August 14

Reading Requirements

Quarterly Reading Assignments

Acclerated Reader (AR)
Students will take four AR tests on books on or above their lexile level.
These book choices will be made by the student. At least one of the selections must be a novel.
There are no page restrictions.

Occasionally, Miss Floyd will require students to take a test on a book she reads aloud or is read in class as part of reading groups. These AR tests will not count towards the 4 test requirement.

Students’ scores on these tests will be recorded in the gradebook.

Reading Projects

Each quarter students will be assigned a reading project. An additional book must be read and a specific project must be completed. The student may not take an AR test on this selection.

1st Quarter
Better Than a Book Report – student choice from five options. Due September 22nd!

2nd Quarter
Design a Game Project using a nonfiction book

3rd Quarter
Biography Bottle and Report

4th Quarter
Students Choice

Reading Log and Response

Students should read at least 5 days per week for at least 30 minutes per day. This time is to be recorded on the Home Reading Log located in the Reading Interactive Notebook. A parent signature is required before submitting the notebook on Friday. A weekly grade is given on this portion of the reading requirement.

In addition, students will complete one reading response per week in the notebook. This component will be graded, too. The prompt must answer the prompt accurately, contain at least six sentences, and be neat.

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