It’s March, Welcome Spring!

Greetings Cosmetology Students!


We have had an excellent start to our new year!

Core 1- You guys have been impressing me with your talents! I have some awesome braiders, and some students with some really good curling skills! You guys rock! Look forward to starting manicures, and nail designs when we return from winter break!

Core 2- I know you guys are not fans of fingerwaves, but it is ok! We will be moving on to other hairstyling techniques, using tools such as flexi rods, hot rollers, and other tools. We will begin to focus on hairstyle duplicating, creating styles from pictures. This will be fun, so enjoy!

Core 3- You guys did some blonding, and some pinking, blueing, greening, and all other types of coloring on your manikins, it was fun! Now we will take ¬†little break from hair this month and we will learn how to do the “state board nail”, using acrylic, and nail brushes. ¬†Enjoy the process, it will be different and fun! After Spring Break, we will finish up the semester with haircutting. There may be another field trip coming up!


4 weeks until Spring Break!

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