Week of September 10th

Ema and Brooklyn twinning for the day


and some Football Friday pics!


  • Please return one signed copy of your child’s progress report if you haven’t already.
  • If you haven’t yet, please send in photos of your child’s special moments. This will be used to help them with writing ideas for their stories (narratives) this year.
  • Homework does not need to be sent in. If your child wants to share it with me or needs help with it then feel free to send it in their folder. Do as much as you wish them to practice. Focus on the sight words, spelling words (word family pattern) daily.
  • Your children all did a wonderful job with testing!

What We’re Learning This Week:

Math-We will be working on our unit on Place Value and expanded form. There will be an assessment on Friday.

Reading-This week we will be learning that good readers ask questions when they read.  We will practice asking our Who? What? When? and Why? questions before, during and after reading. We will also review the story elements when reading.

Writing-We will continue adding details to our stories to help bring our characters to life for our readers by describing what they say and what they do. Please send in your child’s pictures if you haven’t already! Thank you!

Phonics-We will be learning about the words in the – L blend families.  We took our first Spelling Test Friday!

Science- This week we will begin our unit on Magnets and will focus upon the vocabulary words: attract, repel, force, and poles.

Social Studies- We will continue to learn our planet, continent, country, state, county, and city.

Have a fantastic week!

Week of September 3rd

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  • CogAt testing will be this week: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Please make sure your children are well rested and have a good breakfast. A letter went home last week with more details.
  • We will not be going to the Media Center this week. We will get new books next week!
  • September Homework went home on Friday. A Specials Calendar is inside.

What We’re Learning This Week:

Math-We will start decomposing numbers into tens and ones, i.e. 76=70+6, as well as working on place value. We will continue to work on addition facts, as well. PLEASE make/buy flashcards for your child and practice them for 5 minutes each night. Thank you to those of you who have sent in pictures of your child practicing his/her flashcards. It is not too late to send these to me.

Reading-This week we have been focusing on Story Elements: Setting, Characters and Plot (beginning, middle of end). Next week we will continue to review this, as well as learning about Asking Questions when we read. Students will learn that good readers “Ask Questions” when they read!

Writing-We will continue writing our stories, this week focusing on bringing our characters to life. PLEASE email me or send in photos from your child’s life, so that these can be used for writing ideas. Special holidays, trips, fun times with family, friends, animals…Thank you!

Phonics-We will be learning about words with l blends -blot, clam, sled, glad. See the calendar for weekly spelling and sight words. We will begin spelling tests this Friday.

Science- We will continue our unit on Me on the Map. Please help your child learn Earth, N. America, United States, Georgia, Cobb Co, Smyrna.

Have a fantastic week!!

Week of August 27th

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  • Early Release is this Wednesday, August 29th!
  • Please make sure your child is reading aloud to you for 20 minutes a night!
  • Please fill out and return the Performing Arts form and envelope for your child.
  • Back to Football Friday, August 31st. Wear your favorite team shirt!
  • B3 Celebration on Friday for all students who earned 10 Braves Bucks this month

What We’re Learning This Week:

Math-We will continue our Addition to 10 Unit. We are working on automaticity right now for addition problems whose sum is 10 and below: 6+4, 3+2, 7+1, etc….PLEASE make/buy flashcards for your child and practice them for 5 minutes each night. Bonus: If you take a picture of your child using his/her flashcards, he/she will get 2 Braves Bucks.

Reading-We are learning about Story Elements: characters, setting and plot (beginning, middle, end, problem and solution through the story The Wizard of Oz. Help your child with these concepts by asking about the story.

Writing-We started our Narrative Unit this past week, and will continue writing stories this week. We will also continue to focus on capital letters and ending punctuation in our sentences.

Phonics-We will be learning about words with short vowels sounds – mat, pet, mop, bug, dip

Social Studies-Students will learn about where they live on Earth. They will need to know their planet, continent, country, state, county, and city (Smyrna). PLEASE help at home with this tricky concept.

Have a fantastic week!!

Week of August 20th


  • I am looking to fill the Class Treasure Chest with fun little items. Please send in any little toys you may have around the house.
  • Homework begins September 1st. Please keep working on sight words, these can’t wait we have 200 to learn this year!
  • Don’t forget to send in a healthy snack.
  • Lots of sneezing and coughing this week. Please practice at home coughing into elbow and hand washing or sanitizing hands often when blowing noses and coughing/sneezing so they bring those habits to school.

  begins August 27th!

Click here to learn more about FBI! Our first event is August 31st, Back to Football Friday.

What We’re Learning This Week:

Math-We wrapped up our Number Sense Unit this week and will start our Addition Unit next week. We will work on the Counting On strategy, as well as drawing pictures, using manipulatives and using a number line and tens frames.

Reading-We have been practicing reading stamina, we are up to 5 minutes of sustained reading! This week we will learn the first part of Daily 5, Read to self. We also started our class chapter book, ask your child what we are reading. Continue to ask them about characters and setting, events and problems, I think you will know this story.

Writing-We started our Narrative Unit this past week, and will continue writing stories this week. We will also continue to focus on capital letters and ending punctuation in our sentences.

Phonics-We reviewed the short vowel sounds in CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words with the vowels a,e and i this week. Next week we will be reviewing CVC words with o and u. Our sight words this week: see, no, did, for, at, so

Have a fantastic week!!

Week of August 6th

We are having a great week of school! Our kiddos are really becoming experts in our rules and procedures and learning is really getting going!

Here are some updates from our class:

  • Tuesday is Open House 6 – 8. See you then!
  • Don’t forget to send in a healthy snack every day.


What We Are Learning This Week:

Math-We will continue our unit on Number Sense from 1-120, as well as decomposing these numbers. There will be an assessment at the end of the week.

Reading– We  will begin to learn different decoding and fluency strategies: Chunky Monkey, Eagle Eye, Skippy Frog, Flippy Dolphin, Lips the Fish and Stretchy Snake and will start with retelling our stories using a beginning, middle and an end.

Phonics-We will be reviewing short vowels and learning the first 6 sight words.

Writing-We will continue writing narratives on “small moments” across the pages this week following this process: Think of an idea, Plan, Touch and Tell, Sketch, then Write.

Science -We will start learning about types of weather this week.

Week of July 30th

Dear First Grader,

I am so excited you will be in my class. We are going to have a lot of FUN! I have been teaching for 21 years, and I LOVE teaching first grade. My favorite part of being a first grade teacher is teaching students how to read and how to be better mathematicians! I LOVE to make learning fun! I enjoy using technology, art, songs, and games to help you learn. I am also a BIG fan of movement breaks. I hope you are too!

Want to know a little about me? I graduated from University of South Florida, then moved to Georgia. Well I LOVE to read! I also love the beach especially watching the sunset and finding interesting shells. I also love camping, hiking, and running. I am married and have a 21 year old daughter named Taylor and a 17 year old son named Dylan. I have a 16 year old beagle named Todd, a new puppy named Beau, and a cat named Belle. I used to live on a farm with horses and goats, so I LOVE animals.

I really hope you had a great summer! I cannot wait to hear ALL about it.

See you Wednesday for tons of fun! Please check your August Specials Calendar that I placed inside your green folder to see if you have PE and need to wear sneakers.

Also, please remember a healthy snack.

Below you will find a link to the first grade supply list.


If you would like to label your scissors, glue sticks, folders, composition books, and erasers with your name that would be very helpful.

Mrs. Hunt

Week of May 14th

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  • Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you enjoy all of your children’s writing, pictures, and flower.They were precious!!
  • Please send in requested donations this week unless otherwise stated.
  • Kid’s Choice Awards Tuesday 9am.
  • This is our last full week of school. Not that you need a reminder!

What We’re Learning This Week:

Math-This week we will be be solving word problems which require students to add 3 addends. There will be an assessment toward the end of the week. Also, we will be taking the end of quarter Math Touchstone.

Reading-This week we will be using all the skills and strategies we have learned this year for our end of year reading assessments. We will also take our end of quarter Reading Touchstones.

Phonics- We will keep practicing long u sound spelled ue, ew as well as all vowel teams.

Writing-We will be writing about our end of year reflections, as well as organizing our writing portfolios with our writing pieces from the year.

Science-We will wrap up our unit on animals!

Have a great week!

Week of May 7th

Field Day fun!

  • Save the Date: Kids Choice Awards: May 15th from 9 a.m! Make sure your child is practicing their script.
  • Thank you to Amir’s mom for our water and popsicles on field day!
  • We will go to the Book Fair this Thursday. If you would like your child to buy something, please send money in a baggie.
  • Last week I sent home letters requesting items for our end-of-the-year fun days and also a $5 donation for pizza for our class picnic. Non-refrigerated/frozen items can be sent in at any time. Thank you in advance for helping!

What We’re Learning This Week:

Math- We will wrap up our unit on fractions. For the rest of the week we will be reviewing all that we have learned in 1st grade: addition, subtraction, multiples of 10, missing addends, greater than less than, time, fractions, as well as integrating all of these skills into word problems. Students will also take the end of the year MI(Math Inventory).

Reading-This week we will continue comparing and contrasting the information that we can learn from the text we are reading vs. the information we can learn from the illustrations. We will also take the end of the year RI (Reading Inventory).

Phonics- This week we will be working on the long u sound spelled ew, ue.

Writing-Believe it or not, Mother’s Day is this weekend! We will be singing and writing about your praises! Your ears will be ringing!

Science-We will continue our unit on Animals. This week we will be focusing on basic animal needs.

Have a great week!

Week of April 30th


  • Our Garden is planted! We had a ton of fun on Friday planting cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, and tomatoes. Now to watch them grow.
  • Save the DateField Day: Thursday, May 3rd! If you did not get a field day shirt they can wear a NES shirt or a navy shirt. Please make sure they wear tennis shoes, shorts and a short sleeve shirt (forecast looks hot). They can also bring a change of clothes, water bottle, towel, and sunglasses IF you wish. Ms. Hunt will NOT be responsible for these things though. If you would like to come and see the fun, please sign up using the link below.

K-2 Link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0848aaac2aa5fe3-mayfield1

  • Save the date: Kid’s Choice Awards May 15th 9am! This special event is held in the classroom and totally run by the students. Scripts for memorizing go home Monday. 
  • Please send in all library books this Friday! We are going to the library. We have quite a few overdue books, so please send them back this week. The library will be starting their final inventories.

What We’re Learning This Week:

Math-This week we will learn how to partition shapes into equal parts. Students will work on identifying and creating the fractions, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4

Reading-This week we will compare and contrast the information that we can learn from the text we are reading vs. the information we can learn from the illustrations.

Phonics- This week we will keep working on 0e, ow words with the long o sound. We will also start working on the “ew” sound which is spelled “ew” as in blew and “ue” as in glue.

Writing-Our class will continue writing their animal research papers.

Science-We will continue our plant unit.

Have a great week!


Week of April 23rd


  • B3 Celebration this Wednesday, April 25th! 
  • Save the Date: Kids Choice Awards May 15 at 9am. Scripts will go home this week. Please help your child memorize their lines. Students should work on reading fluently, loudly, and with expression. Hope to see you there!
  • All parents will be asked to donate 1 or 2 items to help us celebrate the end of a great year. We have many fun days in May and I will need your help. Thank you in advance. I will put requests in folders soon, if unable please let me know asap.
  • Sight Words – all 200 this quarter!

What We’re Learning This Week:

Math-We are practicing story problems and adding and subtracting large numbers. Our next unit will be on fractions/partitioning shapes equally.

Reading-We will continue learning new vocabulary words by using the context clues around these words to predict their meaning. We will also review our higher level comprehension skills, explaining the hows and whys of our reading.

Phonics- This week we will be working on the “long o” sound spelled “oa, ow” as in boat and mow.

Writing-This week we will be researching an animal of their choice. Students will take notes on all of their findings. We will then convert these notes into a research paper, organized into different subheadings.

Science-We have started our animal unit and will begin to learn about the defining traits of the different animal classifications, i.e. mammals, birds, reptiles, etc. Students will be creating a book with this information.

Have a great week!