More reminders

Please remember that your child must be in attendance at school tomorrow and can be checked no EARLIER than 2:45 tomorrow afternoon. Please have your ID ready when you arrive at HTMS to check out.

Students need to return at 4:40 pm. Here is the list of which rooms of where to drop of your child.Drop off rooms condensed-10ovje6

If you are not checking out, your luggage can be house in the counseling suite. Bring it there in the morning.


Additional T-shirts

The DC shirts  have been distributed. If you think you ordered shirts and your child did not receive them, please email [email protected] to check on your shirts.

If your child did not order shirts, they will be available to purchase Monday @ 8:45 -9:15 am. in room 8A office (Mrs. Stoltz’s room)

The cost is $20 (for the two  shirts). Make checks payable to HTMS PTSA if paying by check.

Shirts will be available first come-first served.

Thank you!

Information from parent night

Thank you to all the parents/students who attended. For those that did not attend, info is below. It is IMPERATIVE that you and your child read ALL information!!!!  Feel free to email Mrs. Stoltz with questions.

Here is the powerpoint slide: DC last parent meeting 2018 For Blog-ycw909

Here is the packing list and trip rules: Packing list 2018 info

BIG POINTS to know, but please read EVERYTHING in the .ppt and handouts:

  • Students can leave NO EARLIER than 2:45 on May 9th. Green form must be filled out and brought to front office prior to May 9th
  • PARENTS: Check your child’s bag for anything NOT appropriate!!!
  • Return to HTMS at 4:40 (avoid carpool madness)
  • Sapphire blue shirt needs to be on BUS for touring Thursday. Students will not have access to luggage down below. NO ATHLETIC SHORTS or LEGGINGS while touring. Shorts must be at least mid-thigh or longer. If a child does not follow dress code guidelines, they will tour DC with a chaperone by their side for the whole trip.
  • Send in water bottle donations.


Meeting Thursday Night 4/26 7 pm

The final details parent meeting is this Thursday evening at 7 PM in the theater. At this meeting, you will get final details and expectations, early dismissal forms, packing list, tentative itinerary (hopefully), hotel location, and the bus/chaperone list will be posted. STUDENTS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND!

If you cannot attend, please tell your child pick up the info on Friday. (I have only made enough copies for each student, plus a few extras).


Parent Meeting April 26th @ 7PM

Mark your calendars:

April 26th at 7pm in the theater will be the final parent meeting. At this meeting, the packing list will be given out, along with the early dismissal form and the tentative itinerary. Also, the bus/chaperone lists will be posted.

Roommate Forms Due NO LATER than Friday 3/16 at 9:30 am–PLEASE READ

But the earlier the better! Please turn in forms as soon as you can.

Parents: Please check that your child is rooming with the appropriate size they signed up for. I have run into a few situations where a student wants to room with 3 others in a quad, but is only signed up for a triple. The system will NOT allow this, so please call the company as stated on the GREEN roommate form and change it before they turn in forms. Please call ETAdventures directly at: 1-866-273-2500 ext 136

If I do not receive forms by Friday at 9:30 am, I will be creating rooms randomly. The room list needs to be submitted by 4 pm!

If your child does not have a roommate, they still need to give me their form and make a note that they need a roommate.


Thank you!

Thursday March 8th 6:30-7:30 pm and roommates

Tonight’s meeting is NOT mandatory. This meeting is if you have medical/health questions for the nurse or Mrs. Stoltz or any other questions.

Roommates: Students can start turning in roommate requests forms starting tomorrow. Please encourage your child to make sure they have enough people for their room. If they can try to fill their rooms on their own, that would be great, but if they do need help, I will be available to help them. If your child signed up for a quad, but they only have 3, it might be difficult to locate one person. You might want to consider upgrading to a triple by calling the company.


Change of Plans!

Roommate forms went out today to the students who have turned in their forms. If they turned in their forms and did not get one today, they can pick one up tomorrow.

Starting FRIDAY 3/9, the roommate forms will be collected. NOT before Friday!

Roommates and Thursday evening

Thank you to all who have returned their medical and permission forms so far. They are due FRIDAY.

  1. Roommate forms will go home Friday. You should start talking with your child about their roommates. Their room selection should be the same for ALL students in their room. For example, if your child plans to room with 3 other students, ALL four students must be signed up for a QUAD. If your child is rooming with one other student, then the sign up should be a DOUBLE for both of them. If you need to make changes, please call the travel agency directly to make changes (additional charges will be incurred if moving from a quad down to a double or triple, or a refund given if moving up to a higher occupancy). If your child needs help finding a roommate, they can write that on their form and I will group students together.
  2. Thursday evening from 6:30-7:30 pm you can come to meet one of the the trip nurses. If your child has specific medical needs or you have questions for the nurse or Mrs. Stoltz, please attend. You can also turn in forms, too. This meeting will be held in the 7th grade commons. If you do not have medical/health questions or any questions for Mrs. Stoltz, then you do not need to attend.