Brit Lit week at a glance

Deadlines/Due Dates:
– Continue working with vocabulary on  Membean by midnight on Sunday
-Research Paper due on/before Friday, 4/14

Monday, 3/27:

  • Student Poetry Presentations

Tuesday, 3/28:  

  • Student Poetry Presentations

Wednesday, 3/29:

  • Anticipation Guide for BNW plus class discussion
  • Begin viewing The Island to prepare for our reading of Brave New World

Thursday, 3/30:

  • Finish viewing The Island

Friday, 3/31:

  • In lab 113 – Research paper revisions – due on Friday, 4/14

9th Lit week at a glance

Planning your week:
**Purchase No Fear Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet (see on under “Classroom Materials” to make sure you purchase the right one)
Thursday, March 23–non-fiction analysis due
Friday, March 24–Vocabulary Unit 4 quiz

Learning Goal and Focus Standards:
LG: Write an argumentative piece identifying an author’s claim. Analyze informational texts. Determine persona created in biographical articles. ELAGSE9-10W1: Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence. LGSEL9-10 W10: Write routinely over extended time frames (time for research, reflection, and revision) and shorter time frames (a single sitting or a day or two) for a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences.

Monday, March 20

  1. Grammar—adverb clause sentence combining
  2. Vocabulary Powerpoint words 16-20; complete vocabulary workshop exercise
  3. Introduce Works Cited information.
  4. Library to find scholarly article for nonfiction analysis.

Homework: Annotate first article. Complete Analyze This! on it. Vocabulary Workshop pgs. 39-40 “Completing the Sentence.”

Tuesday, March 21

  1. Grammar—subordinating conjunctions
  2. Vocabulary Powerpoint—words 21-25; go over “Completing the Sentence” pgs. 39-40
  3. Annotate second article and complete Analyze This! on it
  4. Fill in graphic organizer for non-fiction paragraph assignment

Homework: Finish graphic organizer. Study for Friday’s quiz

Wednesday, March 22

  1. Grammar—punctuating adverb clauses
  2. Vocabulary workshop—partner work
  3. Mini-lesson over a few common errors in writing
  4. Write non-fiction analysis draft

Homework: Finish analysis draft. Study for Friday’s quiz.

Thursday, March 23

  1. Computer lab to type non-fiction analysis and reflection
  2. Revise, edit and print. **Due by the end of class.
  3. Continue work on portfolio (Revise “The Interlopers” essay, for example). Next check date Friday, March 31.

Homework: Vocabulary quiz tomorrow.

Friday, March 24

  1. Vocabulary Quiz—Unit 4
  2. Grammar—adjective or adverb clause
  3. Write persona journal entry from different point of view
  4. Introduce the language of Shakespeare

Brit Lit Week at a glance

New from Ms. Hood for 9th Lit

Week at a glance