Week 13 (B): April 15-19

Beginning of last 6 Weeks of School!!!

Continue  Unit 5- HG&D  “Choosing the Best Journey”

CTBJourney_with answers-1vbjxfr    Power Point Lessons

 Monday (B) 4/15- Lessons 1, 2, 3 (Goal Setting, Decision Making, Avoiding Teen Pregnancy)

Tuesday (A) & Wednesday (B)-  Lessons 4 & 5 (Avoiding STDs & Developing the Best Relationship)

Thursday (A) & Friday (B) -Lessons 6 & 7, 8 (Choosing Abstinence until Marriage & Overcoming the Pressure; Being Assertive)

Monday & Tuesday of next week- Review; TEST Wednesday (A) 4/24; Thursday (B) 4/25

Week 12 (A): April 8-12


UNIT 5 – Human Growth & Development

Monday (A) 4/8  &  Tuesday (B) 4/9      Introduction; Review of Reproduction Anatomy


Other resources-  https://kidshealth.org/en/teens/male-repro.html


Wednesday (A) 4/10  & Thursday (B) 4/11 – Conception to Birth (Fetal Development)

PPT- The Beginning of the Life Cycle-2jbnb89

Note Taking Outline- Main Idea_Fetal Development Outline-2f9zec8

Friday (A) 4/12 – Curriculum Booklets “Choosing the Best Journey”

*Every lesson has a video introduction of teens discussing their real life response to the topic of the lesson; followed by discussion questions; then the FACTS!

Lessons 1, 2, 3-  Goal Setting; Decision Making; Preventing Teen Pregnancy

Sample Power Point –CTBJourney_with answers-1vbjxfr

ALL Students that paid for their American Heart Association CPR/AED Certification- check emails- they should have been delivered.  You must claim your eCard; then you can print; save; archive.  If you have any questions let me know!



Week 11 (B)- March 25-29

SAFETY Unit:   CPR/AED Certification

Monday  3/25- Friday 3/29American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR/AED

Use the following to Study and Review for CPR Skills Check & Test


As part of our safety unit- CPR and AED use is taught along with other medical conditions that would need first aid (Heart attack, stroke, choking). All students are required to take the written 30 question exam and demonstrate the skills listed above with proficiency as part of their health grade.

If the student meets the requirements of demonstrating the skills and passes the written exam with an 80% or above, they qualify to receive their official CPR certification through the American Heart Association.  Cost is $5.00 to process – a valid email is needed; cards are sent electronically (eCards) that can be printed as often as necessary for a two year valid period.

MONEY is Due by Wednesday APRIL 10th after break!!!!


Week 10 (A): March 18-22


UNIT TEST  A-Wednesday 3/20    B-Thursday 3/21

Monday (A) 3/18 –  Discussion/Demonstration on Results of Fast Food Lab

Lesson 4/Food Safety    Chapter 10_L3 L4updated-wx01fe  Chapter 10_L3 L4updated_ans-1tahq8y

PPT (Slides 55-66)   Nutrition_Chapter 10_part 2-20gn7t5

*Review for Unit Test Wednesday    Nutrition Unit_Study Guide-1e2b8xr

Nutrition-Unit_Study-Guide-with ans-1zukpkd

Quizlet_6 Essential Nutrients_Study Vocab-1balqhp

Tuesday (B) 3/19- *Repeat Monday Lesson

Wednesday (A) 3/20- Nutrition Unit Exam

Thursday (B) 3/21– Nutrition Unit Exam

Week 9 (B): March 11-15


Monday (B) 3/11Finish presentations/review notes on 6 Essential Nutrients

6 Essential Nurtrients-2mb3yp3 Power Point (slides  13-33)

6 Essential Nutrient Outline_Info Sheet_answers-w4o7je

Tuesday (A) 3/12- PPT/Lesson 3 & 4  “Food Guidelines and Reading Food Labels”  “Food Safety”

Nutrition_Chapter-10_part-2-20gn7t5 (1)-148s7rn

Chapter 10_L3 L4updated-wx01fe          Chapter 10_L3 L4updated_ans-1tahq8y

Practice activity- Nutrition Labels_2-1pn4cdf

Use the following link to look up estimated caloric needs (gender/age/activity level) and complete formulas for Fats, Carbs, Proteins on the outline


Wednesday (B) 3/13Early Release Day  11:30

*All periods will meet for 45 minutes…no LASSO    *Repeat Lesson from Tuesday

Thursday (A) 10/18- Fast Food Lab  Fast Food Analysis Lab-27chyex

Friday (B) 10/19– *Repeat Thurs. Lesson / Fast Food Lab


Week 8 (A): March 4-March 8

Unit 3:  Nutrition (Chapter 10)

Monday (A) 3/4 & Tuesday (B) 3/5–  Assign Groups for Nutrition Project

Ch.10 Nutrition Project_teachbacks_updated-2ikozzb

Wednesday (A) 3/6 & Thursday (B) 3/7– First half of class will be provided to finalize projects for presentation…begin presentations 2nd half of class.

Note taking sheet for Presentations-  6 Essential Nutrient Outline_Info Sheet-xfkt8r

*Remember to have all questions answered on note cards or word document to be turned in with PPT/Poster (Even if answers are on your visual; a written copy of information must be turned in…

* Cite the sources you used to find your information for the project.

Friday (A) 3/8– Finish any presentations; Part II- Food Guidelines/Food Labels/Food Safety

PPT-Nutrition_Chapter-10_part-2-20gn7t5 (1)-14foew6

Lesson 3/4 Outlines

My Personal Caloric Needs Article:  Chapter 10_L3 L4updated-x3zw7u



Week 7 (B): Feb. 25-March 1

Monday (B)2/25 Review for Unit 2 TEST (Chapters 3, 4, 5)

Chapter 3 ppt_update-1xwhxbv

outline (Ch. 3)   Self Esteem_Character_Notes_Activity_Ch 3_L1_L2 notes w ans-1y5lel3

outline (Ch. 3-Emotions)  Mental_Emotional-Health-Notes_Emotions_ans-s425bo

Ch4_Stress! 2-1rl43tj   outline(Ch. 4) Chapter 4_Stress-10dzlck          Teen Stress Jeopardy Game-1zloy74

Chapter 5 Mental_Emotional Health Problems [Recovered]-1w4nf78

Outline (Ch. 5)  Unit 2_Ch5_Outline_ans-1v6p2ub

Unit 2_Mental Emotional Health Vocab QUIZLET-y2f53h


Use class period to complete Chapter outlines and review for Test

Tuesday (A) 2/26-  Unit 2 Test (Chapters 3, 4, 5) Mental Emotional Health

Wednesday (B) 2/27- Unit 2 Test (Chapters 3, 4, 5) Mental Emotional Health

Thursday (A) 2/28- Introduction to Nutrition/Chapter 10

*Take Nutrition Survey   HOW HEALTHY IS YOUR DIET_Survey-1j9p6th

PPT  6 Essential Nurtrients-2mi04vm      Outline  The Importance of Nutrition_Ch. 10_L1 L2_with answers-1ssa8vc

 Friday (B) 3/1- *Repeat

Week 6 (A): Feb. 11- 15

BEGIN TO PREPARE FOR THE UNIT 2 TEST-Mental & Emotional Health (Chapters 3,4,5)

Exam Dates:  (A)Tuesday 2/26          (B)Wednesday 2/27 

Monday 2/11 (A)– Read and Complete Chapter 4/Stress & Coping with Loss ~

~Power Point Ch4_Stress!-1yq3lm1

~”How to Make Stress Your Friend”-TED Talk    https://www.ted.com/talks/kelly_mcgonigal_how_to_make_stress_your_friend

Tuesday 2/12 (B)  *Repeat Monday lesson with B Classes

 Wednesday 2/13 (A)Finish Unit with   Chapter 5 -Mental Disorders (Depression; Anxiety; Other Illnesses; Treatment)

~PPT  Chapter 5 Mental_Emotional Health Problems [Recovered]-1w4nf78

~Guided notes   Unit 2_Ch5_Outline

Thursday 2/14 (B)*Repeat Wednesday lesson with B Day classes

Friday 2/15 (A) – Review for Unit 2 Test next Week  Unit 2_Mental Emotional Health Vocab QUIZLET-y2f53h

Exam Dates:  (A)Tuesday 2/26          (B)Wednesday 2/27 

*Be sure to have your chapter outlines completed!!!!!

Week 5 (B): Feb. 4- Feb. 8

Unit 2:  Mental/Emotional Health (Chapters 3, 4, 5)

Monday  (B) 2/4 –  *Substitute…Movie “Inside Out”  Emotional Health

Tuesday (A) 2/5- Chapter 3/Lesson 3- Understanding Emotions

Chapter 3 ppt_Lesson 3_Emotions-1pjd1s3



*Practice Role Play Skit- Present to class    Emotional Role Play_Rubric_Grading-1cqqvyq

Wednesday (B) 2/6- Repeat Tues. Lesson with”B” Classes

Thursday (A)2/7- Chapter 3-Lesson 4:  Stress & Stress Management

Stress Survey-   Stress Quiz_How Stressed Are You-1ikhuud

Stress PPT- Ch4_Stress!-1ypt471       Note taking outline-  Chapter 4-15zzxzx

Friday (B) 2/8- Finish Role Play Skits…Present to class

(behind 1 day due to weathday on Tues. 1/29)

Week 4 (A): Jan. 28-Feb. 1


Chapter 3/Lessons 1&2:  Self- Esteem/Personal Identity/Character

PPT  Chapter 3 ppt_update-1xwhxbv

Note taking Outline  Health _Chapter3_Lesson1_2-214m4b6

*Complete attached assignments (15 pts.)  The Six Pillars of Character_article_Ch3_L2-tdsq3g

Tuesday (B) 1/29- Repeat Mon. Lesson with “B” Classes

Wednesday (A) 1/30– Chapter 3/Lesson 3: Emotions

Note taking Outline/Emotional Role Play Assignment  Mental_Emotional-Health-Role-Play_Ch3_L3-2be3a5o-28a05x7

Thursday (B) 1/31- Repeat Wed. Lesson

Friday (A) 2/1- Work on Emotional Role Play presentations