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March 23, 2018
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 3/26

Monday: Prototype Design! Today we will construct our prototype, innovate our designs, and come up with our Product Name.  Each student will finish the last 2 squares on their prototype planner for Homework!

How did you choose your profit-? Practice presentations

Disaster Survivor Science presentation-

EQ for the day slides-Monday and Tuesday Tasks

The Scientific Method vs-Engineering Design

Tuesday: Innovation and Marketing- Today we will finish our prototype designs and we will begin our effective communication of our product with the tri-fold display.  A template is provided as students are required to incorporate research, charts/data, digital pictures, and scientific illustrations.  The math component will be completed next week.

Wednesday-Thursday: Continue using technology in the marketing design process.  First 2 panels of display board should be competed by end of period Thursday.

Friday: COSMOS Stem Technology in Space!

March 16, 2018
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 3/19

Monday: Survivor STEM begins.  “How can we survive and adapt to natural disasters?”  Day 1 Research your tribe’s disaster and investigate the effects it leaves behind.  Use the Disaster Data Sheet.  30 Minutes Individually, 20 Minutes comparing with your team!  Be thinking of your prototype design that could help victims of this weather event.  Share the timeline of the lifestraw prototype and innovations.  Turn in any finished totem poles.

Tuesday: Turn in final totem poles.  Go through the Prototype Planner with real world inventions with Science Scope Magazines.  Complete the 5 steps of the engineering design process.  Then research some real world kid innovations & inventions!

Wednesday: Complete your own tribe’s Prototype Planner and materials list.  Materials due Thursday for most points on your totem!

Thursday: Organize Materials for Monday.  Reward Challenge.  Review Engineering Design PPT template and Shark Tank Solar Cooking.

Friday: Drought Proofing Australia with STEM Design.  Immunity Challenge.

Disaster Survivor Science presentation-qgcc4o

STEM Standards of Practice HO-1xs6v63

What is the Design Process-2hbz88g

March 13, 2018
by Mrs. Holshouser

17 Days of Kindness

17 Acts of Kindness Slip-

As part of Hightower Trail’s Acts of Kindness Project, we are suggesting that students participate in completing a different act of kindness each day beginning on March 14th until Spring Break.  Students will log their acts of kindness on the attached log and as they complete five acts, they will turn the sheet into the box that will be located in the atrium.  For every journal of five acts each student completes they will be recognized on our Acts of Kindness Wall.  Please encourage your student to participate in this project over the next 17 days.

Below is a list of acts of kindness.  Please choose a different act each day and record the act on the attached journal:

  • Bring hot cocoa to a neighbor
  • Give away old toys to younger children
  • Leave a treat for the mail carrier in your mailbox
  • Give some flowers to someone feeling unwell
  • Make happy notes on the sidewalk with chalk
  • Organize an afternoon of games for your neighborhood
  • Take icewater and cups to the playground to share with others
  • Hold a Lemonade Stand to donate to a cause you support
  • Rake leaves (or do gardening) for a neighbor
  • Take snacks to your local fire department
  • Donate DVDs to the local Hospital
  • Read inspiring stories to a group of children
  • Donate books to a doctor’s or dentist’s office
  • Take a treat to a bus driver
  • Educate yourself and your neighbors about recycling
  • Invite another family over for dinner
  • Take a Thank You card to the local librarians
  • Open the door for people entering a shop or restaurant
  • Bring a meal to a family in need (recent birth, sickness, or loss)
  • Write a poem for someone you love
  • Make “Be Happy” notes and put them in mailboxes
  • Learn a joke to tell to a cashier
  • Make a list of things you love about someone and send it to them
  • Send a postcard to a distant cousin or friend who moved away
  • Pick up trash around the neighborhood or at a park
  • Sing for the elderly
  • Make a phone call to a friend or family member far away
  • Go on an errand and smile at everyone you see
  • Volunteer in a local animal shelter
  • Take cans of food to the local Food Bank
  • Donate old clothes a local organization
  • Introduce someone who just moved to your neighborhood to new friends
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line at the store
  • Sit with someone new at lunch
  • Create your own

March 9, 2018
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 3/12

Upcoming Dates:

Early Release Wed 3/14

STEM Design prototype Monday 3/26


Problem Based Learning, “What are the Reasons for the Seasons?” An introduction to space science.  Each day students will complete primary and secondary source investigations, video lessons, and hands on investigations.  On Tuesday they will receive a homework packet and on Wednesday they will complete an open note assessment of understanding.  This will be their last grade of the 3rd 9 weeks.

PBL seasons Science

Thursday: Review/Reinforce the concepts of rotation vs. revolution Ch.20.4.  Hw: review ws

Friday: Finish mini lab and introduce science capstone project for the next 2 weeks.




March 5, 2018
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 3/5

Upcoming Dates: 

Weather Unit Test 3/8

Early Release Day & end of 9 weeks: 3/14

Monday: Weather Instrument 16.3 and Severe Weather Review 16.4.  HW: Severe weather guided reading.

Tuesday: Enrichment on weather map skills reading (4 air masses, 4 fronts, global/local winds) HW: Study your Ch.16 notes/study guide in your HSN.

Wednesday: Reteach student questions, Kahoot Review, Begin Textbook practice test p.510-511.  HW: Finish #1-22 CW on textbook review p.510.

Thursday: Weather Unit Test

Friday: The Cosmos.  Surviving and adapting in the exosphere!


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