Dual Enrollment

Students may choose to take classes at a local college or university through a program called Dual Enrollment (DE).  The Counseling Office is having informational sessions on DE during Hawk Hour.  We ask that you attend one of these sessions before making an appointment with your School Counselor to talk about DE.

Hillgrove Dual Enrollment Presentation

TCSG USG Guaranteed Transfer College Core Courses

University System of Georgia Dual Enrollment Admission Requirements

How Do I Apply for Dual Enrollment?!?!?

Visit the Dual Enrollment webpage of your college choice.


Click on the link to your college choice below and FOLLOW the STEPS TO ENROLLMENT exactly.

Application Steps:

  • Take the SAT/ACT (KSU & Highlands) or SAT, ACT, PSAT, ACCUPLACER, or HOPE GPA after completion of 10th grade (Chattahoochee Tech) or a minimum of 3.0 GPA on trancript
  • Submit qualifying test scores: SAT/ACT/PSAT/ACCUPLACER/HOPE GPA/TRANSCRIPT
  • Request a copy of your transcript in the School Counseling Office (cost $2) and take to the college’s DE office. Chattahoochee Tech does not need a transcript.

Next Steps:

  • Print and keep up with the DE Student Checklist
  • Print, review and complete with parents the Dual Enrollment Student Participation Agreement (SPA) and the Dual Enrollment Local School Agreement (DELSA)
  • Schedule a DE appointment with your School Counselor to complete Page 2 of the SPA and to turn in your DELSA
  • Make a copy of the SPA and send the original to your college
  • Attend your college orientation session as soon as possible
  • Register for classes the first day class registration opens
  • Give a detailed copy of your schedule to your School Counselor. This must include all course names and course numbers for each class that you have registered to take.
  • Complete the Online Dual Enrollment Financial Aid Application found on GAFUTURES under Dual Enrollment/Applications & procedures found here
  • Attend class the first week of school OR you will be dropped from the class

Helpful Links:
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