Spring Concert Information

Concert Dress

Students are wearing standard HTMS chorus performance dress uniform.  However, because our program is based on songs of different cultures, students are also encouraged to wear items that are reflective of their ancestry, whether it is full dress or accessories to add to the chorus uniform ensemble.  Eighth and seventh grade boys are to wear solid black short-sleeved shirts with black pants rather than the white HTMS chorus shirt (but can still substitute something cultural).

Lanterns and Flowers

We will be making paper lanterns and flowers (to be used in the concert) on Friday, April 21, Monday, April 24, and Tuesday, April 23, from 4:30-5:45.  Any students that are available any of these times are welcomed to stay and help!  We also welcome any spare empty tissue and paper towel rolls you are about to throw away…save them for us to use!!

LGPE – March 7

Students are to arrive at school Tuesday morning in their Concert Attire. Leggings, tight pants, jeans, athletic shoes are NOT allowed – students wearing these, and not wearing the appropriate Concert Attire will remain in school.

6th Grade:

8:05-8:45: Rehearse in Chorus Room

10:30-11:00: Gather in 7th grade commons for a quick snack, attendance, warm-up

11:00: Depart

12:15-1:15: Performance cycle (performance, clinic, sightreading)

1:30: Depart for lunch at Town Center Mall – students will need money for lunch

3:30: Arrive back at HTMS, return to final class


7th Grade:

8:45: Report to Chorus Room

9:00: Depart

10:15-11:15: Performance cycle (performance, clinic, sightreading)

11:30: Return to HTMS, lunch at school upon return (7th chorus/orch students prepare for Orch LGPE that afternoon!)


8th Grade: 

8:45: Report to Chorus Room

9:00: Depart

10:15-11:15: Performance cycle (performance, clinic, sightreading)

1:30: Depart for lunch at Town Center Mall – students will need money for lunch

3:30: Arrive back at HTMS, return to final class

Date Change!!! Fundraiser Pick-Up – 12/1/16

Items will be delivered at some point during the day on Friday, December 2. Ms. Logue will remain after school on Friday from 4:15p.m. until 6:00 p.m. for parents to pick up orders.

Students will not be able to get items during class time on Friday, but can pick up on Monday morning from 8:30-9:00.  

Small bundles can be taken home on the bus.  Larger orders must be picked up by a parent.

Thank you for supporting our program.  You can continue to make on-line orders through www.mixedbagdesigns.com.


Fundraiser Turn-In

Fundraiser  Turn-In is on Monday, October 17 and Tuesday, October 18.  Students are to bring completed order forms and money to the chorus room between 8:45 and 9:15 (during homeroom).  Packets should NOT be turned in during class.

An adult should complete the order form, including listing the QUANTITY of items, and TOTAL balance of money for the order.  Please proof the order, and check to make sure the order form matches the amount of money being turned in! Money should be sent in a school money envelope – one check made payable to HTMS. Cash is also accepted, but should be the correct amount (change is not given).

Incorrect order forms slow down the order process – please double check that your order and money are correct before turning in!

Thank you for supporting our fundraiser – every penny raised profits EVERY child in chorus!

Dessert Theater Rehearsals – Conference Week

7th & 8th grade singers participating in the Dessert Theater should sign up to rehearse during the week of October 17-21. Also recommended is staying either Tuesday, October 18 or Wednesday, October 19 AFTER early-dismissal from 2:15-3:30.

Available Rehearsal Times: (sign up with Ms. Logue)

Monday – 8:15-8:45;

Tuesday – 2:15-3:30 *recommended

Wednesday – 8:15-8:45; 2:15-3:30 *recommended

Thursday – 8:15-8:45

Friday – 8:15-8:45

It’s Fundraising Time!

What: Mixed Bag Designs

When: October 3-17, 2016

Who: 6 7, 8 Grade Choruses

Don’t forget to shop through BOTH the BAG and HOME catalogs today! Tons of cool products, and prices that cannot be beat! Mixed Bag Designs is an earth-friendly company that offers tote and storage bags in reusable plastic and fabric materials. This year they have added a home catalog offering unique and fun kitchen gadgets, several food mixes and beautiful wrapping paper.

HTMS Choruses profit 50% of all sales made through students, and 40% of sales made online (www.mixedbagdesigns.com). Funds raised are used to support the many activities and needs of the choral program. Thank you for your support!


Chorus Concert – October 13

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Choruses will have a short performance on Thursday, October 13 at 7:00 p.m. in the HTMS Auditorium.

Doors will open for the audience at 6:45!

Warm-Up Times:

8th/7th Grade – 6:00

6th Grade – 6:20

Performance Dress:

All Girls – black chorus top, black pants, black flat shoes

8th/7th Boys – white HTMS chorus shirt, black pants/belt, black shoes/socks

6th Boys – black HTMS chorus shirt, black pants/belt, black shoes/socks

*Please refer to the HTMS Chorus Handbook for Performance Dress guidelines – leggings, jeans, athletic shoes, sandals are included in those articles of clothing not acceptable for stage.