Week of 8/21/16-8/25/16

Core 1- This week, we will be studying infection control and safety practices. In the lab we will be learning how to do the ‘inside ” French braid. I am impressed with the outside braids that everyone mastered last week, great job guys!

Core 2- This week we will be finishing up with hair histology. In the lab we will be learning and practicing pin curls, and our quiz on Friday will include histology and wet hairstyling. Study your notes!

Core 3- This week we will continue with chemical texture services. We will be having timed drills for relaxer application, and we will be practicing sectioning and rolling for perm rods.

Week of 8/15/16-8/19/16

Core 1-Welcome back everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! This week in Cosmetology, we will be getting further involved with braiding. We will practice our fishtail braid, which by the way, you guys seemed to grasp really well, both block 1 and 4! I am very impressed with you guys’ abilities! We will move on to the outside french braid this week, as well as reviewing chapter 2 in preparation for our quiz on Friday. Review you notes! We will also be learning about the regulatory agencies that are involved with cosmetology this week. Take notes!


Core 2- This week we will begin to learn how to roller set hair on magnetic rollers. We will also begin to study the histology of the hair, concerning, how it grows, how to keep it nourished, as well as its structure.

Core 3- This week we will be learning about hair relaxers. We will learn what they are made of, their precautions, how to apply for a virgin and retouch application, as well as the different types. We will be practicing the application methods in the lab this week using a mock product (cholesterol or gel), to demonstrate the application techniques.