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Week of February 26, 2018 (semana de febrero 26, 2018)

Welcome back!  Bienvenidos!

This week we will learn about:

in Basic Vocabulary:

  • school events and dates
  • ordinal numbers
  • simple present tense
  • capitalization and punctuation
  • the /aw/ sound
  • writing an invitation

in Academic Vocabulary:

  • setting a purpose for reading
  • creating and solving a math equation
  • graphs and charts
  • multisyllable math words
  • word problems

in Math:

  • comparing and simplifying fractions

Remember to read and practice your English!

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week of February 19, 2018 (semana de febrero 19, 2018)

NO SCHOOL this week!  Enjoy! … and read!

NO ESCUELA esta semana!  Disfruten!… y lean!

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Week of February 12th, 2018 (semana de febrero 12, 2018)

This week we will be…  Esta semana vamos a…

ACCESS testing!  /  examen de language!


OPD:  1. Choose a topic, 2. write each word, 3. translate it, 4. write it in a sentence, 5. complete worksheets,

OPD:  1.  Escojer tema, 2. escribir cada palabra, 3. traducer, 4. escribir una oracion usando cada palabra, 5. completer las paginas designadas para ese tema.

Question:  What is the name of your president and when is his birthday?

Pregunta:  Cual es el nombre de tu president y cuando cumple a~nos?

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Week of February 5th, 2018 (semana de febrero 5, 2018)

Hello IEL students and parents!  Hola estudiantes y padres de IEL!

This week we will…   Esta semana vamos a…

In basic vocabulary, finish Chapter 1 of the Milestones textbook and take a test.

Monday:  declarative, interrogative, exclamatory sentences

Tuesday:  syllables

Wednesday:  emergency situation skit/irregular sight words:  were, says, why, what, was, said, who

Thursday:  review and test 

En vocabulario basico, terminar capitulo 1 de el texto de Milestones y completer in examen.


In academic vocabulary, continue learning about writing letters.

Monday:  key vocabulary-different, friendly, interesting, miss, nice  AND synonyms and antonyms

Tuesday:  retell a story

Wednesday:  imagery and synonyms

Thursday:  edit and write final draft to friendly letter.

En vocabulario academic, continuar aprender como escribir una carta.


In math, begin a new chapter on more on fractions.

Monday:  greater and lesser than fractions

Tuesday-Friday:  simplifying fractions  and word problems and test

En matematicas, comenzar in Nuevo capitulo de fracciones.


Please don’t forget to read/review notes every night for 20 minutes

Por favor no olvidar leer/repasar notas cada noche por 20 minutos.

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Week of January 22, 2018 (semana de 22 de enero, 2018)

This week we will…

Monday:  review Chapter 1


  • emergency form information
  • Eagles quizlet activities
  • Saying and writing fractions:  1 3/4 = one and three fourths

Wednesday and Thursday:

  • nouns and pronouns

Go to

Nouns-intro-1scvp0i personal pronouns-antecedents-1t37094personal pronouns-antecedents-1t37094


  • read about eagles
  • changing mixed numbers to improper fractions

Friday: **return library books

  • grammar:  subjects and verbs quiz
  • three facts about eagles
  • changing mixed numbers to improper fractions quiz

Please continue to read 20 minutes each night and review your notes!

Por favor continuar leer 20 minutos cada noche y repasar sus notas!



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week of December 11th, 2017 (semana de diciembre 11,2017)

This week we will…  Esta semana vamos a…

in Basic Vocabulary:

vocabulary:  schedule, calculator, ruler, computer, printer, cabinet, workbook, textbook, am, is, are, I, you, he, she, they, it, we, possessive adjectives, my, your, his, her, its, our, their, noun, pronoun, verb, subject, declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, sentences, hand, student, toast, desk, lamp, insect, gift, salt, help, milk, shelf, child.

speaking and listening:  welcoming a new student and asking to borrow something

reading and writing:  filling out a form

L3 students will learn to write a formal letter to the editor of “Get Healthy.”

in Academic Vocabulary:  OPD Project

in Math:  adding and subtracting fractions (L1:  double digit addition).

Early release 1:30/Salen temprano 1:30:  Tuesday and Wednesday/martes y miercoles

Last day before break/ultimo dia antes de las vacaciones:  Wed. Dec. 20th/miercoles dic. 20.

I hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  See you Thursday, Jan.4th, 2018!

Les deseo una Navidad maravillosa y prospero a~no Nuevo!  Nos vemos el jueves, 4 de enero, 2018!

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Weeks of November 27 and December 4 (semanas de 27 de noviembre y 4 de diciembre))

These weeks we will…  Estas semanas vamos a…

in basic vocabulary: Unit 7 Chapter 1 part a

  • shopping for clothes
  • questions and answers for shopping
  • talking about shopping
  • using shopping questions and answers
  • using will to to talk about the future: I will run.
  • Will you run today?
  • spelling words with qu and u (/oo/)
  • words with multiple meanings
  • personal narratives

in academic vocabulary:  Unit 7  Chapter 1B

  • recognize fact and opinion
  • persuasive text
  • change point of view
  • capitalize and punctuate titles
  • letter to the editor

in math, practice prime factorization———–TEST on THURSDAY.

Thanksgiving break!  No school November 20-24.

Holiday Spirit Week:  Dec.11-15.

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Week of November 6th, 2017 (semana de 6 de noviembre, 2017)

Happy November!!!  Feliz noviembre!!!

No school on Tuesday, November 7th.  No hay escuela el martes, 7 de noviembre.

Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 23rd.

Dia de Accion de Gracias se celebra el jueves, 23 de noviembre.

Thanksgiving vacation is November 20-24.  Vacaciones del 20 a 24.

This week we will… Esta semana vamos a…

in basic vocabulary, review and take a test on Chapter G:  School Places.  Then, we will do a Reader’s Theater.

in academic vocabulary, finish and present landform projects, review and take a test on landforms.

in math, we are learning about Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiple, and properties of multiplication.  

Remember to read 20 minutes each evening and to complete any worksheets that are for homework.


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Week of October 30th, 2017 (semana de 30 de octubre, 2017)

Happy Halloween!!!                                    Feliz dia de Halloween!!!

If you wear a costume, do not bring face paint or a mask.     Por favor, no mascaras o pintura.

This week we will…Esta semana vamos a…

in basic vocabulary, continue learning about locations and directions.  TEST on FRIDAY.

in academic vocabulary, continue to learn about the landforms and making out posters and powerpoints in order to present on Thursday.

in math, continue to practice our multiplication tables in order to find the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) and the Least Common Denominator (LCD).


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Week of October 23rd, 2017 (semana de octubre 23, 2017)

Hello I.E.L students!  How are you?       Hola estudiantes de I.E.L!  Como estan?

This week we will…  Esta semana vamos a…

In basic vocabulary:

  • Vocabulary:  places in your school and reading a map
  • Listening and Speaking:  talking about locations and giving directions
  • Letters and sounds:  digraphs (sh,ch, th, nk, ng), trigraphs (tch, dge)
  • Reading: a poem, a picture, and an artist
  • Writing:  writing directions
  • Project:  a floor plan

En vocabulario basico:

  • vocabulario:  sitios en la escuela y leer un mapa
  • escuchar y hablar:  hablar de sitios y dar direcciones
  • letras y sonidos:  pablabras con sh, ch, th, nk, ng, tch, dge
  • lectura:  in poema, una imagen, y in artista
  • escritura:  escribir direcciones
  • Proyecto:  in diseno de piso

In mathematics: learn the language of subtraction (five minus two equals three; the difference of five and two is three).

En matematicas:  aprender el language se resta (cinco menos dos es igual a tres; la diferencia entre cinco y dos es tres).

Homework:  Read every night at least 20 minutes.  Watch television and listen to music in English:)  Complete worksheet each night.  Review vocabulary and notes.  Play games on my blog:  quizlet and kahoot.

Tarea:  leer cada noche  minimo 20 minutos.  Ver television y escuchar musica en ingles:)  Completar pagina de trabajo cada noche.  Repasar vocabulario y apuntes. Jugar juegos en el blog:  quizlet y kahoot.

Come to Griffin’s Haunted House this Friday or Saturday from 6-9pm.  Tickets are $10 at school or $15 at the door.

Vengan a la Casa de Espantos de Griffin este Viernes o Sabado de 6-9pm.  Tiquetes son $10 en la escuela o $15 en la entrada.

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