This week!

Homework for this week…

  • Reading Comprehension (Wonder)
  • Math Worksheets (3)
  • Read nightly


The units of study for the week ahead:

Reading Workshop: Continue reading WONDER as a class and completing the book study.

Writing Workshop: Complete the editing and revising phase of publishing our nonfiction biography writing and then begin an in-depth look at paragraph writing.

Social Studies:  Begin our study of the major U.S. rivers and mountains.

Math: We will continue our unit on Area using the Distributive Property of Multiplication.


Arctic Region Classroom Project

See the letter below that is also going home today….

We are preparing to transform our classroom into the Arctic region focusing on the Inuit tribe. Your child is responsible for creating a short 1-2 minute speech explaining their assigned topic. They must research the tribe and learn about their topic. They are allowed to write the speech and read it from a notecard.  On Monday, December 17th, we will transform our class into the this region and create the food, shelter, games/crafts, and clothing.  A blog post requesting donations and optional clothing suggestions will soon follow.  Our classroom will be on display December 17 and 18.


Region: Arctic

Tribe: Inuit

My topic is:


We will present on December 18th!

The week ahead….

Units of Study for the Week Ahead…

Reading Workshop: We will complete our Nonfiction unit!  We will now begin our Book Study.  We will be reading the book WONDER as a class and completing a study of the book.  If you have any copies at home, please send in!  It is not required that your child has a copy but would certainly help them follow along as I read.  We have about 5 copies in class…

Writing Workshop:  Research is nearing completion and drafting will take place this week.

Social Studies: American Indians-diorama due Monday (10th)

Math:  This week we will begin studying the relationship between multiplication, area and the distributive property.

 Have a great week!

Examples of Dioramas

These are some good examples of the shoe box diorama due December 10th.  The students will be bringing home their Early American flip-books that we made this week  to use for a reference.

This week…

I hope that everyone enjoyed a nice break!

 Units of Study…

Reading- We will continue nonfiction study seeking the underlying ideas in true stories.  We will read our biographies during independent reading time.

Writing- We continue our nonfiction expert writing unit.  Please see the Remind text concerning what your student will need.

Social Studies- We will continue our study of American Indians.  A project sheet will go home today.  This is due December 10.

Math- Begin Distributive Property.



Hello and thank you so much to those of you helping us on our trip on Thursday. We are so excited!!!


A few things:

–   We will not be eating at the museum, so please snack accordingly before arriving.

–   Please meet us at the Tellus Museum

o   100 Tellus Drive
Cartersville, GA 30120
(770) 606-5700
I-75 Exit 293
Cartersville, GA

–   Please pay for yourself before we arrive if possible.

–   I will provide a scavenger hunt for your group to work on while at the museum (clipboard and pencil, too).

o   The fossils exhibit and the rocks/minerals exhibit are our top priorities, please.

–   We Do NOT go into the gift shop. Students are not allowed to bring money and it is not necessary for you to purchase anything for them, please.

–   We will need to leave the museum at 11:45.



The week ahead…

Reading- Lifting the level of conversation in non-fiction text, using structure to hold onto meaning.
Writing- We are continuing to use our research on our expert animals topic. We are working on editing and revising to publish by Friday.
Social Studies- Early American Indian Cultures
Math- Multiplication and Division Word Problems

No school on Tuesday

STEM day Friday

Veteran’s Day Parade Friday

Have a great week!

East Side Be Kind

Have you ever driven through a drive-through for a meal, arrived at the window to pay, only to find out that the car in front of you has paid for it? How often do we consciously think of influencing other’s lives in a meaningful way? What difference can we make as a school community that will directly influence those around us? In late November, the STEM lab and the Makerspace teachers are working together to launch the “Kindness Project.” We are hoping that every East Side family will join us in helping to spread kindness throughout the community and in far reaching places that can positively affect students in need of a helping hand. Imagine the ripple effect we can have if everyone participates!
As we launch this project, your child will be utilizing STEAM to design, create, bundle and share kindness. We have created specific outreach projects for each grade level. Please be on the lookout for further information from your child’s teacher about the specific project details that each grade level will be utilizing. As we share ways that your child and our community can practice random acts of kindness, we encourage your family to join us and find ways to be kind and to think about others.
As a final note, safety is our number one priority. As your child works on various projects throughout December, there will be opportunities to pass along simple messages and small tokens of kindness within our community. Because we care about the safety of every East Side student, we ask that you please participate with your child if you would like to volunteer outside of school to pass along a simple message whether in your neighborhood, at a local coffee shop, or at your favorite retail shop. Together, we hope to spread kindness and develop new habits to be more kind and thoughtful of each other.
Thank you for joining us to spread kindness,
Mollie Cushing and Danny Carlson

This week….

October 29-November 2

Happy Monday!

Units of Study….

Reading- Reading for Significance…we monitor our comprehension as we read. We will also be working on setting clear non-fiction reading goals.

Writing- Informational Writing Techniques and re-organizing our Table of Contents.  We will continue on our “expert topic” we researched in the media center.

Science- Fossils (see below for details)

Math- We be working on multiplication and division word problems.


  • A permission form and payment envelope went home for our field trip to Tellus Museum! This field trip is a third grade favorite, that supports our studies on rock and minerals and fossils! Thank you for sending in payment and forms!  We can’t wait!
  •  See the IXL login info below.  Please try to spend at least 30 min, 3 times a week on this site.
  • A log-in was sent home for Read Theory, this is in their planner.  Please spend at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week on this.  Going over the incorrect answers with your student is very important.

IXL Login:

East Side has its own IXL page, you can get to it using the IXL graphic in our quick links menu of our school webpage.  The username is the student number and the password is 3850 for all students.  (If you are using the app, you must use the student number followed by @eses, then the password.) You will need to click on “Third Grade Skills”. Please consider bookmarking this page on your computer!

  • Open Notebook Fossils assessment on Friday.  We will be doing some hands on fossil models in class using modeling clay and “dino bones.”  Can’t wait!!!


The week ahead…

Red Ribbon Week!  Please check the handout for the daily events!

Upcoming Units for the Week:

Reading- We will continue our non-fiction unit by working on “grasping the main idea in a non-fiction text” and teaching others about our nonfiction topics.

Writing-  We will continue our nonfiction animal topics, and will learn different writing strategies to use for nonfiction writing (pros and cons, comparing and contrasting, boxes and bullets, etc).  We are working on our first draft and we will begin publishing next week.

Science- We are continuing our unit on Erosion and Weathering.

Math- We are learning  the commutative property, associative property, and the distributive property of multiplication.