Week 6 (A): Feb. 11- 15

BEGIN TO PREPARE FOR THE UNIT 2 TEST-Mental & Emotional Health (Chapters 3,4,5)

Exam Dates:  (B)Tuesday 2/26          (A)Wednesday 2/27 

Monday 2/11 (A)– Read and Complete Chapter 4/Stress & Coping with Loss ~

~Power Point Ch4_Stress!-1yq3lm1

~”How to Make Stress Your Friend”-TED Talk    https://www.ted.com/talks/kelly_mcgonigal_how_to_make_stress_your_friend

Tuesday 2/12 (B)  *Repeat Monday lesson with B Classes

 Wednesday 2/13 (A)Finish Unit with   Chapter 5 -Mental Disorders (Depression; Anxiety; Other Illnesses; Treatment)

~PPT  Chapter 5 Mental_Emotional Health Problems [Recovered]-1w4nf78

~Guided notes   Unit 2_Ch5_Outline

Thursday 2/14 (B)*Repeat Wednesday lesson with B Day classes

Friday 2/15 (A) – Review for Unit 2 Test next Week  Unit 2_Mental Emotional Health Vocab QUIZLET-y2f53h

Exam Dates:  (B)Tuesday 2/26          (A)Wednesday 2/27 

*Be sure to have your chapter outlines completed!!!!!

Week 5 (B): Feb. 4- Feb. 8

Unit 2:  Mental/Emotional Health (Chapters 3, 4, 5)

Monday  (B) 2/4 –  *Substitute…Movie “Inside Out”  Emotional Health

Tuesday (A) 2/5- Chapter 3/Lesson 3- Understanding Emotions

Chapter 3 ppt_Lesson 3_Emotions-1pjd1s3



*Practice Role Play Skit- Present to class    Emotional Role Play_Rubric_Grading-1cqqvyq

Wednesday (B) 2/6- Repeat Tues. Lesson with”B” Classes

Thursday (A)2/7- Chapter 3-Lesson 4:  Stress & Stress Management

Stress Survey-   Stress Quiz_How Stressed Are You-1ikhuud

Stress PPT- Ch4_Stress!-1ypt471       Note taking outline-  Chapter 4-15zzxzx

Friday (B) 2/8- Finish Role Play Skits…Present to class

(behind 1 day due to weathday on Tues. 1/29)

Week 4 (A): Jan. 28-Feb. 1


Chapter 3/Lessons 1&2:  Self- Esteem/Personal Identity/Character

PPT  Chapter 3 ppt_update-1xwhxbv

Note taking Outline  Health _Chapter3_Lesson1_2-214m4b6

*Complete attached assignments (15 pts.)  The Six Pillars of Character_article_Ch3_L2-tdsq3g

Tuesday (B) 1/29- Repeat Mon. Lesson with “B” Classes

Wednesday (A) 1/30– Chapter 3/Lesson 3: Emotions

Note taking Outline/Emotional Role Play Assignment  Mental_Emotional-Health-Role-Play_Ch3_L3-2be3a5o-28a05x7

Thursday (B) 1/31- Repeat Wed. Lesson

Friday (A) 2/1- Work on Emotional Role Play presentations

Week 3 (A): Jan. 21-25

Con’t Unit 1:  Building A Healthy Foundation (Chapters 1 & 2)

Monday (A) 1/21 –MARTIN LUTHER KING KHOLIDAY   No School

Introduction to Chapter 2…MAKING GOOD DECISIONS_article_reflection questions-1xwpytd

Chapter 2  Taking Charge of Your Health   *PPT   Unit 1_Chapter 2-1icxy35

*Note taking Outline  Unit 1_Ch.2_Taking Charge of Your Health_Outline-1aa17bo

Tuesday (B) 1/22- *Repeat Mon. Lesson with B classes

Wednesday (A) 1/23OPEN HOUSE  6:30 pm  *start in Advisement class!

Unit 1 Test (Chapters 1-2)   *Review prior to test

Review for Unit 1 Test  Quizlet Unit 1 Vocabulary (Ch. 1 & 2)-2lwwce0

https://jeopardylabs.com/play/health-chapter-1-2-4  Jeopardy Review Game

personal-health-unit_outline_vocab-study quide-2ghtto6

Thursday (B) 1/24- *Repeat Wed. Lesson with B Classes

Friday (A) 1/25-  Introduce Unit 2 Mental/Emotional Health (Chapters 3, 4, 5)




Week 2 (B): Jan. 14-18

Unit 1:  Building A Health Foundation (Chapters 1 & 2)

Monday (A) 8/13B Day Classes go to lab for Testwell Health Assessment

Tuesday (A) 1/15- Begin Unit 1: Chapter 1 Understanding Health & Wellness

PPT  A Healthy Foundation_Unit 1-28hyzms

Notes  Unit 1_Ch.1_Understanding Health & Wellness_Outline-15v4htw

*Begin Health Lab:   6 Risk Behavior Assignment

Assignment_6 Top Risk Behaviors of Young People-1r65reh

Wednesday (B) 1/16 – *Repeat Tues. Activity/Lesson with B-Day Classes

Thursday (A) 1/17- Complete 6 Risk Behavior Assignment…*Present results to class  (formative assessment)

Friday (B) 1/18- Complete 6 Risk Behavior Assignment


Week 1 (A): Jan. 7-11 2019

Happy New Year- 2019!

Welcome back- Hope you had a relaxing winter break- rested and ready to finish the new year STRONG!

Monday (A) 1/7 –   Welcome; Introductions; Review Health Syllabus & Expectations


  Parent_Student Receipt of Info_Spring Semester_2019-28oxb03

Assigned  Get to know you activity -“What’s My Bag”    *Due Wed. (10 points)

Intro Activity A_B Day What’s My Bag-1mdoknf

Tuesday (B) 1/8-* Repeat Monday Lesson; Activity Due Thurs. (10 points)

Wednesday (A) 1/9- 1. Share activity bag

2.  Introduce Unit 1:  Building a Healthy Foundation –  Story: Mysterious Murder of Sal Monella  The Mysterious Murder of Sal Monella_story-2lvrs7f

3.   unit1_lesson1_who-killed-sal-monella-1zkodb1

Thursday (B) 1/10- *Repeat Wednesday Lesson

Friday (A) 1/11

1. Student/Parent receipt of information is due for 5 Bonus Points

Parent_Student Receipt of Info_Spring Semester_2019-28oxb03

2. Students will take a personal Assessment of Lifestyle Habits Questionnaire           http://www.testwell.org/twfree.htm 

Week 17 (B): December 10-14


*There will be no separate assessment on this material, but it will be on the final exam & SGM (Student Growth Measurement Post-Test)

Thursday 12/13 is the SGM Post Test (A- Classes)—-Friday 12/14 SGM Post Test (B-Classes)

Monday (B) 12/10 – Tuesday (A) 12/11:  Male -Female Reproductive Anatomy/Functions of Systems

https://teenshealth.org/en/teens/      Search Male Reproductive System; Female Reproductive System


Power Point   Unit 6_REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEMS-vzproh

Wednesday (B) 12/12 – Thursday (A) 12/13:  Conception to Birth (Fetal Development-Pregnancy) & Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD’s)

PPT      The Beginning of the Life Cycle-2j5dzgu              Outline     Main Idea_Fetal Development Outline-2f3q2k7

STD’s   Communicable Disease-26j3fx9

Activity  Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed Book Lesson-24t0so0

Friday (B) 12/14 – Monday (A) 12/17:  Healthy Relationships…Review for Final Exam


STUDY GUIDE…coming soon!!!

Week 16 (A): December 3-7

Finish Unit 5: Drugs

Monday (A) 12/3Chapter 22:  Illicit Drugs of Abuse

PPT Chapter 22_Illicit Drugs-xuapjm     Article  Drug Classifications_Article-1fab87t

Complete Chapter 22 vocabulary  – Illegal DRUGS_chapter 22 Vocab-1zeh8am  &

Drup Flip Chart-  Drug Flip Chart-1rjdo71

Tuesday (B) 12/4-*Repeat Monday Lesson with “B-Day” Classes

Wednesday (A) 12/5- Unit 5 TEST– Chapters 19-22 (Medicines, Tobacco, Alcohol, Illegal Drugs)  *Be sure to have all outlines and notes

Thursday (B) 12/6- Unit 5 TEST– *Be sure to have all outlines and notes

Friday (A) 12/7- Video & Make Up Day

Week 15 (B): Nov. 26- Nov. 30

Continue Unit 5- DRUGS

Monday (B) 11/26- Chapter 21 ALCOHOL

Alcohol_ppt outline-1i2r2g3          PPT – Alcohol-1i00bw7

Alcohol_ppt outline_with answers-yfbir5

Tuesday (A) 11/27-*Repeat Mon. Lesson

Wednesday (B) 11/28- Chapter 20 TOBACCO

Tobacco-1bwaz9u Chapter 20_Tobacco Outline Notes-2kxm899        PPT- Tobacco-1bwaz9u

Chapter 20_Tobacco Outline Notes_with ans-1rdwmtx

E-Cigarettes *New Pod Based Devices

Thursday (A) 11/29- *Repeat Wed. Lesson

Friday (B) 11/30- Finish Tobacco Unit

Saturday, Dec. 1 –       SHOP WITH A LONGHORN