Destiny Catalog

Students are able to locate specific books in our media center by using our electronic card catalog, Destiny.  They are able to search for a book by Title, Author, Subject or Keyword.  Students also have the capability of narrowing their search by their reading level and search for books that have AR Quizzes.  To access the Destiny Catalog at home, go to  The Databases will list Destiny Catalog at the top of the list.

To log into Cobb Digital Library (CDL) at home: > Choose Harmony Leland Elementary School

Username:  Student’s First name.Student’s Last [email protected]                   Example:  [email protected]

Password:  Same password that the student uses to log into the network at school.

To access Destiny Catalog in CDL – Go to Databases > *Destiny Catalog > Open Now

To access eBooks in CDL – Go to Databases > EBSCO eBook K-8 Collection > Open Now > Search eBooks

Also:  CDL > Go to Databases > World Book eBook > Open Now > Search eBooks

Also…   CDL > Go to eBooks > Search eBooks

To find out if a book has an AR Quiz go to:

2017-18 Accelerated Reader Contest


AR Contest 2017-18
September 5, 2017 – March 30, 2018

Weekly Postings/Announcements: Updated AR Point Clubs will be posted weekly in the hall outside the media center. New point club members will be announced on the intercom once per week. Homeroom Teachers/Individual Grade Levels may reward their students for AR and make announcements at their discretion.

Contest Rewards:

2nd 9 Weeks: Students in each grade level (1-5) that met all three AR Goals during the 2nd 9 week period.

3rd 9 Weeks: Students in each grade level (1-5) that met all three AR Goals during the 3rd 9 week period.

End of the Year Top 3 Trophies (Top 10 Medals) Per Grade Level: The Top 3 Trophies and Top 10 Medals will be awarded to the top point earners in each grade level while meeting all three AR Goals during the 2nd and 3rd nine week periods.

Super Effort Awards: Some students have excellent performance during the AR Contest period, but do not win a top 10 award. The Super Effort Award will be given to one student per homeroom (Gr. 1-5) that met all three of their AR goals during both the 2nd and 3rd 9 Week periods, put forth excellent AR performance, but did not receive a top 10 award. This award will be chosen by that student’s reading teacher.

AR Super Reader Certificates: These certificates will be given to those students that met all three of their AR goals during both the 2nd and 3rd 9 Week periods, but did not earn a Top 10 award or a Super Effort Award.

500 Point Club: Students earning 500 AR points will join the 500 Point Club. Their name will be engraved on the 500 Point Club plaque that will be on permanent display at HLES. These students have officially completed the AR Program.

Welcome Back to School!!

Mrs. Turner and I hope that you had a great summer, read lots of books, and are ready to have a wonderful year at HLES.  Soon, your teacher will have you take the STAR Reading test to determine what your ZPD will be for the first half of the school year.  The AR Contest will begin on Tuesday, September 5th and end on Friday, March 30th this school year.  PTA will have several AR Stores throughout the year as a reading incentive.  We will also have two Scholastic Book Fairs, one in October and one in March.  Soon, your class will come to the media center for orientation and after that you will be able to begin checking out books.

See you soon!!

Mr. Estell

Accelerated Reader Contest Winners 2016-17

HLES is very proud of the following students for excelling in Accelerated Reader!!

1st Place Winners

  1st Grade: Noah C.         2nd Grade: Kai L.

 3rd Grade: William B.     4th Grade: Aiden E.

  5th Grade:  Satyva H.

2nd Place Winners

  1st Grade: Celestee H.   2nd Grade:  Matthew M.

  3rd Grade:  Elle C.         4th Grade:  Zen L.

  5th Grade: Zion C.


3rd Place Winners

  1st Grade: Ashton E.        2nd Grade: Chance K.

  3rd Grade:  Anthony T.    4th Grade:  Jayden F.

  5th Grade:  Charlotte H.