Week 16 (A): December 3-7

Finish Unit 5: Drugs

Monday (A) 12/3Chapter 22:  Illicit Drugs of Abuse

PPT Chapter 22_Illicit Drugs-xuapjm     Article  Drug Classifications_Article-1fab87t

Complete Chapter 22 vocabulary  – Illegal DRUGS_chapter 22 Vocab-1zeh8am  &

Drup Flip Chart-  Drug Flip Chart-1rjdo71

Tuesday (B) 12/4-*Repeat Monday Lesson with “B-Day” Classes

Wednesday (A) 12/5- Unit 5 TEST– Chapters 19-22 (Medicines, Tobacco, Alcohol, Illegal Drugs)  *Be sure to have all outlines and notes

Thursday (B) 12/6- Unit 5 TEST– *Be sure to have all outlines and notes

Friday (A) 12/7- Video & Make Up Day

Week 15 (B): Nov. 26- Nov. 30

Continue Unit 5- DRUGS

Monday (B) 11/26- Chapter 21 ALCOHOL

Alcohol_ppt outline-1i2r2g3          PPT – Alcohol-1i00bw7

Alcohol_ppt outline_with answers-yfbir5

Tuesday (A) 11/27-*Repeat Mon. Lesson

Wednesday (B) 11/28- Chapter 20 TOBACCO

Tobacco-1bwaz9u Chapter 20_Tobacco Outline Notes-2kxm899        PPT- Tobacco-1bwaz9u

Chapter 20_Tobacco Outline Notes_with ans-1rdwmtx

E-Cigarettes *New Pod Based Devices

Thursday (A) 11/29- *Repeat Wed. Lesson

Friday (B) 11/30- Finish Tobacco Unit

Saturday, Dec. 1 –       SHOP WITH A LONGHORN  

Week 14 (A): Nov. 12- Nov. 16

Unit 5- Drugs (Chapters 19. 20. 21. 22) 

Prescriptions, Tobacco, Alcohol, Other Drugs of Abuse

Monday (A)11/12 – Introduction to Drug Unit (Chapter 19)

PPT  Unit 5_Drugs-198btmi    Outline/Notes   Unit 5_Intro Drugs_Chapter 19-2lv5nf1

Watch FBI Documentary – “Chasing the Dragon”

Tuesday (B) 11/13 *Repeat Mon. Lesson with “B-Day” classes

Wednesday (A) 11/14– Media Center/Prescription Drug Safety Program

*complete a series of 6 Modules on Prescription Drug Use & Abuse- see attachment for instructions

.Coach Hines_EVERFI_ Prescription Drug Safety Modules-15zub2n

Thursday (B) 11/15– *Repeat Wed. activity with “B-Day” classes

Friday (A) 11/16– Discuss Wed. Prescription Drug Activity; finish video from Monday “Chasing the Dragon”

Week 13(A-B): Nov. 5-Nov. 9

Continue First Aid Unit:  CPR/AED

Tuesday 11/6 (A) NO School…Election Day


Thursday 11/8 (A)      Friday 11/9 (B)

This past week we will be finishing up our First Aid/Safety Unit.  As always, scoring well on Unit Tests helps the students overall Health grade.  Because this unit is also an official American Heart Association Course, they have the opportunity to become certified through the AHA if they meet the organization requirements.

24/30 or higher on Written Exam (80% or higher)       AND

14/15 or higher on Skills Test (only aloud to miss one skill during demonstration)

All Money is Due by Wednesday, November 14th  3:30 PM

*Please check Synergy to see if scores were met.  If so, the certification cost is only  $5.00  for processing fee of the card due by Wednesday, November 14th (cash or check made payable to Kell High School).  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Week 12 (B): Oct. 29-Nov. 2

SAFETY Unit:   CPR/AED Certification

Monday (B) 10/29- Nutrition Unit Test

Tuesday (A) 10/30- American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR/AED

Wednesday (B) 10/31- HAPPY HALLOWEEN

*Repeat Tues. “A” Day Lesson

Thursday (A) 11/1- Compressions; Rescue Breaths; AED

Friday (B) 11/2- *Repeat Thurs. “A” Day Lesson

Use the following to Study and Review for CPR Skills Check & Test


Week 11 (A): October 22-26


UNIT TEST  A-Thursday 3/29    B-Friday 3/30

Monday (A) 10/22 – Fast Food Lab  Fast Food Analysis Lab-27chyex

Tuesday (B) 10/23- Discussion/Demonstration on Results of Fast Food Lab

Lesson 4/Food Safety    Chapter 10_L3 L4updated-wx01fe  Chapter 10_L3 L4updated_ans-1tahq8y

PPT (Slides 55-66)   Nutrition_Chapter 10_part 2-20gn7t5

*Review for Unit Test Thursday    Nutrition Unit_Study Guide-1e2b8xr

Nutrition-Unit_Study-Guide-with ans-1zukpkd

Quizlet_6 Essential Nutrients_Study Vocab-1balqhp

Wednesday (A) 10/24- *Repeat B Day Lesson from Tues.

Thursday (B) 10/25-  Due to being out Tues. – I am pushing B Day test until Monday 

Review for test today; complete food safety

Friday (A) 10/26- Nutrition Unit Test

    **** Monday (B) 10/29-Nutrition Unit Test ****

Week 10 (B): October 15-19 *HOMECOMING WEEK


Monday (B) 10/15- Finish presentations/review notes for Quiz

Tuesday (A) 10/16- *Repeat Mon. Lesson with A-Day   – Quiz *6 Essential Nutrients

6 Essential Nurtrients-2mb3yp3          6 Essential Nutrient Outline_Info Sheet_answers-w4o7je

Wednesday (B) 10/17- Quiz *6 Essential Nutrients

PPT/Lesson 3  “Food Guidelines and Reading Food Labels”

Nutrition_Chapter-10_part-2-20gn7t5 (1)-148s7rn

Chapter 10_L3 L4updated-wx01fe          Chapter 10_L3 L4updated_ans-1tahq8y

Practice activity- Nutrition Labels_2-1pn4cdf

Thursday (A) 10/18- *Repeat Wed. Lesson with B-Day

Friday (B) 10/19-  Fast Food Lab  Fast Food Analysis Lab-27chyex

Week 9 (A): Oct. 8-Oct. 12

UNIT 4:  NUTRITION   (Chapter 10)

This week you will be finishing in the lab working on your Nutritional Teach Backs and begin presentations…see link for Project Guidelines and Instructions

Ch. 10-Guidelines for Nutrient Teach Backs-1k3t6bt

Prior to the introduction of the unit- we talked about the importance of nutrition and why we study it.

6 Essential Nurtrients-2lgwnt3    Power Point

The Importance of Nutrition_Ch. 10_L1 L2-19vs0nw  Outline/Note taking worksheet

Monday (A) 10/8– Lab 1307  -Full Lab Day to complete project (Due Wednesday 10/10 periods 3 & 4: Due Friday 10/12 period 1…Wednesday Testing)

Tuesday (B) 10/9 Presentations Begin (Due for all B-Day Classes 1, 3, 4)

Wednesday (A) 10/10  TESTING (am – during periods 1 & 2)  PSAT/SAT

Periods 3 & 4 (pm)A Day Presentations BeginDue today!

Period 1 Presentations Due Friday 10/12

Thursday (B) 10/11-Early Release Day @ 11:30 (Periods 1 & 2 ONLY)-

Con’t Presentations Period 1; 3 & 4 will resume on Monday 10/15

Friday (A) 10/12- Period 1A Presentations Begin; continue with Periods 3 & 4

NEXT WEEK- Homecoming      

Week 8(B): Oct. 1-Oct. 5

UNIT 3- NUTRITION (Chapter 10)

Monday 10/1 (B) & Tuesday 10/2 (A)  – Introduction to Nutrition (Chapter 10)

What do you know about Nutrition?  Pre-Test


*Go to Teens and click on MyPlate Quizzes


PPT   6 Essential Nurtrients-2lrrvwh

Outline    The Importance of Nutrition_Ch. 10_L1 L2-19d0gkx

Assigned partners for Nutrition Teach Back Project   Ch. 10-Guidelines for Nutrient Teach Backs-1k3t6bt

Wednesday 10/3 (B) -Computer Lab *1307 to work on nutrition research/project

Thursday 10/4 (A)- Computer Lab *Media Center to work on nutrition research/project

Friday 10/5 (B)   Monday 10/8 (A)…Last day in Computer Labs to complete project

DUE DATES for Presentation:  Tuesday 10/9 (B)  Wednesday 10/10 (A)

Week 7 (A): Sept. 17 – Sept. 21

Note Changes for the Unit 2 Test- MENTAL/EMOTIONAL HEALTH (chapters 3, 4, 5)

Monday (A) 9/17– Finish Movie from Thursday; Review for Unit 2 TEST

Chapters 3, 4, 5   Chapter 3 ppt_update-1xwhxbv    Ch4_Stress! 2-1rl43tj

Chapter 5 Mental_Emotional Health Problems [Recovered]-1w4nf78

Unit 2_Mental Emotional Health Vocab QUIZLET-y2f53h


Use class period to complete Chapter Assessment Review Questions-turn in for completion grade

  1. Place all answers on answer doc./only do questions listed  Unit 2Mental_Emotional Health Chapter Review_ans doc-q1xrui
  2. Chapter 3 Questions
  3. Chapter 4 Questions
  4. Chapter 5 Questions

Tuesday (B) 9/18-  Repeat with “B” Class

Wednesday (A) 9/19- Unit 2 TEST

Thursday (B) 9/20- Unit 2 TEST

Friday (A) 9/21- Make up day