Busy Week!

Units for the week:

Reading- We will be using textual clues and figurative language to ensure deeper meaning in our reading and concluding Stone Fox for a celebration Friday!

Writing- We will work hard to edit and revise our stories more independently and work towards publishing our narratives

Math- We will begin our problem solving unit, and will work on solving two step word problems through addition and subtraction using the CUBES strategy.

Social Studies-  On Monday, we learned about the Constitution of the United States in observation of Constitution Day and will continue our work in Economics.


Testing is over for the week!

Look for a conference sign up coming today (for siblings) and Thursday for all!

Have a great week…three more days until FALL BREAK!

COGAT and units this week…

We will begin COGAT testing Wednesday (see schedule in previous post)……

Units of Study this week:

Reading– We will continue reading our new anchor text,  “Stone Fox” by John Reynolds Gardiner.  Readers will continue to predict and check themselves for understanding as they read their own book on their level.

Writing– This week, we will focus on how rehearsing story telling and writing an engaging lead can make our writing more interesting.

Science– We will continue our Rocks/Soil unit.

Math– We will continue adding/subtracting within 1000 using more than one strategy.


Field Trip Information


  • Students will NOT be allowed to go to the gift shop, so no money, please.
  • Parents will need to be at the museum by 10:00 and have paid before we arrive, please.
  • Class shirts will be given to students at the beginning of class Tuesday to change into before we leave the school
  • Buses leave at 9:00 so please be on time

This week…

Weekly Update!

We had a fantastic week last week as we engaged in reading workshop, writing workshop, and our Math groups.  Please see unit info below for our upcoming week.

 We worked very hard in our Writing Workshop.  Students began drafting stories from their own life celebrations as we continued working on the launch unit. During Reading Workshop, we focused on our reading stamina and also making predictions that are based on text evidence.  In Math this week we continued to work on place value and rounding along with expanded form of number to the thousands. 


Reading- Students will continue “Building a Reading Life” as they work with partners and learn to check for comprehension as they read

Writing- We will continue  brainstorming “Small Moment” memories from our life and drafting our stories focusing on celebrations and special people

Math- Continued place value, rounding and ordering

Social Studies- Branches of government

OG- Digraphs

Grammar- Nouns, pronouns, capitalizing titles


Thank you!

Thank you all so much for a great week!  We enjoyed seeing you all at Open House!

Please continue to send in T-shirt money and forms.  These are due the 17th.

Our field trip forms went home today.  Please send in the form and money by Friday.

Your child’s  homework packet will go home today.  Please remember that in addition to your child’s homework packet, every student should be reading 20 minutes every night.  After your child reads he/she should reference their My Reading Life notebook to work on the skill covered in workshop that day. The homework FOLDER is due each Friday and the Reading NOTEBOOK is due each day.  NO READING HOMEWORK on Thursdays and Fridays.

Monday folders will continue to go home each Monday.  Please read the comments on your child’s progress report, sign, and send back to school Tuesday.   The  papers coming home are yours to keep.

This week….

Reading- Students will begin continue “Building a Reading Life”

Writing- We will begin brainstorming “Small Moment” memories

Math- Continued Place Value, Rounding and Ordering

Social Studies- Branches of Government

Grammar- Pronouns


Please see the information below concerning IXL that was discussed at Open House last night.

Link:  https://www.ixl.com/signin/eses

Student Username:  Student ID

Password:  3850

If you go directly to IXL.com or use the app, you will need to add (@eses) to the username to be able to log in.


East Side Welcomes our International Parents

Please join us tomorrow, August 10th at 10:00a.m. for an informational International Parent Meeting in the Learning Commons.

We will learn about American culture including what an American school day looks like. East Side specifics will be included, such as; ASP, Foundation, BEST Clubs, teacher communication, how to check your child out, what to do if your child is absent or tardy, and how lunch works. We will also connect you with a native home speaker for translation if you let Brooke Buettner know by Thursday evening.  [email protected]

Children welcome. We will have snacks and coffee.

We are excited to welcome you to East Side!

This awesome event is sponsored by our amazing East Side PTA.