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News and Notes for the week of March 12

It was Daylight Savings on Sunday, March 12th.  spring forward   I realize it may take us awhile to adjust to the time difference.


It’s the end of the 3rd nine weeks on Wednesday, March 14th. It’s Early Release Day, so dismissal is at 12:30. Specials and lunch times are earlier than normal. Report cards will be sent home the following Wednesday.



We will be eating sack lunches in our classroom on March 30th, which is Cultural Arts and Career Day. A lunch order form was sent home for this event.  Please return it no later than this Friday, March 16th.



St. Patrick's  on Saturday, March 17th. 



A few notes:

With the end of this quarter, many assessments will be given to determine the level of mastery of the standards taught to date. Some of the scores from last week’s assessments were disappointing, since better work was produced earlier in the quarter. The class has been having some difficulties staying focused recently; I’m not sure why, but I would appreciate it if you would speak to your child about the importance of staying focused on the tasks at hand and putting forth effort. I truly appreciate your support, as there are still many standards needing to be taught. 

Congratulations to Lileigh and Lauren for entering the Google art contest. Their entries were featured on the morning KNN news.


We have had a change when students are logging into the Cobb Digital Library through MackinVia.  The User Name and password are both the student number .   We are no longer using “read” as the password.  The district is trying to get all logins the same to make it easier for staff and students. Go to our Media Center’s page from our school website to access it:



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News and Notes for the Week of March 5-9



We read Dr. Seuss books all week and on Friday we had a special mystery reader (our Pre-K speech teacher, Mrs. Wills) come and read us two Dr. Seuss books: Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You? and There’s a Wocket in my Pocket. We also watched a reading of a Seuss book on Skype. Thank you for allowing your children to participate in Pajama Day and benefiting our Relay for Life team at the same time. We really enjoyed our extra reading time!



On Tuesday, Mrs. Kulkarni will attend an Arts Integration meeting at another Cobb County school. If your child has a transportation change on this day, please include a note in the blue Home folder and notify the front office as a back-up measure.






(I listed muffins on the class calendar. Sorry!)







On Friday, we will wear our fun and fantastic socks. Look for the flyer coming home on Monday. It will be a way to show our spirit and our uniqueness. There is no cost for this event.


Have you heard that our students have been signing up to say our Kennesaw Pledge on the morning announcements? They sure are enjoying their moments of celebrity. So far, Rylee, Ryan, and Jack have been featured, and this week Christopher and Lauren are signed up. If your child has memorized the pledge and would also like to sign up to be on the news broadcast, he/she just needs to let me know and I will get his/her name on the list. I have been recording them on my phone and sending the videos to the parents, so parents won’t miss their child’s debut. I’ve posted a link to the pledge below.

We Are KES Kids




Our G.A.B.I.E. in-school field trip is Tuesday, March 27th! If you have not yet signed the permission slip and/or sent in the $8.00 for your child to participate, please do so by this Friday, March 9th.

It is a digitally wrapped school bus, with 10 interactive stations inside and two more outside, to learn all about what our state manufactures and grows. One of the outside stations allows each student to plant a vegetable seed or flower seed with soil in their very own container. This is such a great hands-on method to learn about plants and how to beautify our state with flowers! We are looking forward to this educational experience and meeting Gabie, the Honey Bee mascot. Because of the number of first graders we have, some of the teachers may have to change their Specials time. 



We will be eating sack lunches in our classroom on March 30th, which is Cultural Arts and Career Day. A lunch order form was sent home for this event.  Please return it by March 16th.



By the way, thank you for those who donated disinfecting wipes for our classroom. Since we’ll soon be winding down from flu season (thank goodness!), I’m hoping this supply will last us to the end of the school year.


Upcoming dates:

March 14  Early Release Day – Dismissal at 12:30. It’s the end of the 3rd quarter.

March 16 Lunch order form due for Cultural Arts Day.

March 21  Report Cards get sent home.

March 27  GABIE in-school field trip

March 30  Cultural Arts Day – No Specials

April 2-6  Spring Break 









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News and Notes for Feb. 26 – Mar. 2

I hope you all had a wonderful Winter Break. It was great to see the kids again today and hear about the fun they had.

This week’s homework:

No 5 Star Homework this week.

Three Baggy Books were sent home with a reading log before Winter Break. In addition, a Follow the Yellow Brick Road story retelling page was sent. Choose 1 fiction Baggy Book to retell. Your child needs to list the main character(s) and the setting. Then, complete sentences need to be written to retell the story in his/her own words. Please make sure your child does not copy the author’s words.

The Baggy Books, signed reading log, and the story retelling page is due on Friday.







Did you hear the exciting news?

Our class was the Pizza Party Box Top winners for first grade!!

As soon as I hear more details, I will give everyone plenty of notice of the date. The pizza can be served as a snack, but not in place of school lunch. 








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News and Notes for the Week of Feb.12-16

Progress reports were sent home on Friday. Please keep one copy, and sign/return the other copy. I hope you are as pleased as I am with the progress made to date!



Spring Picture Day is on Tuesday.

Our class picture will be taken and you may also choose to purchase individual pictures of your child. This is a pre-pay program, so please send in the order form with payment this day. Our scheduled time is after lunch. Here is the flier that went home the previous week:


On Tuesday, valentine boxes and valentines are due. The box can be as simple or detailed as you’d like. Please make sure your child’s first name is clearly written on the outside and the lid can be removed for larger valentines to be put inside. 

On Wednesday, we will finish exchanging, and reading, our valentines before and after our field trip.



On Wednesday, we’ll be going on our field trip to the Synchronicity Theater in Atlanta. We will be leaving around 8:45 a.m. and then returning around 1:15 p.m. We will eat lunch in the classroom when we return. I encourage your child to have a hearty breakfast that morning. We’ll also make sure to have a snack shortly before boarding the buses. 

Don’t forget to send in a lunch unless you indicated that you would be purchasing one from school. This is a special Arts Integration trip paid for by our grant. I’ve been reading this book to the class as of last week, so we are so excited to attend this performance as we compare it to the text!



On Thursday, we will have our last lesson with Mr. Dave (Dave Holland from Beatin’ Path Rhythm). This arts-integrated residency has been an exciting way to enhance our literacy education.  Through rhythm-based storytelling and hands-on drumming, our students have been practicing fundamental reading and storytelling concepts with a special emphasis on retelling: sequencing, beginning/middle/end, character, setting, plot and problem resolution. We’re excited to share our rhythmic creations with our families. I hope you saw the invitation that went home the previous week. You have been invited to join us from 9:05-9:50 a.m. Just sign in at the front office and join us in the Multi-Purpose room on the Kindergarten hall. 



On Thursday evening, our school will have an Arts Integration Night from 5:30-7:00 p.m. Please join us and learn all about the wonderful strategies that we have been implementing within our classroom. If you are interested in purchasing a Chick-fil-A dinner for this evening, please place your order by Wednesday, 2/14.



Update: Scholastic Book Club flyers were sent home on Monday. Please visit, if you’re interested in ordering. Just place your order online – use activation code L68CR. The order due date has been extended to Saturday, February 17th.




Winter break is from February 19-23. There will be no school. Please try to read with your child as often as possible during the break. We will only have 2 1/2 weeks left of the 3rd quarter when we return. Students should be reading independently on a Level G or above by the end of the quarter.

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News and Notes for the Week of February 5

Can you believe we are already halfway through the 3rd nine weeks? I’m impressed with the progress that so many of the students have made so far. I hope you are, too! Progress reports will be sent home on Friday, February 9th. Please sign one copy and return it after next weekend. 



A Scholastic Book Club letter was sent out electronically and paper flyers will be sent home this week. Please visit, if you’re interested in ordering. Just place your order online – use activation code L68CR. Orders will be due Friday, February 9th.



Help a Child Smile Bus is coming to visit on Tuesday, 2/6/18 @ 8:00 a.m. Our school nurse, Mrs. Koziara,  has a few more openings in the schedule, so please let us know if your child could benefit from visiting the bus. A dental form will be sent home for your signature, if you’re interested. More information can be found here:

Our class valentine exchange will be on Tuesday, February 13th and we’ll read them on Wednesday, February 14th before our field trip to the Synchronicity Theater. Please have your child make a valentine box and bring it to school with a class set of valentines (with his/her name signed on each) on Tuesday. Directions for the valentines and the valentine boxes were sent home on the 5 Star Homework.

Valentine Exchange 2018

Save the Date:

Feb. 5  Cheeseburber Bobby’s Family Night 4:00-8:00

Feb. 15  Beatin’ Path Rhythm and Readin’ (final lesson with Mr. Dave – parents invited!)


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News and Notes for the week of Jan. 29 – Feb. 2

We have been excited to spend our Guided Reading time reading and performing three Reader’s Theater scripts for the past couple of weeks (in-between the Snow Days!). Reader’s theater is a strategy that combines reading practice and performing. We are using Arts-Integrated strategies! Its goal is to enhance students’ reading skills (especially with fluency) and confidence by reading with a purpose. It also gives the students an opportunity to work cooperatively. We performed for each other on Friday and will be performing for a few first grade classes this coming week. Keep an eye out here for the videos I plan on posting of their performances. They did such a great job!

Our writing lessons will continue to focus on opinions. We have already written about our favorite recess game and seasonal activity. Each week this quarter, we will write about the best or worst of something. Our first graders need to write an introduction, grabbing the reader’s attention while stating their opinion on that topic, giving reasons why they have that opinion, using examples or information, using transitional words (i.e.,because, and,  also) and ending with a conclusion that restates the opinion and persuading the reader to adopt the same opinion. Once they have completed their writing, they will revise , edit, and publish it to ensure it is written neatly, in complete sentences with proper capital letters, ending punctuation, and spacing. They are so proud after they have gone through the entire process to have at least one of their pieces published!

Math lessons will continue to fluctuate between using addition and subtraction strategies to solve equations with single-digit and double-digit numbers, as well as in word problems within 20. We will spend more time with the commutative property (10 + 2 = 12, so 12 – 2 = 10) to further establish how addition and subtraction are related. We will then transition into more challenging subtraction strategies: finding a missing addend by subtracting and Making 10.

Missing Addend example: if  6 + ___ = 15, then 15 – 6 = ___.

And, to solve using Making 10:  15 – 6 = ___  Make the 15 into a 10 (by taking away 5). We need to take 1 more away (to subtract a total of 6). It looks like 15 -5 = 10, 10 -1 = 9, so 15 -6 = 9.

Watch this video for further explanation.


This week we will being studying Light and Shadows – just in time for Groundhog Day. The students will learn about different light sources and explore how shadows are made. 


Our PE Show and PTA meeting (6:30) will be this Thursday, February 1st at 6:45. Please plan on attending and see what an incredible PE program we have at KES! If your child has been chosen to be part of the show, please have him/her come between 6:15 and 6:30 and then grab a seat in the gym. 

Have you seen the permission slip that came home last week about our upcoming field trip to the Synchronicity Theatre to see The Miraculous Journey for Edward Tulane? I’ll be reading this wonderful chapter book to the class soon!

There is NO payment needed, but we must have a permission form for each student. If you haven’t already signed and returned the form, please due so no later than this Friday, February 2nd, if you’d like your child to attend. 

Here are the details:

February 14  Depart 8:45 and Return 1:45.

I must send our cafeteria manager a sack lunch count soon. Please let me know ASAP if you’d like your child to receive a sack lunch from the cafe for that day.

Due to limited seating and the way the tickets were purchased, there are very limited chaperones (teachers and parents of students with special circumstances.)




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All Cobb County Schools are closed on Wednesday, January 17 Thursday, January 18 and Friday, January 19, for both students and staff, due to road and travel conditions.


KES students and families…ready for a snow day reading challenge? Take a picture of your readers, post it using the hashtag #kessnowdayreading @Kennesaw Elem or email Mrs. Kulkarni. We can’t wait to see your snow day reading pics!


Please have your child hand in the completed 5 Star Homework and Baggy Books with signed reading log Monday. Hope everyone is staying safe and warm! 

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News and Notes for the week of Jan. 16-19

Image result for Happy MLK Jr. Day

Dear Families,

I hope you enjoyed the three day weekend together and had a chance to discuss the reason for the holiday. On Friday, we read a few books and discussed briefly who Martin Luther King Jr. was and how he dedicated his life to achieving equality and justice for ALL Americans. I loved watching how the students looked at each other after our lesson, appreciating the fact that we’re all in the same class/school together because of his DREAM! 

This week:

We began Reader’s Theater last week during our reading time. Three stories with dialogue have been chosen and parts have been assigned. The children are having so much fun learning how to read and act their parts, they may not realize that they’re improving their fluency with repeated practice. We hope to be ready to perform our stories by the end of the week. If so, I will record and share them with all the parents.

We will return to the Media Center for another lesson with Mrs. Finnegan to determine the central message/main topic and key details of a text. The students will put together puzzles – each individual piece is a detail and the completed puzzle is the main topic.

Our math lessons will center around practicing using the strategies we have already learned to solve addition problems to 20. We’ll discuss which strategies are best to use, depending on the type of math problem we need to solve.

We’ll continue our social studies unit on Lewis and Clark with Sacajawea through next week. Students will need to describe the contributions, time in history, and character traits of each of the American Heroes we study this year. We read, write, draw, watch videos, and act out many of these historical figures to bring them to life.

The standards state: 

SS1H1: The student will read about and describe the life of historical figures in American history. Identify the contributions made by these figures: Benjamin Franklin (inventor/author/ statesman), Thomas Jefferson (Declaration of Independence), Meriwether Lewis and William Clark with Sacagawea (exploration), Theodore Roosevelt (National Parks and the environment), George Washington Carver (science), and Ruby Bridges (civil rights). 

SS1G1 Describe how each historic figure in SS1H1a was influenced by his or her time and place.

SS1CG1 Describe how the historical figures in SS1H1a display positive character traits such as: fairness, respect for others, respect for the environment, courage, equality, tolerance, perseverance, and commitment.



Next Friday, January 26, we will be celebrating our 100th day of school. The students will be completing all sorts of fun math activities on that day! A Ziploc bag will be sent home, labeled with your child’s name. Please help your child fill this bag with 100 small things, and bring them to share with our class that day. Examples of 100 items that could be shared include paper clips, stickers, pennies, or toothpicks (please, nothing fragile). The possibilities are endless! Look for more information to be sent home soon!


Spring After School Enrichment Program reminder:  Registration will CLOSE next Monday! No exceptions will be made. Please make sure you have registered prior to 1/22/18.





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All Cobb County schools are closed Monday, January 8, for both students and staff, due to the forecast of freezing rain and the impact on roads and travel.

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News and Notes for the Week of Jan. 4 and Jan. 8

Dear Parents,

         Happy 2018! I hope you all had a wonderful break; I certainly did. Thanks so much for your sweet words and generous gifts for the holidays. It was very much appreciated. I expect that the seasonal calendar and the stocking photo ornament  your children made for you were also treasured. 

         I can’t believe that we’re halfway through the school year already, can you? There is still so much more of the first grade curriculum to be learned! This quarter some of our new units of study include: reading and writing opinion text, math strategies with unknown numbers and word problems to 20, adding and comparing numbers to 100, functions of the major muscles, light and shadows, and the important contributions of Theodore Roosevelt and Lewis & Clark with Sacagawea. .

         Report cards will be sent home this Friday. I’m happy to share the wonderful growth your children have made so far. Please sign and return the unsealed envelope. The report card and attached comments are for you to keep. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the report, please don’t hesitate to ask.

         Because we’re been experiencing fluctuating weather, please make sure your child has another layer to add or remove, since we’ll continue to go outside for recess (temperatures permitting – when the outside temperature or wind chill factor is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher). Also, don’t forget to send in a healthy, dry snack, along with a water bottle each day/week. Some students are running low on glue sticks and white erasers. Please ask your child if he/she needs more and kindly replenish them. Our class is getting low on disinfecting wipes; anyone willing to furnish us with more? We’re trying to prevent viruses from spreading!

        I’ve really missed your children. Please tell them I am looking forward to seeing them on Thursday and hearing about what they did during their break.


What are we learning?

         We are reviewing long vowel words from the last quarter in our phonics lessons this week. Next week’s lessons will be words ending with -ck. Treasure Box treats will now be given to those students who learn how to spell all 12 words!

         New Baggy Books with the accompanying reading log will come home on Friday, but no Five Star Homework. Instead, a “Spelling Peer Check” page with next week’s phonics words on which 6 words can be tested, practiced, and re-tested. Please send this page back next Thursday.

         A few short assessments will be given as pre-tests in reading and math for the 3rd quarter.

         We’ll learn about our muscles and the functions of muscle groups (like our neck turns our head and our heart pumps blood). An assessment will be next Monday.



Dates to Know:



      drama kids image.jpgjust dance it.JPGbuilder bunch ad 2017.png


Monday’s (1/29-4/30)

12 sessions. No classes on 2/19 or 4/02


REGISTRATION/PAYMENT: ($200). Please register/pay on the Spanish Now website.


Tuesday’s (1/30-5/1)

12 sessions. No classes on 2/20 or 4/03


REGISTRATION/PAYMENT: ($195). Please register/pay on the Drama Kids website.


Wednesday’s (1/31-5/2)

11 sessions. No classes on 2/21, 3/14 or 4/4


REGISTRATION/PAYMENT: ($199). Please register/pay on the Just Dance It website.



Thursday’s (2/1-5/3)

12 sessions. No classes on 2/22 or 4/05.



Please register/pay on the Builder Bunch website.



All ASE Participants must register separately for the school’s ASP program.

Please email Meg Jollett at [email protected] with any questions.




Tuesday, January 9th  for First Grade









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