Welcome February!!

I am hoping for a successful Groundhog Day, and ready for spring!!

Ok, so this month we are picking up speed in all levels. I am very proud of Core 1 for mastering braids and marcel curling, you guys are amazing!

Core 2, great job with the roller sets, I am impressed!

Core 3, you guys did excellent with your foils!


For February,

Core 1- We will be finishing up with hairstyling, and moving into nails. We will finish up with our curls and move into the french roll and chignon. This will complete our hairstyling for the semester, other than practicing for braid day.

Core 2- We will be continuing with wet hairstyling techniques, practicing pin curls and fingerwaves.

Core 3- We will continue our hair color practices and theory. We will practice lightening, and toning on manikins as well as fashion colors.

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