Media Center opens for the new school year!

The Media Center was a beehive of activity during the last two weeks as all classes attended Media Center Orientation. During orientation we reviewed behavior expectations, book care, and checkout policies – including lost and damaged books. Students were also introduced to the exciting new library centers and contests available this year.

We have three contests: Reading Bingo, Legofied Book Covers, and Mad Gab

Reading Bingo (Grade K-2, Grades 3-5) – students are encouraged to read a variety of books and magazines from different genres and sections of the Media Center. Students must write the title of the book and have an adult initial as verification that the item has been read. Bingo is achieved when all books in a row, column, or diagonally have been read. Student will be awarded a Golden Ticket for each bingo.

Legofied Book Covers – books have been covered by Legos and students must determine the title of the book and the name of the series the book belongs to. A Golden Ticket will be awarded for a correct answer.

Mad Gab – students must take a nonsense phrase and determine what it is really saying. A Golden Ticket will be awarded for a correct answer.

We created quite a buzz with our Library Centers by decorating them with balloons and not advertising them until orientation. Students quickly figured out that something exciting was going on. We opened five centers: Puzzle, I Spy, Make a Bookmark, Making Words (grades 1-3)/Boggle (grades 3-5), and Let’s Tweet About It! (our very own Twitter!). Students were able to utilize any center after they checked out their books – most chose to Make a Bookmark and several decided to respond to the Tweet prompt. It was amazing how excited they were to explore the centers!

Some of our Kindergartners and 1st grade Picasso’s at the Make a Bookmark center! 

DSC01214 DSC01225 DSC01216

DSC01217 DSC01226 



We’re Blogging!

Welcome to a new school year and the Nickajack Media Center blog! We are excited to have a place to share information with our students, faculty, parents, and community stakeholders about what is happening in the Media Center. It is going to be a very busy year in the Media Center, not only will we have great new books but there is going to be quite a lot of activity as well.

Do you like solving puzzles? How about gathering clues to answer a question? Do you like mysteries? Research? Finding information? This year you will need all of your puzzle solving, clue gathering, researching skills to become a Super Sleuth to solve the Mystery in the Media Center: Information Literacy. There will be contests and library centers that will test your ability to put 2 and 2 together to make 4! We can’t give any details right now, you will have to wait until Media Center Orientation so you don’t want to be absent that day!

kid detective

“Great! I found a clue!”