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November 3, 2017
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 11/6

Upcoming Dates:

Layers of the Earth and Heat Transfer Quiz on Thursday.

First 38 flashcards due Friday.

Progress Reports Friday!

Monday: Heat Transfer PPT , song, and Demo. 7.1   HW: One Pager

Tuesday: Workday

Wednesday: Convection currents Mini-lab and Continental Drift 7.2.  Read and do charts.  HW: Study for Quiz!!!!

Thursday:  Quiz.  Finish 7.2 notes and compare Tectonic Plates. Continental Drift vs. Plate Tectonics!!!

Friday: 7.3 Sea-floor Spreading.  PPT and diagram visual representation of boundearies.

HOTlinks for week:

Chap7Sect1-PPT  Chap7Sect1half sheet  for quiz review.

Convection Currents

Chap7Sect2 -Cont Drift and Sea-floor-

Chap7Sect3-plate tectonic boundaries

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