Out of the mouths of babes….

For Valentine’s Day, our class wrote opinion pieces about what we think “love” is. Here are some of their thoughts…

Love is not gross.– Bryce
#love– Bella
When you get really in love, you get married, they say kiss the bride, and that means you’re actually married to the woman you wanted.–
Sometimes love gives you a broken heart.– Aaron
Love will get you through the tough things in life.– Zakari
Love is a bonding chain to family and friends.– Peyton B.
I think everyone should love someone.– Emma
Love is caring about each other.– Landon
Love is painting a picture for someone you like.– Anthony

I think they get the point. ūüėČ

STEAM in Writing

Can you do a STEAM activity in your writing class? Absolutely! We recently wrote our own haunted house stories, and we created a haunted house to add an art component to our writing. The kids had a wonderful time designing and creating them, and I was encouraged to do this type of activity more often. Stay tuned to see what we do in our Native American unit to include art in our learning!

Super Spellers

Are you a super speller?¬† Some people are, and some rely on other resources to help them spell words correctly.¬† Our second graders are learning to use word walls, word books, the dictionary, and phonics skills to be super spellers.¬† You can help your child by playing games with their spelling words, which I will post here each week.¬† The words will also be on our newsletters.¬† There are lots of ideas on Pinterest and the internet for games to play.¬† Next week’s spelling words are:

crate            stroke            glide              woke                plate

pride           reptile            naptime        mistake          tadpole


Thick or Thin?

¬†Do you know the difference between a thick question or a thin question?¬† Ask your second grader!¬† We’re learning how to ask and answer questions about what we read to show our understanding.

We hope to see you at our OPEN HOUSE, Thursday, August 9 from 6-7:45pm.¬† This is a great time to see the teachers’ expectations and to ask questions about what we’re learning this year.

Welcome to Second Grade!!

What a wonderful Meet and Greet! I met lots of hopeful parents and cheerful students. I know we’ll have a great year full of learning fun!

I will send many forms home over the next week. Please check your child’s folder daily, as this will be our main form of contact. I will also use the Remind 101 app to send out updates and reminders. I can also be reached by email at marsha.howell@cobbk12.org

See you tomorrow!

Zoo Trip

Our trip to Zoo Atlanta was fun! Since we have been studying animals, the kids were amazed to see a Komodo Dragon! It was the highlight of the trip…next to lunch, of course. ūüėČ Click on our picture to see everyone.

Don’t forget…Friday is Career Day!

First Grade Geometry

Have you ever heard of a narwhal? They’re real, and Sho made one from pattern blocks. This is an example of how children learn through applying their knowledge. His creation shows that Sho has a true understanding of our geometry standard that requires students to use 2-dimensional shapes to create a composite shape. Great job!