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February 3, 2018
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 2/5

Upcoming Dates:

Progress reports have been posted on parentvue/studentvue.  Please look for missing assignments!

Chapter 15 quiz (sections 1-4) on Thursday Feb. 15th.

Monday: Ch.15, section1 KWL overview and Bill Nye Atmosphere Basics.  HW: Finish Friday’s 15.1 reading and WS if you did not over the weekend!

**If you need to make up the Unit test or Ch.13 quiz, you must come to the Help Session Tuesday at 8:15.  If you need to work on remediation (received less than a 70 on the unit 4 test) PLEASE come to the help session to work on the remediation packet.  It is due this Friday- Check StudentVue for your grades!

Tuesday: Properties of Air and Atmosphere Webquest. HW: Finish webquest

Online Lesson Plan:

  1. Brainpop and online quiz.


3) TheAtmosphere-webquest hard copy

4. Brainpop and online quiz. Print your answers!

Wednesday-Thursday:Hand back Unit 4 test assessments- Not sure how the short answer and test was graded? This is the rubric we used to explain the process in class. Double click to make it larger!

Mystery Matter Magic Show!  Teacher demos and station investigations on properties of air.

Friday: Station overview and 15.1 PPT.

Hotlinks for the week:

15.1 guided ws-Friday/Monday HW

Air Pressure 15.1-PPT



MysteryMatterDataSheet2018 Stationn Investigations


January 26, 2018
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 1/29

Important Dates:

Unit 4 Test Thursday 2/1

Modified Schedule Friday 2/2

Monday: 14.1 review, Introduce 14.2  PPT & 2-column notes.  Surface ocean currents vs. Deep ocean currents flowchart and their effect on climate. Review with a visual organizer on currents. HW: 1/2 sheet with textbook

Tuesday: Check half sheet.  Hand out second study guide for Unit 4 test.  14.3 PPT and 2 column notes.  Wind and Wave action. HW: Complete study guide

Wednesday: Review Day and Immunity Challenge.  HW: review both study guides and techterms.

Thursday: Unit 4 test

Friday: What is a gas? Packet and Research Ch 15 section 1   Guided Worksheet

Hotlinks for the Week:

14.3 Wind/Waves PPT Tuesday

14.4 tide PPT Wednesday

ch. 14, sec 2 Currents and Climate-PPT Monday

ONLevel jeopardy review-Wednesday

Password oceans-tech term review Wednesday

Study Guide for Water Cycle and Ocean Topography Test-Beginning of the week

Unit 4 Main Ideas – SGuide Wednesday

January 22, 2018
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 1/22-1/26

Monday: 13.1 Review sheet.  Finish 13.1 notes on characteristics of oceans from Tuesday and begin 13.2  closed notes from our online textbook.  HW: AC enrichment packet on the ocean flo0r- due Wednesday!

Tuesday: Review 13.2 with a visual organizer and complete trial/reward challenges.  Begin 13.5 on Ocean Pollution.  HW: study ocean floor techterms from closed notes and packet.  Ch.13.1,13.2. 13.5 quiz Friday!

Wednesday:  check HW, Sink or Float Lab investigation.  HW: Finish 13.5 ws from Tuesday, with Ocean Pollution.

Thursday: The Great Garbage Patch, and the effects of 14.1 Surface vs. Ocean Currents.  HW: Study your ch.13 techterms.

Friday: Ch.13 quiz/Immunity Challenge.  Clozed notes and graphic organizer on 14.1 currents.  14.2 Currents and Climate.

Hot links for the week:

oceanfloorbetterdiagram Tuesday

Oceans13.2-PPT   Chap13Sect2TwoColumn-Notes

Ch.13 section 5-guided worksheet

Brainpop Bouyancy and class quiz Wednesday

Sink or Float Lab will be made up on Wednesday help sessions!

Chap14Sect1TwoColumn Thursday

14.1 currents- PPT Thursday

great garbage patch- oil spills PPT Thursday

Chapter 13 Quiz – study guide

Ch. 14, sec 2 Currents and Climate-Friday

Chap14Sect2TwoColumn Friday

Current Map Friday

Currents flowchart-Friday




January 12, 2018
by Mrs. Holshouser

Science Week of 1/16-1/19

Upcoming Dates:

1/24 Ch.13 quiz

1/30 Unit 4 Test

Tuesday: Check our Oceans of Knowledge Classwork from Friday!  AnticipationGuide, OceanofKnowledge-class packet.   Begin Researching a little deeper with Ch.13, section 1! Characteristics of Oceans.  HW: Yellow and Green periods: Finish your ocean maps diagram!!!     Oceans13.1-PPT lesson Chap13Sect1TwoColumn-Notes

Wednesday and Thursday: All classes, if you have your HSN, please Finish your ocean maps diagram!!!     Also, open the attached PPT from Tuesday on 13.1 and click and print any remaining 2 column notes we did not finish in class.  All classes should complete the second page of notes or it will become homework on the weekend.

Friday: Read and do Ch.13, section 2.  The Ocean Floor.  PPT and closed notes, visual diagramming.  Chap13Sect2TwoColumn-Notes    oceanfloordiagram   Oceans13.2-PPT lesson


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