, but I am excited for their new journey into middle school.

• States Test!
• Teacher vs. Student Kickball Game
• Yearbook Signing

Tuesday: Early Release Day!
• NO Back Packs Needed!

Wednesday: Early Release Day & Last Day of School!

5th Grade End-of-Year Celebration Schedule
8:30-10:00 am – Awards Ceremony in Gymnasium

10:00-10:30 am – 5th Graders move to back playground with teachers while
parents set up the gym for the party

10:30-11:30 am – Party in Gym

11:30-12:00 – 5th Graders and Teachers return to classrooms to have
final goodbyes.

12:10 – 5th Grade Walk to board buses

May 18

Reminders for Parents of Rising 6th Grade Dodgen Students

Don’t miss out on important information from Dodgen Middle School. Sign up for Dodgen Toolkit as the parents of a “Rising 6th grader.”
• Go to the Dodgen PTSA website (
• Log in if you already have a Toolkit Account at your elementary school. Otherwise, create your Toolkit Account. Click on Contact Information and add your child as a Rising 6th Grade student.
What should you know now?
• Summer math and reading assignments and grade-level supply lists will be available on the Dodgen website soon; they will be shared via eblast to those who register for Toolkit.
• Payment of 2018-19 student fees and signup for PTA will be available on Toolkit July 1st.
• You may pre-order Spirit Wear on Toolkit now.
• Panther Day is July 30; the 6th grade session is 1:30-3:00 p.m. Students will have yearbook photos taken, meet their homeroom teachers, and sign up for clubs.
• Dodgen 101 for 6th graders and other new students will be held Saturday, August 11. Parents may tour the school with their students; locker help will be available; volunteers will be available to assist parents and students with questions.
• Watch our “Dodgen 101” video series, which is available at Dodgen PTSA’s website at the “New to Dodgen” drop down menu.
• Questions? Ask us at [email protected]

May 6

May 7-11th

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The weather this weekend has been incredible. We have 13 more days of school! I can’t believe it! It feels like yesterday they walked into the 5th grade halls for the first time.

We are going to be working on the State Floats! Don’t feel like you need to spend money for this! Students need to bring their own materials but have them look around the house to see what could work. I will say that they are already looking amazing. I’m very impressed by the kids collaboration and creativity on their state floats.

Put in Calendar:

Monday- The Opera is coming to Kincaid to perform for the 3-5th graders.

Tuesday- Students will take the RI (Reading Inventory Test), please talk to your students about taking this test seriously. Middle Schools look at these scores to help determine placement.

Wednesday- Students will take the MI (Math Inventory Test), please talk to your students about taking this test seriously. Middle Schools look at these scores to help determine placement.

Students will have a Watson’s Go to Birmingham reading quiz on chapters 6-10.

Thursday: Math Computation Quiz

Friday: Tug of War at Enrichment

Coming soon:
*States Parade, May 14th
*Field Day, May 15th
*Decades Day, May 17th
*State Project Due, May 18th
*Teacher vs. 5th Grade Student Kickball Game (go teachers), May 21st

April 30

May 1-4th

May 1-4th

Things to put in your calendar:
• Tuesday: Zaxby’s Night
• Thursday: Computation Quiz, Wordly Wise Spelling & Vocab Test, and AR Test 3

We are focusing on improving our computation skills. This week we are focusing on improving computation with fractions. There will be a computation fractions quiz on Thursday.

Students will be studying the Northeast states this week. They will be learning where the state is located and what the capital is. The Quiz on Northeast states will be on Monday. Students should be working on their individual state project at home.
Today students created a plan on what they need to bring for their state float for the States Parade. We will begin building our floats on Wednesday. They can bring in whatever they need to make them on Wednesday.

Decades Day:
Today we completed our categories timeline for the 1950s. Students are working on their research report this week. They may have some homework completing this report. Next week we will begin working on our presentation for Decades Day.

We are still reading The Watson’s Go to Birmingham. Student’s chapter review questions will be due on Friday. The kids are also studying their Wordly Wise 12 Vocab words. The test for that will be on Thursday.

April 21

April 23-27

April 23-27

I would just like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for everyone’s support during the Milestones. Thank you for the snacks, the kids coming to school on time, and keeping students home when they are sick! Y’all are amazing and thank you for all the support!

The 5th Grade Graduation Party is coming very very soon!!! We want all of our student to be on the slide show so make sure you have submitted a FEW photos from your child’s Kincaid years (preferably with other 5th grade friends) to the link below for consideration. It is requested that you submit a side by side collage of a toddler photo and a current photo. Do NOT submit solo baby/toddler pics, as no one will know who they are except the parents of that child.

**Absolute latest deadline is Tuesday, April 24th!**

We have a lot of things happening this week! Put these things in your calendar:

• Tuesday- Future JJ DANIEL Students will be going on their Middle School Field Trip.
• Wednesday- Computation Quiz & Midwest State and Capital Quiz
• Thursday- FIELD TRIP! Wear 5th grade t-shirt or red.
• Friday – Career Day and Progress Reports

The rest of the year we are focusing on computation math skills. Students have created a math goal for themselves on what they would like to improve on before they go to Middle School. Wednesday we will have a Computation Quiz.

Decades Day:
We are working on our projects for Decades Day. Our class is studying the 1950s and each student has a category they are studying. This week we are working on creating a timeline for each of our categories.

States Projects:
We are working on identifying the 50 states and their capitals. I am splitting the states into sections to make it easier to study. The quiz for Midwest States will be on Wednesday. There is a Quizlet made for students to use to study.

Students have 2 projects that involve states. One is their individual State Project. Directions can be found here: State Project-2ljfm8b. They are due May 18th.

The second project is their States Parade Float. The kids are in groups of 2-3 students create a float in class that they will present in a parade with the rest of 5th grade on May 14th. We will begin building our floats NEXT week. This week we are researching our state and determining what items we need to bring to class. I would suggest to start saving boxes for the base. Here is a photo that is an example of what students would be making.

The kids are reading The Watson’s Go to Birmingham. This is a fantastic book and I know the students are really enjoying it. Students will be assigned reading to do at home as homework. We are also studying World Wise 12 words. The test for that list will be next week. There is a Quizlet already made and ready for students to use to study.

April 21

5th Grade Slideshow

There will be a photo slide show played at the 5th grade end-of-the-year party. Please submit a FEW photos from your child’s Kincaid years (preferably with other 5th grade friends) to the link below for consideration. It is requested that you submit a side by side collage of a toddler photo and a current photo. Do NOT submit solo baby/toddler pics, as no one will know who they are except the parents of that child.

**Absolute latest deadline is Tuesday, April 24th!**

April 17

Mark Your Calendar

Mark your calendars for the following events:

April 19 – 5th Grade Panoramic Picture – Students should wear red 5th grade shirt – Order forms due that day.
April 24 – JJ Daniell Field Trip / JJ Daniell Parent Night April 26 – Little White House Field Trip – Students should arrive at 6:30 a.m. Buses will depart at 6:45. Return to Kincaid at 6:45 p.m.
April 27 – Career Day / Progress Reports go home.
May 14 – State Parade – Look for more information soon.
May 16 – Field Day
May 17 – Decades Day – Our class has the 1950s – Look for more information soon May 17&18 – School Talent Show during Enrichment 8:10-8:55 May 21 – 5th Grade vs. Teachers Kickball Game 12:00-1:30 May 22&23 – Early Release Days May 23 – Last Day – Awards Ceremony in Gym 8:30-10:00, Party in Gym 10:30-11:30, 5th Grade Walk 12:10

I did not include tests, due dates, etc. These will be added to your child’s agenda, and I will email to you as they become closer in time.

April 16

April 16-20th

Tomorrow is the last day of testing!!! YAY!!!

Social Studies is being tested tomorrow. I have made a wonderful Quizlet for the kids to review. Please have them look over it tonight.

I believe that after all of this testing our students deserve a well-deserved chill day! After the test tomorrow the kids will be either watching a movie or playing outside. Wednesday we will have a regular day of school!

This week we will be assigning states for our States Parade Project. The kids will be getting directions about that Wednesday. The kids will also receive information about our Decades Day Project.

I was going to assign an at home Reading Project for Quarter 4, but I decided against it. We have so many projects coming up and very little time. I am going to have the kids create a Sway in class on their 5th book for the Quarter, in class. Sway is a lot like PowerPoint. The kids will need to make sure they have read a 5th book that is on their reading level (it can be fictional or non-fiction) and then in class they will make a presentation on it and present it to the class. There may be some homework they have to do on it, but most of it will be done in the classroom.

More directions will be coming soon, I just wanted to give y’all a heads up!

April 8

Testing Week!

I’m sure everyone enjoyed their week off! It was a wonderful week here in Georgia! The weather was amazing until this weekend. I went to Birmingham for a Spring Festival and couldn’t stay very long because it felt as though Winter had returned. I can’t wait to hear about student’s vacations or stay-cations.

Here is what’s going on this week!

There will be NO HOMEWORK!!!! I want everyone to relax, read, and sleep. Have your student review information on Quizlets but there will be no Reading Journals and no homework all week.

I do ask that students make sure they eat breakfast every morning and go to bed at a good time. Sleep and food are important when it comes to testing.

While there are no Reading Journals students should still read their books and keep up with their AR test which is due Thursday.

During Testing our lunch schedule and enrichment schedule will be different. We will not have enrichment everyday this week.

Lunch will be at 11:50-12:20.
Wednesday STEM. Friday Music.

Put in Calendar:

Tuesday: Milestones ELA Section 1

Wednesday: Milestone ELA Section 2/3 (This is a long day for your student)

Thursday: Milestones Math Section 1

Friday: Milestones Math Section 2

Here is a Milestones Calendar created by the county

Class Schedule:

We still have material that needs to be learned this week. However, I do plan on completing a lot of review games throughout the week.

Math: We will be talking about coordinate planes and then reviewing for the milestones. Tomorrow we will play a fractions jeopardy game to review adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying fractions.

Social Studies: We have until next week to complete Social Studies standards and so this week we will be discussing the Nixon and Reagan Years. We are also going to be talking about the 1980s and 1990s. I am looking forward to showing the students the first cellphones.

Reading/Writing: Monday we are going to spend our reading time reading independently and reflecting. The kids have learned all the standards and I would like them to read for pleasure and then we will have some time reflecting on what they read. The rest of the week we will be reviewing language arts standards. I am also going to be reading some Historical Fiction picture books that relate to our Social Studies Standards.

Science: Students will be reviewing our science standards in class with games. I would also suggest students to go on Quizlet and play our review games.