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November 17, 2017
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 11/27-12/1

Upcoming Dates:

Unit 3 Test on Wednesday, 11/29

Flashcard Checkpoint 2: Next 49 cards due 12/1

Monday: Ch.7.4, “It’s your Fault” PPT and organizer.  Kahoot teamwork review with ipads.  Chap7Sect4 Faults- PPT

HW: Finish Edusmart review from last Friday, look over your study guide for questions to review.

Tuesday: Check edusmart and review any study guide questions.   HW: Study 2 study guides, your HSN notes on Inside the Earth, and seafloor map for your unit 3 test.

Unit 3 Jeopardy review game

unit 3 review PPT

Wednesday:  Unit 3 Scantron Test, Set up HSN for next unit: Water Wise, “Survivor Science”

Thursday: Apply your techterm understanding with the Milky Way Lab investigation.  Finish American Tsunami.

Friday: Intro to Survivor Science:!!! Create totem poles and tribal names.  First team STEM challenge.




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