Finish those Poetry Projects!

Deadlines and Due  Dates: 
Lab Days for Poetry Projects – Monday – Tuesday, March 29th -30th
Poetry Presentations – Wednesday & Thursday, 3/30 & 3/31
Work day on research paper – Friday. 4/1
Extra Credit due (Macbeth/Coldplay Synthesis) – Wednesday, March 30th
Research Paper FINAL draft – Wednesday, April 13th


Monday, March 28th:

    • In lab 113 – Work on poetry projects


Tuesday, March 29th:

  • Lab 113 to complete working on poetry project – to be presented tomorrow and Thursday
  • Check out this resource for images: http://digitalcollections.nypl.or
  • Or use Cobb Digital Library, which has a variety of “Multimedia Databases” that feature art and photos

Wednesday, March 30th:

Thursday, March 31st: 

Friday, April 1st:

  • Lab 113 to work on research paper. Papers due April 13th.

Spring Break is upon us!

It is critical that you get in step with all of your classes and work hard to have everything in order before break. Your break will be much more awesome when you know the work is done! When we return the Seniors will have 6 weeks left and then rest of you have 7 weeks before the school year ends. Let’s Go!!

Macbeth is done, time for Poetry and time to finish your research!

Annotated Bib week and Partner Test for Macbeth

Keep working on that Research!

Keep working on that Research Paper!!