News from Mr. Hodorowski

Math Department Extra Help Schedule Fall 2018

Welcome back Juniors and Seniors!!   I am honored to be your mathematics teacher.  For the next 18 weeks, I will hold you accountable to the rigor of the course, and in turn, you will hold me accountable through inquiry and higher order thinking skills.  Our journey together will be very rewarding  when you understand and apply the correlation between effort/perseverance and academic achievement.  Good luck on your journey,  take the lessons learned, and apply the skills in the real world called life.

This BLOG is an additional resource for you.  I will be attaching daily notes and other pertinent information for your academic success under the lesson plans tab.

On the top menu, you will see a link to our daily lesson plans for your perusal.  Please visit it daily to stay abreast with the standard and rigor of the course.

Do you have a Fixed or Growth Mindset?  Watch the video beneath to find out.