Week of 3/28/16-4/1/16

Last week until spring break!


Finish the year in good standing! If you are missing work, get with me about making it up!

Core 1- We are beginning facials this week, and learning the histology of skin. Chapter 7 questions in the textbook are due this week.

Core 2- We are exploring trends this week in our industry, from makeup, to updos we will be discussing and practicing what’s “hot” right now.

Core 3-We also will be exploring trends, also learning advanced techniques.

Spring is near!

Week of 3/7/16-3/14/16

Core 1- We are beginning our anatomy chapter. We are learning about the different systems of the body, focusing on the integumentary system, which is the hair, skin and nails. This week we will also begin doing manicures in our lab.

Core 2-We will be doing perm rod placement this week, and studying the chemical action of all types of permanent texturizers.

Core 3- We will be doing haircuts this week, also learning how to create layers, and graduation within a haircut.