Autumn is here!!

This week Core 2 is learning how to shape hair through finger waving. Core 3  will be exploring hair coloring further, learning color corrections and how to lighten. Core 1 will be learning how to straighten hair using heated tools. This week we have a guest speaker on Tuesday 9/15/15, Mr. Kevin Anthony, who is a 25 year professional hair stylist, and hair color specialist. He will be sharing his knowledge on hair coloring, and maintaining the health of the hair while processing.


Welcome to the Sprayberry High School Cosmetology Blog!


Here you will be able to see what’s happening each week at the Sprayberry learning salon.

This week we are working on the following:

Core 1- Marcel Curling Iron Set

Core 2- Roller sets/wet hair sculpting and finishing

Core 3- Haircolor applications


Welcome October!!

As October begins, we will be taking a look at more hairstyling techniques, using hot tools, blowdryer and round brush, and more. In Intro, we are learning about the chemistry of the hair, and how the PH scale controls our final results when hairstyling. Our Core 3 students will be learning how to transform the texture of the hair through chemical application. We will learn how to apply relaxer correctly, as well as how to create permanent curls through chemical change.