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week of May 7, 2018 (semana de 7 de mayo, 2018)

We had a great time at the Tellus Musuem!!!

The next 2 weeks we will begin, work on and present a raft project where you get to choose one individual project, one 2-person project and one 4-person project.

Las proximas dos semanas vamos a comenzar, trabajar en, y presenter u Proyecto “Raft” donde escojen in Proyecto individual, de 2 personas, y uno de 4 personas.

Field Day is May 16th  –  Dia de campo

Half day on May 22nd and 23rd – medio dia (salen a la 1:30)

Last day of school is May 23rd!!!  Ultimo dia de escueala!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!  Feliz dia de las madres!!!

Happy Memorial Day!  Feliz dia Conmemorativo!

Question:  What are three words you have learned this weekend?  Cuales son tres palabras (en ingles) que has aprendido este fin de semana?


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Week of April 30, 2018 (semana de abril 30, 2018)

Tellus Museum on Monday

Folktales Project Presentation on Friday

Galaxies and Stars:  academic vocabulary

Integers: math


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Week of April 23rd, 2018 (semana de abril 23, 2018)

Hurray!  We are back to normal schedule.  Regresamos a horario normal.

This week we will… Esta semana vamos a…

Basic Vocabulary:  continue working on Folktales Project / continuar trabajando en el Proyecto de Leyendas.

Academic Vocabulary:  learn about Stars and Galaxies / aprender de Estrellas y Galaxias.

Math:  add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals / sumar, restar, multiplicar y divider decimales

Monday, April 30th:  field trip to Tellus Museum and Happy Birthday Estefani!!!  paseo al Tellus Museo y Feliz Cumpleanoz Estefani!!!

Read every night Monday through Thursday – I will check reading log on Friday.  Leer cada noche de lunes a Viernes – Yo chequeo la lista el Viernes.

Folktales Project Presentation will be Friday, May 4th!!!  Presentacion de Leyendas Viernes, 4 de mayo!!!



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Week of April 16th, 2018 (semana de abril 16, 2018)

Monday:  Milestones Testing / Examenes

Tuesday:  Milestones Testing / Examenes


  •  Continue Folktales Project / Continuar Proyecto de Leyendas
  •   Stars and Galaxies / Estrellas y Galaxias
  •   Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals / Sumar, restar, multiplicar, y divider decimales

FIELD TRIP to the Tellus Museum!!!   Paseo a el museo:  Tellus Museum

FOLKTALE’s from my Country presentation on May 4.  Leyendas de mi Pais presentacion el 4 de mayo.

Secret question:  Name 8 planets.

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Week of April 9th, 2018 (semana de abril 9, 2018)

Spring Break (no school) is April 2-6!!!

Vacaciones de primavera (no hay escuela) es abril 2-6!!!

Back to school on Monday, April 9th.

Regresar a al escuela el lunes, 9 de abril.

Monday/lunes-Friday/viernes:  continue Folktales Project, begin studying Space, add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals.

continuar Proyecto de leyendas, comenzar estudiar el espacio, sumar, restar, multiplicar y divider decimales.

Tuesday/martes-Friday/viernes:  Milestones testing/examines de Milestones.


Remember to  read 20 minutes each school night.  Recordar leer 20 minutos cada noche.

Question:  What is your favorite movie?

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Week of March 26th, 2018 (semana de 26 de marzo, 2018)






QUESTION:  Who is your superhero?


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Week of March 19, 2018 (semana de marzo 19, 2018)

This week we will… Esta semana vamos a…

  • Folktales Project (proyectos de leyendas)


  • Decimals

Don’t forget to complete your weekend log AND to read/study 20 minutes each school night.

No olviden completer el log de fin de semana Y leer/estudiar 20 minutos cada noche de escuela.

QUESTION FOR MONDAY:  Who is your art teacher?

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Week of March 12th, 2018 (semana de marzo 12, 2018)

Hello!  Hola!

This week we will… Esta semana vamos a…


  • Basic Vocab:  Review and take chapter and spelling test/repasar y completer examen de capitulo y dictacion.
  • Academic Vocab:  Folktales Project!/Proyecto de Folclorico!
  • Math:  begin decimals/comenzar decimales

Tuesday – Friday

  • Basic Vocab:  “The Cave” Reader’s Theater
  • Academic Vocab: Folktales Project!/Proyecto de Folclorico!
  • Math:  decimals

Don’t forget/No se olviden:

  • Read 20 minutes each day Monday through Thursday / Leer 20 minutos cada dia de lunes a jueves
  • Listen and watch TV and internet in English/ escuchen y vean TV y internet en ingles
  • Wednesday is a half day, leave at 1:30pm /miercoles is medio dia, salen a la 1:30pm

***Saturday, March 17 go to Office Depot at East West Connector



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Week of March 5th, 2018 (semana de cinco de marzo, 2018)

This week we will learn about…  Esta semana vamos aprender de…

  • The simple present tense.

I have a book. / Yo tengo                                      I read a book. / Yo leo

You have a book. / Tu tienes                                You read a book. / Tu lees

He has a book./ El tiene                                       He reads / El lee

She has a book. / Ella tiene                                  She reads / Ella lee

We have a book. / Nosotros tenemos                 We read / Nosotros leemos

They have a book. / Ellos tienen                          They read / Ellos leen

It has a book. / Tiene                                              It reads / Lee

  • The /aw/ sound:  call, ball, wall, walk, talk, chalk.
  • We will design and write an invitation to a party.


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Week of February 26, 2018 (semana de febrero 26, 2018)

Welcome back!  Bienvenidos!

This week we will learn about:

in Basic Vocabulary:

  • school events and dates
  • ordinal numbers
  • simple present tense
  • capitalization and punctuation
  • the /aw/ sound
  • writing an invitation

in Academic Vocabulary:

  • setting a purpose for reading
  • creating and solving a math equation
  • graphs and charts
  • multisyllable math words
  • word problems

in Math:

  • comparing and simplifying fractions

Remember to read and practice your English!

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