March 28

End of Grade Assessment Schedule

Here is a schedule of what will be tested when for the Georgia Milestones Test. I also have attached a review sheet of what math concepts will be tested on the Milestones. Please look that over with your student.


Tuesday, April 10th
ELA Section 1

Wednesday, April 11th
ELA Section 2 & 3 (This will be a LONG day for your student)

Thursday, April 12th
Math section 1

Friday, April 13th
Math Section 2

Monday, April 16th
Science Sections 1 & 2

Tuesday, April 17
Social Studies Sections 1 & 2

Wednesday, April 18th

March 25

March 26-March 30

One more week till Spring Break!
Georgia Milestones are coming up on the Tuesday we get back from Spring Break. We need help on volunteers to bring snacks for the test that week. If you would like to help please contact Luke Carney on signing up a day to bring in snacks. We truly appreciate the help!

Put in your calendar:
• Picture Day
• Volume Test
• Science Test
• Vocab Test
• Celebration of the Arts

Math this week we will be finishing studying volume and composite figures. We will test on Tuesday. The rest of the week we will be reviewing Quarter 3 math standards and then taking the quarter 3 post-test on Thursday.

Social Studies:
I have really enjoyed going through the Cold War unit with our students. This week we will be studying the presidency of John F. Kennedy and Civil Rights. The end of the week we will be talking about the Vietnam War.

This week we will be reviewing our reading comprehension skills to prepare for the Georgia Milestones test that begins the Tuesday we get back from Spring Break. Students will be reading passages on Civil Rights and then responding to them using the RACE strategy. We will also be reviewing our vocabulary skills. We will be testing on Worldy Wise 11 words on Thursday. There is a Quizlet made for students to use to study.

Students will be reviewing our language skills we have learned this year. We will be completing centers activities on conjunctions, interjections, prepositions. We will also be reviewing our writing fluency skills to prepare for the writing constructed response on the Milestones.

We are done with this year’s science standards!!! Monday students will be working on their study guide for genetics and heredity. We will play Kahoot on Tuesday and then Wednesday we will test.

March 18

March 19-23rd

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. We were definitely lucky when it came to the weather this weekend. I hope everyone go to enjoy it!

April 10th (the Tuesday we get back from Spring Break) will begin the Georgia Milestones. I am going to be sending home a sheet of paper with your student on what you can be doing at home to get them ready for the test. I would highly recommend looking at it especially over Spring Break since the test is right when we get back (whoever planned that I would like to have a conversation with).

Parents don’t forget that money for 5th Grade Field Trip is due March, 30th!!!

Here’s what you should put in your calendar:

Tuesday: Openbook Test on Cold War
Wednesday: Volume Quiz & Report Cards Go Home!
Thursday: Reading Journal Due!

Math: We are learning about Volume. Students will be learning about the Base-Area formula of volume. They will also be studying how to find the volume of composite rectangular prisms. There will be a Volume Quiz on Wednesday.

Social Studies:: This week we will be finishing talking about the Cold War. There will be an open book test on the Cold War on Tuesday. Then we will be studying the Boom Years, the 1950s. Please ask your student about social studies and what they’re learning. This is a great way for their to review and apply their knowledge. They can also talk to you about their comments. The kids always have interesting perspectives on what happened in the world. I can’t always hear it all because of time but I know they would be happy to share it with y’all.

We are studying figurative language and determining it’s meaning in our reading. Last week we talked about metaphors and similes. Keep reminding them that a metaphor compares one this with another using key word is! Similes compares two things using like or as. Sometimes the kids get those mixed up. This week we will be discussing hyperbole and personification.

Writing: This week we are using our writing time to practice writing extended responses and constructed responses that will be on the Milestones. Students need to remember the RACE strategy. Restate the question – use the question stem to write your topic sentence. Answer the question – make sure to
answer all parts of the question. Cite evidence from the text. – They MUST quote the text. Explain and extend – Explain how this evidence supports their answer.

March 11

March 12-16th

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Just a reminder that the 5th grade field trip forms and money is due on March 30th!

Here’s what to put in your calendar:
• Monday: AR Test 4 Due
• Tuesday: Science and Math Test
• Wednesday: World War II Test & Half Day!
• Thursday: Writing Memoir Due
• April 10th Milestones Begin!

Monday we will be completing our study guide on measurement in class and then Tuesday we will test on Measurement. The rest of the week we will be studying Volume.

Social Studies: Monday and Tuesday we will be reviewing World War II and working on our study guide. Then Wednesday we will begin The Cold War. We will be moving pretty fast through The Cold War. We have 3 school weeks left until the Milestones. :/ Those snow days really put as behind so please be studying with your student to keep them accountable on keeping up. I would also recommend over Spring Break to have your student go back and study the previous Quizlets we have had on vocabulary, social studies, and science.

Reading: I have really enjoyed analyzing firsthand and secondhand accounts on different subjects with the kids. I believe we all learned so much on Rosa Parks and our Skype Meeting on Bob Hope and entertainers during World War II was really fun. We will finish our unit with that on Monday. Then we will begin our unit of Figurative Language (one my favorite lessons). Students will be working on the Wordly Wise 10 words and we will test on them next week.

Writing: We are finishing writing our memoirs. Students will finish their memoirs at home on Wednesday (the half day) and all memoirs are due on Thursday. There will be no reading journal due this week. Instead I want students to be finishing up their memoir writing. We will also be working in class on using good word choice in our writing. A big part of what students will be graded on in their writing on the Milestones is using good vocabulary.

Science: Monday we will be reviewing our science study guide that should be finished by Monday. Anyone who has a finished study guide Monday will get to play our review science Kahoot on Classification. Then we will begin our unit on genetics.

March 6

Field Trip!

I have sent home a second form for students to fill out and turn in for their field trip. Students needs to turn in the form and money by March 30th! If the form and money is not turned in by that date your student cannot participate in the 5th grade field trip. It is going to be a great trip so I hope everyone is able to go. We also need parent chaperones, so please chaperone if you are available.

Here is an attached form if you lose the 2nd copy.

March 4

March 5-9

Put in your calendar:

Monday: Biography Project Due!!!

Wednesday: Math Computation Quiz

Thursday: 4th AR Test DUE
Science Classification Test

This is what we are learning in class:

Math: We are still studying measurement. We are going to be learning how to convert weight and capacity. Students should be memorizing the conversions for metric and customary length, weight, and capacity. We will test on measurement next week. There will be a computation quiz on Wednesday.

Social Studies: In class we are continuing studying World War II. I am very excited that on Tuesday we are going to have a Skype lesson with an expert on World War II from the National World War II museum in New Orleans. Fingers crossed we don’t have any technology problems! We will be testing on World War II next week and the begin talking about the Cold War.

Reading: Students should be studying their Worldy Wise 10 words. There is a Quizlet made for them to use to help study their spelling and vocabulary. In class we are completing a unit on Rosa Parks. We are analyzing multiple accounts on the same topic and comparing and contrasting them.

Writing: We are still writing our memoirs. I have really enjoyed conferencing with students on their memoirs and can’t wait for you to read what your student has written. While writing our memoirs we are going to be talking about how to use dialogue in our writing and good word choice.

In class we have talked about the 5 Kingdoms and Classification Pyramid. We have also discussed the differences between invertebrates and vertebrates. This week we are discussing the differences between vascular and nonvasuclar plants. Wednesday we will work on our study guide in class and then Thursday we will test on Classification.

February 23

February 26th -March 2nd

February 26th -March 2nd
Wow that break went by fast! The weather for Winter break felt like what Spring Break should feel like. Hopefully that won’t be reversed when we get to April for our Spring Break.
I am excited to see the kids. I’d love to see some pictures and hear some stories of what everyone did over break. March is a very busy month. March 14th is the end of the 9 weeks and we will soon be entering Quarter 4!

I have entered all my current grades into the Parent Portal. I am missing several students 3rd AR test. I let them finish or review their books over the break and take it first thing Monday. I did allow students to count our read aloud Wonder as one of their 4 AR tests. So if your student is missing a 3rd AR test (or even a 4th) please encourage them to take an AR test on Wonder.

Here’s what you should put in your calendar:

Tuesday: Social Studies Test on Roaring 20s and The Great Depression (Quizlet made)
Wednesday: Science Quiz on naming the seven steps of the Classification pyramid and the five Kingdoms of living things.
Thursday: Customary Lengths Math Quiz & Vocab Spelling Test on Worldy Wise 9 words. (Quizlet made)
Friday: Foundation Dinner.

Don’t Forget!
•Biography Project due Monday, March 5th.
•4th AR Test Friday, March 9th 5th Grade Biography Project-1gxopjy
Book Report bottle person-1bvz04e
•HALF DAY is Wednesday, March 14th (Why they scheduled it on a Wednesday and not Friday is beyond me).
•Report Cards go home Wednesday, March 21st.

Here’s what we’re learning in class:

Math: 2-D shapes are out and converting measurement is in! In class we will be talking about customary and metric measurement. We are going to have a quiz on converting customary measurements on Wednesday. There will also be a few computation problems on the quiz too. Students receive math homework every day. Please make sure they are doing it because that will really help them when completing theses quizzes.

Social Studies: In class on Monday we will be working on our Roaring 20s and The Great Depression study guide. Whatever is not completed in class should be finished at home and studied. There is a Quizlet already made to help them review. Tuesday we will take our test and then begin our unit on World War II. This is the unit students are the most excited about, so I am very eager to FINALLY get to answer questions about Hitler and Pearl Harbor. If your student has a veteran family member who has some war stories during World War II please share them with your kids. I’d love to hear some firsthand or secondhand stories of World War II.

Reading: We will be reviewing informational text-structure in class and then Tuesday quiz on it. Students will read a passage and determine what type of text-structure the passage is written in. We will be reviewing our Worldy Wise 9 words. Then Thursday we will have our spelling and vocab test on Worldy Wise 9. There is a Quizlet made to help students review.

In reading we will also be analyzing multiple accounts on the same topic, noting similarities and differences in the point of view they represent. We are preparing to begin a big unit next week on comparing different account of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Writing: Our class has done a really insightful job of preparing writing a memoir. In class we have talked about different moments in our lives that have shaped us. Small seed stories that have taught us lessons. I really enjoyed getting to listen to students share stories of important moments that they learned lessons from. This week we are going to be picking one of those seed stories and using it to write a short memoir. We will be reading different memoirs and looking at their structure to help influence our own writing too.

Science: We will begin our unit on Classification. We are going to be reviewing the five kingdoms:
1. Bacteria
2. Protist
3. Fungi
4. Plant
5. Animal
We are also studying the classification pyramid in depth. A pneumonic device may be helpful to students to remember this: King Phillip Can Order Fabulous Green Spaghetti.
There will be a quiz on students memorizing this on Wednesday. The rest of the week we will be talking about the differences between and invertebrate and vertebrate.

February 11

February 12-16th

Happy Sunday!
Thank you so much for the sweet get well emails and notes I received! I am happy to say that I am feeling so much better and ready to bring on the last week before break!

We have a busy week, here’s what you should put in your calendar:
Monday: Cells Test
*Grade Level Valentines’ Exchange.
Students may bring a decorated box to exchange valentines or just a bag. If students want to exchange valentines to anyone in our classroom they need to bring a valentine for everybody. They do not need to do that if they want to exchange valentines with students from other classes.
*Reading Comprehension Quiz
* WW II Presentation from 9:45-10:45 in the Media Center. Permission forms are required for all students who attend.
*Cell Project Due!
*Math Test
*STEM Day! My class will be presenting with Mr. Bridges class from 9-9:10. Our Lunch time has changed too for that day. We will have lunch at 12:22-12:52.

Math: Monday and Tuesday we will be discussing the hierarchy or Triangles. We will be classifying triangles based on their attributes. Wednesday we will be reviewing 2-D shapes and Thursday we will test.

Social Studies: Monday we will be finishing learning about the Roaring Twenties and The Harlem Renaissance. The rest of the week we will be discussing the Great Depression, Dust Bowl, and The New Deal. We will test on the Twenties and The Great Depression when we get back from break.

Reading: We are working on our Wordly Wise 9 vocab words. I have to say I was so impressed by our Vocab Tests from last week. The students did a great job studying for that test. While working on our new vocab words we are also going to be identifying text structure for problem and solution and cause and effect. These two we are going to study together because many students get these mixed up. Students will have a reading comprehension quiz on Wednesday.

Language Arts/Writing: In class we are going to be studying memoirs and then writing our own. I am very excited to get to read what the students write about themselves.

Science: Monday we are going to take our Cells Test. Thursday we will be presenting our Cells Project. In class we will be beginning our unit on Classification of Organisms. Students will be introduced to the systems of classification that we use to determine relationships between organisms.