Week of 1/25-1/29

Core 1- This week we will be further exploring bacteriology and sanitation. In the lab we will be exploring heated tools such as the blow dryer, electric rollers, curling irons, and flat irons. We will be perfecting our sectioning skills with hair.

Core 2- This week we will be finishing up with our wet styling techniques, such as roller sets, pin curls, and finger waves.

Core 3- This week we will be further exploring hair color, and lightening. We will continue practicing our application skills, and learning how to formulate color.

Week of January 11-15 2016 Exploring our careers!!

Hello future cosmetologists!

This week we we will be exploring the field further within all Cores!

Core 3- This week we will be learning about the hair colorist’s lifestyle! We will learn how they practice their craft, what their jobs entail, and how to become and expert hair color professional! We will learn how to properly apply hair color, we will learn how to formulate, and we will understand what is happening to the hair as the color changes!

Core 2- This week, we will learn about the structure of the hair, how it grows, and how to keep it healthy. We will also learn about disorders and diseases of the scalp, and how to treat them if we are able to.

Core 1- We will be learning about the field of cosmetology, career possibilities, and the differences between barbering and cosmetology. When we are finished we will understand what it takes to become a professional within our field.

Welcome back, and happy new year!!!

I would like to welcome back all returning students, and welcome all new students to Cosmetology!

This semester holds lots of fun new things that we will be learning!

Core 3- You will be perfecting your skills as a stylist, what is trending with hair nails and skin, and how to get started as a professional in our field!

Core 2- You will be introduced to the world of chemical texturizing! You will learn how to add or take curl out of hair permanently, and temporarily, as well as how to care for the hair on a daily basis.

Core 1- You will be opened up to the world of beauty! You will learn the theory behind hair, skin and nails. You will learn how they grow, how to take care of them, and how to make all 3 look better. Enjoy your journey this semester!