November 14

November 13-17th

What’s going on this week! I hope everyone can make it to the Thanksgiving Lunch! Our lunch time will be at 11:45-12:15!

Dates to Remember

Thursday: Science Test & Progress Reports
Friday: Fractions Quiz & Their, There, They’re Quiz

Math: We are talking about adding and subtracting fractions with unlike fractions. On Friday we will have a quiz. The quiz will have fraction vocabulary and adding and subtracting like and unlike fractions. I will be assigning an extra credit project in math. Students can create a poster explaining how to add fractions with unlike denominators. It should be step by step process on how to add fractions with unlike denominators, and the poster should be visually appealing. The poster is due on Tuesday, November 28th.

Social Studies: We are continuing our unit on Western Expansion. Specifically talking about Exodusters and sod houses.

Reading: We are working in our Reading Groups. Students are working on a reading on Western Expansion. In small group we are working on comparing and contrasting two different stories themes. Thursday students will be creating their own discussion questions to Esperanza Rising that we will use for our inner/outer circle discussion Friday.

Writing: We are completing our Opinion Writing Essays. I am really excited for parents to get to read your student’s essay on SeaWorld. The kids have worked really hard and I’m very proud of them. Friday we will have a quiz on the correct use of Their, There, and They’re.

Science: We are completing our unit on Matter this week. Tomorrow students will get a study guide on Matter. Wednesday we will play a review game and then Thursday we will have our test. When we come back from Thanksgiving Break we will start our unit on Electricity.

November 5

November 6th-10th

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Extra-credit Family Tree Projects are due tomorrow. This is what is going on this week!

Put in your Calendar:
Tuesday: No school! Students will have MobyMax homework.
Wednesday: Worldy Wise 5 Vocab Test
Esperanza Rising Quiz
AR Test 2 Due
Thursday: Multiplication and Division of Decimals Test.
Physical vs. Chemical Change Quiz
Friday: Foundation Friday, Patriotic Day!

Math: We are finishing reviewing the dividing decimals and reviewing multiplying decimals. Thursday we will Test on multiplying and dividing decimals. Friday we will begin our unit on fractions.
Social Studies: We have begun our unit on Westward Expansion. We will be talking about the transcontinental railroad in class.

Reading: We are reading Esperanza Rising. Monday students will be assigned to read chapter 4 of Esperanza Rising as homework. They will have a quiz on Wednesday on their reading. There will be a Wordly Wise 5 Vocab Test on Wednesday too. There is a Quizlet made to help students review. Student’s 2nd AR test is due on Wednesday too.

LA/Writing: Students will be getting new words to study spelling this week. The test on this list will be next Friday. In class we will be working on finishing our opinion essays on Sea World. Students will be finishing their ‘sloppy copy’ this week and then typing their final draft. The final day to work on this writing will be next Monday.

Science: We will be discussing the differences between a physical change and chemical change. Students will have an activity where they will be sorting whether particular items are physical or chemical changes. They will also have the notes in their Science Journal. On Thursday they will have a quiz identifying whether a change is physical or chemical.

October 31

Heritage Project Cancelled

The Fifth Grade Team has made the decision to cancel the Heritage Unit Project which includes the family tree, heritage board, and heritage celebration on Thursday, November 16. The goal of this project is to celebrate diversity and learn about one’s own family ethnicity. This unit correlates with the Fifth Grade immigration standards.
Students that have completed any parts of this project may present it to their teacher for extra credit.
Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

October 29

October 30th-November 3rd

I hope everyone had a great week! This week we have Halloween!!! We won’t be wearing costumes on Tuesday but we can always keep to the theme and wear orange and black that day! Thank you to the parents that have offered to bring a treat that day! Y’all are the best! If you have any extra candy you would like to get rid of I would love to have it for our class fund!

Things to put in your calendar:
Tuesday ~ Open note Test on Reconstruction
Friday ~ Computation Quiz and Wordly Wise 5 Spelling Test
November 6th Family Trees are due!

Math: This week we will be talking about decimal division. We will be working with models and then solving the decimal division using standard algorithm. There will be a Computation Quiz on Friday.

Social Studies: Reconstruction Test will be open notes. Students may use their study guide to help them on the test. The test will be on Tuesday. Wednesday we will begin our unit on Westward Expansion.

Reading: In class we will be continuing our unit on Esperanza Rising. Students will be getting homework related to the book each week. We will also be talking about figurative language: metaphors and similes. Students will have a MobyMax lessons on metaphors and similes. There are the lessons the students must complete. It will be due on Friday.

ELA/Writing: We are working on opinion writing. Students are comparing two texts to determine whether they should support SeaWorld or not. In class students will be creating a thesis statement and then using text evidence from the two passages to support their argument. Students will also be practicing their spelling words. There will be a spelling test on their Wordly Wise 5 words on Friday. We will also be practicing using commas in an introductory clause.

Science: We are still working on our Matter unit. We will be talking about mixtures and then Chemical Changes this week.

October 26

OneNote Homework

Students have several items on OneNote for homework. They have an assignment from STEM which is due Wednesday and then they have an spelling/typing assignment from me that’s due tomorrow.

To access Office 365 from home students should:

Go to and click on the Parents tab
Click on Office 365 login (there is also a link to support for Office 365 that includes instructions and tutorials)

The username is: [email protected]
The password is: their student ID #

Once logged in, students should choose the One Drive icon (has clouds for the icon)
Click on “shared with me” on the left side of the screen
Click on “STEM” on the right side of the screen for STEM Homework. For Spelling Homework click on FLOYD Homework
Click on the student’s name (left side of screen)
Information is on the assignment is in the Handouts folder and their response page is in the Homework folder.

Students were all successfully able to do this on their own in the STEM Lab. We will continue to work on this in the STEM Lab through the winter holiday break.

October 24

Foundation Friday

Foundation Friday
This Friday students may pay $2 and wear their Halloween costumes. Please make sure that any costume is school appropriate. We also ask that students not bring props (swords, bats, light sabers, etc.) because they get lost, and that they not wear masks or makeup that completely covers their face. Costume additions like wings are okay as they are part of the costume itself.

Halloween Dance This Friday!!
The Halloween Dance is already here! The dance will take place in the gym where there will be music and lots of tricks and treats! Bruster’s Ice Cream will be available for purchase ($4 cone/$3 cup) as well as popcorn and water ($1 each). There will also be face painting ($3) and glow sticks ($1 each) and glow in the dark grab bags ($5 each).

Please remember to register and pre-pay your child for the dance by Wednesday and they will receive a free glow wristband. If your child will be attending ASP on Friday you will need to fill out a permission form (click here) and will need to register and pre-pay for both ASP ($7) and the Halloween Dance ($7).

Support the Foundation and PTA while having a blast at this family FUNdraiser! Parents and siblings are encouraged to attend!

October 24

Heritage Project

Students will complete this cross-curricular project through classwork and homework in language arts and social studies. In this long-term project, students will be asked to interview members of their families to learn about their ethnic heritage. They will also research their country of origin. There are three parts to this project:

1) Construct and present a family tree (done at home): Due Mon, 11/6/17

2) Create and present a project board (done at home): Due Wed, 11/15/17

3) Write a report (done in class): tentatively Due Friday, 12/1/17

Students are being sent home the instructions today in class but they can also be found here on my blog.
Heritage project-zhdybd

October 20

October 23-27th

I enjoyed getting to talk to all of my student’s parents this week! The kids had a great 1st Quarter and I know this quarter will be great too! I am so happy though to be on a regular schedule!

I told all parents that the Milestones will be taken on the computers this year for the very first time. It’s crucial that are students be exposed to as much typing as possible then. A way that students can practice their typing is to type their reading responses that are due every Friday in their Reading Journal. They can type their responses and then print and glue them in their Reading Journal. This is not required! However, it would be great practice for them.

I will also begin giving Spelling Tests on Wordly Wise words. The beginning of the year fifth grade elected not to do spelling tests. However, I have decided that I feel that spelling is something many of our students struggle with. I believe that testing the students on their spelling will really help them improve their writing.

What to put in your calendar:
Tuesday: Quiz on identifying sentence structure (compound, simple, and complex sentences). The first AR Test is due on Tuesday as well.
Wednesday: There will be a quiz on multiplying decimals.
Friday! This is a fun day! Foundation Dress Up! Students who want to wear their school appropriate costume to class may do so if they bring in a $2 donation. We will also have our Compliment Party as well! It’s going to be a great day!

Last week we introduced multiplying decimals. This week we will be reviewing it again and talking on how to multiply decimals with models and using the standard algorithm as well. This is a great Youtube video that explains how to multiply decimals with models: . We will be having a quiz on multiplying decimals on Wednesday. Then Thursday and Friday we will work on dividing decimals using models.

Social Studies:
We are continuing talking about Reconstruction this week. Please ask your students about the Reconstruction Amendments (13th,14th, 15th Amendment). With early release last week we did not get to do the sharecropping simulation but we will be doing it this week. Friday they will work in class on their Reconstruction study guide and our test will be on Tuesday, October 31st.

Reading: We will be talking about how to compare 2 different passages making inferences on the character, setting, and plot. Then on Wednesday we will be introducing figurative language. Students will be discussing what a metaphor and simile is. Our focus this week will be similes. We will also be starting a novel study of Esperanza Rising. This is a great book that I can’t wait for the students to get to read.

ELA/Writing: Monday we will be reviewing sentence structure and then Tuesday students will have a quiz on identifying sentence structure of simple, compound, and complex sentences. Then our focus will be how to study and practice spelling. In writing we will be talking about opinion essays. Students will be reading passages that give them 2 different viewpoints and then they will write a short essay on what their opinion is on the topic using text evidence to support their argument.

Science: Matter! In class we will be talking about the states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. Then we will be discussing the physical changes in matter. We will have science lab on Friday!

October 18

Friday, October 27th!

This is going to be a fun day! Not only will we have our Compliment Party in class but it will also be Foundation Dress Up Day! Foundation Dress Up Day – students may wear school appropriate costumes for a donation of $2

ASP will be doing some fun things too that day! At 2:45 staff will be passing out treats to the ASP kiddos (I will be attending). There will also be ASP Trunk or Treat and Costume Contest / movie and popcorn @4:00 – regular $7 daily rate.

We will also be having The Foundation Halloween Dance 4-6 – students may attend with permission and $7 donation. I look forward to seeing our students there!

October 16


Our class earned a Compliment Party! We earn letters for the word compliment when other teacher and administrators observe us being good in either the hallways or classroom. We earned two letters today! We will celebrate with a lunch in classroom and a movie party on Friday, October 27th!