April 10-April 14

Welcome back from Spring Break!

I hope everyone enjoyed their time.

Let’s finish this semester up strong!

All cores, we will be busy withe the following:

Core 1- This week we are finishing up our facials, taking our quiz on Tuesday, 4/11. We will then begin to study the anatomy chapter.

Core 2- We will be practicing prom hairstyling in our lab, and finishing up properties of the hair and scalp this week, with our quiz on Tuesday, 4/11.

Core 3- We will be continuing with our haircuts, starting on the 45 degree bob on Monday, finishing up next week with clipper cuts.

Enjoy the last 6 weeks, we are almost done!!!!

It’s March, Welcome Spring!

Greetings Cosmetology Students!


We have had an excellent start to our new year!

Core 1- You guys have been impressing me with your talents! I have some awesome braiders, and some students with some really good curling skills! You guys rock! Look forward to starting manicures, and nail designs when we return from winter break!

Core 2- I know you guys are not fans of fingerwaves, but it is ok! We will be moving on to other hairstyling techniques, using tools such as flexi rods, hot rollers, and other tools. We will begin to focus on hairstyle duplicating, creating styles from pictures. This will be fun, so enjoy!

Core 3- You guys did some blonding, and some pinking, blueing, greening, and all other types of coloring on your manikins, it was fun! Now we will take  little break from hair this month and we will learn how to do the “state board nail”, using acrylic, and nail brushes.  Enjoy the process, it will be different and fun! After Spring Break, we will finish up the semester with haircutting. There may be another field trip coming up!


4 weeks until Spring Break!

Welcome February!!

I am hoping for a successful Groundhog Day, and ready for spring!!

Ok, so this month we are picking up speed in all levels. I am very proud of Core 1 for mastering braids and marcel curling, you guys are amazing!

Core 2, great job with the roller sets, I am impressed!

Core 3, you guys did excellent with your foils!


For February,

Core 1- We will be finishing up with hairstyling, and moving into nails. We will finish up with our curls and move into the french roll and chignon. This will complete our hairstyling for the semester, other than practicing for braid day.

Core 2- We will be continuing with wet hairstyling techniques, practicing pin curls and fingerwaves.

Core 3- We will continue our hair color practices and theory. We will practice lightening, and toning on manikins as well as fashion colors.

Well, what a week hugh?

Hello Sprayberry Cosmetology!!!

So we have had a restful snow week, we should be ready to jump right in and learn our craft!

Here is our short week in view:

Core 1- This week we are learning about the history of cosmetology, how all of this got started, and what the first comb was…we will also be learning how to properly shampoo, and work with our manikins.

Core 2- This week we are reviewing our curling and blow dying techniques, and moving into hot rollers. We will begin to study Chapter 4, Communicating for Success.

Core 3- This week we are learning about employment in our industry, and practicing skills. We will be moving into relaxers.

Enjoy your short week!

week of 11/28-12/2

Core 1- We will begin our chemistry chapter this week. Be ready for a “yummy” demonstration of chemicals on Friday.

Core 2- This week we are exploring facial makeup. Bring your own makeup and brushes in on Tuesday so that we can practice.

Core 3- We will begin our 45 degree haircut this week. We will also do our 90 degree haircut to continue our studies on layering the hair.

Welcome Fall!!!

Temps are dropping, be sure to moisturize your hair and skin!!

Here is what is going on for the next two weeks until Thanksgiving Break!

Core 1- We will be practicing facials. We are currently learning about skin care products, and tools and machines used to perform facials. We are also learning the various massage movements used during the procedure. The week leading up to break we will be practicing skills we have learned throughout the course, for example curling and braiding.

Core 2- For the next two weeks we will be practicing our skills that we have learned throughout the course, in preparation for our final practical exam. We will be practicing braids, roundbrush blowdrying, curling techniques, and nail polishing.

Core 3-We will be finishing up our haircuts over the next two weeks and reviewing for our EOC exam.

Week of 10/10/16-10/14/16

Core 1- This week we will be finishing up with manicure and taking our nail quiz on Wednesday, 10/12. Study hard, lots of definitions.

Core 2- This week we will be taking our perm quiz on Tuesday, 10/11. Study hard!

Core 3- This week we will begin working with acrylic nail products, to create the state board nail.


Week of 9/6/16-9/9/16

Core 1- This week we will continue working with our marcel curling irons, practicing figure 6 curls. We will also have our quiz on chapter 3, on Thursday, 9/8/16.

Core 2- This week we will be bringing our pin curls and fingerwaves together to create classical hair designs. This will conclude our wet hairstyling module. We will then begin sectioning for perm rods. We will also continue with our studies of shampoos and conditioners, and a quiz on Thursday, 9/8/16.

Core 3- This week we are continuing with lightening and toning our manikins, and learning about lift and deposit  of hair color. We will continue with learning vocabulary and color chemistry in theory.