October 16

Quarter 2 AR Due Dates & Quarter 2 Reading Project

These dates should already be written in your students agenda.

October 24th: AR TEST 1

November 7th: AR TEST 2

November 28th: AR TEST 3

December 13th: AR Test 4

Second Quarter Reading Project directions are glued in your student’s Reading Journal but they are also here and in the Reading Requirements page on my blog. The project is to create a game on a nonfiction book. The due date for this project is Wednesday, December 6th. On December 6th we will have a game day where we will play everyone’s game and vote on the best game. Second Quarter Reading Project-1jwo4u9

October 15

October 16-20th

This week is Conference Week which means early release everyday! I am looking forward to getting to talk to y’all about your students progress.

Dates to Remember:

Friday there will be a Computation Quiz and Wordly Wise 4 Vocabulary Test.

Math: In math we will be talking about adding and subtracting decimals. Students will continue to have multiplication and division problems in their homework to review those concepts. Friday we will have a computation quiz.

Social Studies: In social studies were will be talking about the effects of the Civil War in the North and South and the Reconstruction of the South. Thursday we will have a sharecropping simulation where we will do an activity to show the effects sharecropping had on former slaves and poor farmers.

Reading/ELA: We will be focusing on inferring the setting in a passage and poem. Students will also be completing vocabulary activities in class as well. Friday we will have our Wordly Wise 4 Vocabulary Test. ELA we will be working on opinion writing. Students will be writing an opinion essay on a topic they have an opinion on. This week we will be talking about opinion vs. fact, and determining what we would like to write about. Topics could be ‘cats are better than dogs’ to ‘who is the best vlogger.’

Science: We will be discussing the 3 different types of matter and discussing physical change. Thursday we will have a small experiment in class where we will be seeing the different change in states in matter. Friday we will have Science Lab.

October 9

October 9-13th

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Here is what is going on this week:

Dates to Remember:
Wednesday is our Election Day! Students will vote for either Maricela, Joseph, or Sebastian to represent our class in Student Council.
Thursday is Early Release
Friday is our Civil War Test and Computation Quiz.

Math: We are going over place value of decimals and comparing decimals. Students will have a computation quiz on Friday.

Social Studies: The Civil War is almost over! It’s a long unit and we are almost done. We will be discussing Sherman’s March to the Sea and the end of the Civil War at Appomattox Court House. Students will receive their study guide on Wednesday and we will test on Friday.

Reading: We will be working on character traits this week. Students will read a passage and determine the best character traits to describe their character using text-evidence.
On Tuesday we will be taking the SRI again. Students will also be studying their Wordly Wise 4 Vocabulary words.

ELA: Students will be discussing the different types of sentence structure. We will be focusing this week on writing complex sentences.

We begin our unit of matter this week! We will be discussing the different states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. We will also be talking about what a physical change and a chemical change is this week.

October 4

Attendance Award!

I am so proud of our class! We are the H.E.R.O. attendance winners for the month of September. H.E.R.O. stands for

R-ready to learn
O-on time

We had the highest daily attendance among all of the 5th grade classes and won a PAJAMA day. Your student can wear school appropriate pajamas on Friday, October 13th .
Thank you, parents for sending your child to school on-time and ready to learn, every day they feel well!

October 4

Civil War Wax Museum Photos!

The students did great with their presentations yesterday! I was so proud of them. Here are photos I took of them in their costumes. Many of the students chose to have serious faces because photographs of individuals during the 1860-1900s were always serious. Not everyone chose to do that though. 🙂

October 1

October 2-6th

Happy October!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful break! I just got back from my fun trip to Little Rock, Arkansas which is why I am posting so late.

Monday your student will be bringing home your date and time for conferences next week. Please return them ASAP to confirm you are coming. If you cannot let me know so that we can reschedule.

Dates to Remember:
Tuesday is our Civil War Wax Museum! Our class will be presenting our costumes, props, and speeches from 8:30-9:00.
Friday we will have our Multiplication and Division Test and Constructive and Destructive Forces Test.

Math: We are continuing to finish up division of whole numbers. We will be reviewing multiplication and division of whole numbers on Thursday and Friday will be our test. Next week we will be working with decimals.

Social Studies:
Civil War Wax Museum is on Tuesday! I am so excited to see our students shine at this! Students will be dressed as their character. They will have 3 or more props to help describe their character and a pretend button. Parents will walk into our classroom and press the student’s button. The student will then come to life and present their speech. Please bring cameras and feel free to take photos or videos of your student.
The rest of the week we will be discussing the major battles of the Civil War and the ending of the war.

Reading: Students will have a reading comprehension grade this week. They will also be working in Reading Groups. Our small group time will be discussing summarizing a story. Students will also be working on their Wordly Wise vocabulary words. Our test will be next week.

Writing: Students will be completing their Constructive and Destructive forces booklets. They will be receiving a science and writing grade on their booklets and the last day to complete them will be Tuesday. The rest of the week we will be discussing compound and complex sentences and using a variety of sentence structure in our writing.

Science: We are completing our unit on Constructive and Destructive forces. Thursday we will play a review game and Friday we will test. Next week we will be starting our unit on Matter.

September 18

Civil War Living History Museum 10/3/17

You are invited to our Civil War Living History Museum! It will be Tuesday, 10/3/17
Our class will be presenting from 8:30-9:00.

This is a drop-in event. We will not have a formal presentation. Please come by during 8:30-9 to see our Civil War experts present their projects! You will have time to visit other 5th grade classrooms. We look forward to seeing you there!

September 18

September 18-22nd!

5 MORE DAYS TILL SEPTEMBER BREAK! Our last day of Iowa testing is Tuesday! I am really impressed by how seriously our students have been taking the test! Definitely the best 5th grade class! To celebrate we will have our pajama day the day after testing on Wednesday!

Important Dates:

Tuesday: Multiplication Quiz!
Wednesday: Pajama Day!
Friday: Better Than a Book Report due!

Math: Tuesday we will have a multiplication quiz then we will be starting division with three digit by two digit factors. (code word: remote) There will be no computation quiz this week.

Social Studies/Language Arts:
We will be studying the different battles of the Civil War, and they will also be working on their speeches. Students will be presenting their speech on Friday. Over the break they should work on memorizing it for our Civil War Wax Museum Presentation. The break would also be a great time for students to be getting their costume ready too.

In class we will be studying summarizing a passage and book. Students Better Than a Book Report is due on Friday.

Science: In class we will be working on our Constructive and Destructive Forces booklet.