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SS Week of 10/30-11/3


Upcoming Dates:

History Part 1 Test 11-2

Midterm 12-15

Monday: Effects of WW1- Treaty of Versailles HW: Finish Study Guide from last Thursday!

Tuesday: Time Between the Wars PPT and graphic organizer.

Wednesday: Consequences of WW1 Primary and Secondary Resources. HW: MB 87-90. Study Guide Review for Test!

Thursday: Test History Part 1

Friday: Career Cruising with Mrs. Salzman

Links for the week and review for study guide!

EurHistory Test 1 Review 17-18-1xq1otz

God, Gold, Glory PPT-1rsu8kr

MAIN causes of WWI-1dg6t3d

Russian Czars Imperial Russia (day1&2)-1tih5dl

The Scrabble for Africa-1adcf8t

The Spark & America in WW1-1462437

Time Between the Wars-hos-200hke6

Treaty of Versailles to use with organizer-2k1dked

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