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December 6, 2017
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Midterm Review 12/15

Midterm is 50 questions with multiple choice and matching.  Students need to know techterms, definitions/ examples. Review for Test by using:

1- Your flash cards!!!

2- Studying on Quizlet:  This is an old list.

3- We also have a Jeopardy  game here:  midterm-jeopardy


Week of 12/11-12/15

Tuesday: Finish last water wise station. Complete immunity challenge from Friday and discuss our “big ideas” from our week’s investigations. HW:  study flashcards

stations water notes-

Wednesday: Tribal Council.  Complete station analysis.  Independent Study Hall: Quizlets, jeopardy, flashcards. Finish for HW!!!

Thursday: Review Day!  Kahoot Review and Reward Challenge. HW:  study flashcards

Friday:  Techterm Midterm


December 1, 2017
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 12/4

Upcoming Dates: Midterm 12-15

Monday: Survivor Island!  Day 1.  Totem pole and first reward challenge begin Immunity challenge of 7 station rotations.

– Sources of Water on our planet.

Tuesday: Day 2 of Stations.

Wednesday: Day 3 of stations and “Big Idea Overview”.     HW: Finish station work for accuracy. Begin reviewing new techterms from your research for a quiz on Friday.

Thursday: Current Science Water Connections. HW: Review 11.1 & 2 techterms for a quiz.

Friday: 11.1 PPT overview for reinforcement.  Immunity Challenge Assessment. Tribe average for totem pole points.


surv_water wise-2hl2u2c



Lets Review Water Wise-2hzo46e

stations water notes-pe1lvm


November 17, 2017
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 11/27-12/1

Upcoming Dates:

Unit 3 Test on Wednesday, 11/29

Flashcard Checkpoint 2: Next 49 cards due 12/1

Monday: Ch.7.4, “It’s your Fault” PPT and organizer.  Kahoot teamwork review with ipads.  Chap7Sect4 Faults- PPT

HW: Finish Edusmart review from last Friday, look over your study guide for questions to review.

Tuesday: Check edusmart and review any study guide questions.   HW: Study 2 study guides, your HSN notes on Inside the Earth, and seafloor map for your unit 3 test.

Unit 3 Jeopardy review game

unit 3 review PPT

Wednesday:  Unit 3 Scantron Test, Set up HSN for next unit: Water Wise, “Survivor Science”

Thursday: Apply your techterm understanding with the Milky Way Lab investigation.  Finish American Tsunami.

Friday: Intro to Survivor Science:!!! Create totem poles and tribal names.  First team STEM challenge.




November 13, 2017
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 11/13

Please bring a 2 inch or full size Milky Way for a lab investigation by this Friday.  Thank you!

Science Unit 3 Test on Wednesday, 11/29

Monday: Finish 7.2 with sea-floor spreading and subduction zones.  CD vs. Plate Tectonics.  HW: 7.1 and 7.2 Mandatory Remediation Packet for quiz grades. Due Wed.

Tuesday: Field Trip.  HW: Finish Packet

Wednesday: 7.3 PPT and Techterms on tectonic boundaries.

Thursday:  7.4 Deforming Earth’s  Crust. “Its not my fault” visual organizer.

Friday: Finish Sea Floor Map.  Edusmart review with laptops.

Chap7Sect2 -Cont Drift and Sea-floor-

Chap7Sect3-further evidence & boundaries-

Chap7Sect4 Faults-

November 3, 2017
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 11/6

Upcoming Dates:

Layers of the Earth and Heat Transfer Quiz on Thursday.

First 38 flashcards due Friday.

Progress Reports Friday!

Monday: Heat Transfer PPT , song, and Demo. 7.1   HW: One Pager

Tuesday: Workday

Wednesday: Convection currents Mini-lab and Continental Drift 7.2.  Read and do charts.  HW: Study for Quiz!!!!

Thursday:  Quiz.  Finish 7.2 notes and compare Tectonic Plates. Continental Drift vs. Plate Tectonics!!!

Friday: 7.3 Sea-floor Spreading.  PPT and diagram visual representation of boundearies.

HOTlinks for week:

Chap7Sect1-PPT  Chap7Sect1half sheet  for quiz review.

Convection Currents

Chap7Sect2 -Cont Drift and Sea-floor-

Chap7Sect3-plate tectonic boundaries

October 27, 2017
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 10/30-11/3

Upcoming Dates:

Unit 3 Test on Shaping the Earth- Nov.17th

Tech Term Midterm- Dec.15th

Flashcards checkpoint: 11/10, 38 cards

Monday: Density Part 2- Investigate and Evaluate the Soda Lab.  Write Conclusions in class time.  Complete extension activities if needed.  Begin last 2 columns of HW research,  HW: Layers of the Earth research chart. Due Thursday.

Tuesday: Layers of the Earth and Plate Techtonics Edusmart Lesson.   Bring Earbuds.

Wednesday: videolesson- Into the Earth, Discovery Series.

Thursday: Heat Transfer and Convection Currents PPT and closed notes.  HW: 1 page review

Friday: Layers of the Earth research table and foldable illustration.

Links for the Week:


The Deal with DENSITY note sheet-2l6xh7q

Whats the deal with DENSITY-soda-1d57a0q


Convection Currents 2-2mbj1qv



October 25, 2017
by Mrs. Holshouser

Midterm Flashcards

In Science this year, we have a tech term midterm assessment on Dec. 15th.

Midterm Flashcard Directions to help you review!

  • Obtain 100 index cards that you can use to make your flashcards (plain white OR bright colored). Large or small, your choice…..please make sure that you stay consistent and use the same size!
  • Decide which CLOSED SYSTEM you will use so that the index cards will not get lost. Examples include a plastic baggie (easiest and cheapest), composition notebook that you tape the index cards into, spiral bound, or use a metal ring. (I would be more than happy to provide a hole puncher for the index cards  so that you can insert the metal ring).
  • Follow the schedule below to help you pace yourself so that you don’t get overwhelmed. DO NOT LEAVE THESE UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! You will receive a homework grade for each of the 3 checkpoint dates below!
  • Print the list from my blog
  • Cut out the word and the definition.
  • Paste the word on one side and the definition on the other.
    • If you would rather write the definition, that is great too! Please make sure you can read what you wrote!!
  • Remember that practice makes permanent!!! You need to memorize the correct definitions.
  • Good Luck and do not stress! As long as you follow close to this schedule, you will be fine.


  • Due 11/10 (Friday) – 38 index cards (START at Chap 3.1 and continue to end Chap 10.2)
  • Due 12/1 (Friday) – 49 more index cards for a total of 87 (START at Chap 10.3 go to 7.2)
  • Due 12/8 (Friday) – the remaining 13 index cards for a grand total of 100

Hotlink to the click and print word list/definitions!


October 20, 2017
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 10/23-10/27

Monday: Finish Ch.5 Dirty Words!  Alternative sources of Energy: Renewable vs. Non Renewable Resources on the surface of our Earth.  HW:  Study your dirty words study guide for Tuesday’s Ch.11/12 quiz.  Also review your HSN for notes/readings on erosion and deposition!

Studying on Quizlet: Erosion and Deposition 6th grade science

Erosion and Deposition

***Check out the videos on last week’s blogs, as well as the one below**

Tuesday: Erosion and Deposition quiz.  Set up for our next unit: Shaping Earth’s Surface, The Geophere.  Standards, title page, and study guide discussed.

Wednesday: Ch.7.1, Shaping the Surface of the Earth and the Lithosphere. HW: 7.1 guided worksheet.

Thursday: MIT Video review on layers of the Earth.  Research the details!  Graphic organizer.

Friday: Demonstration and group lab investigation: “What’s the deal with density?”  How do solid layers float on top of liquids, math connections.

Links for the week:





October 14, 2017
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 10/16

**Please make sure you return your STEM field trip permission slips by this Monday, Oct.16th.***


Upcoming Dates:
Dirty Word presentations during the week of 10/16-10/20.
Ch.10.1-10.2 words need to be ready to present on Monday 10/16
Ch.10.2-10.3 words on Tuesday 10/17
Ch.10.4 words on Wednesday 10/18
Ch.11, 12, will present Thursday-Friday.                                                                                                                                                  Ch5 words on Monday 23rd.

We aim for 5 presentations a day. Remember to test your technology 2 days before your presentation. Last week we should have been practicing with your rubric!!  This counts as a test grade.

HW for the week: Make sure you finish your erosion and deposition chart/closed reading by Wednesday!

Ch 11/12 quiz Tuesday 10/24.

Links for the Week:





ch12-erosion& deposition PPT from last week


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