Week of 8/21/16-8/25/16

Core 1- This week, we will be studying infection control and safety practices. In the lab we will be learning how to do the ‘inside ” French braid. I am impressed with the outside braids that everyone mastered last week, great job guys!

Core 2- This week we will be finishing up with hair histology. In the lab we will be learning and practicing pin curls, and our quiz on Friday will include histology and wet hairstyling. Study your notes!

Core 3- This week we will continue with chemical texture services. We will be having timed drills for relaxer application, and we will be practicing sectioning and rolling for perm rods.

Week of 8/15/16-8/19/16

Core 1-Welcome back everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! This week in Cosmetology, we will be getting further involved with braiding. We will practice our fishtail braid, which by the way, you guys seemed to grasp really well, both block 1 and 4! I am very impressed with you guys’ abilities! We will move on to the outside french braid this week, as well as reviewing chapter 2 in preparation for our quiz on Friday. Review you notes! We will also be learning about the regulatory agencies that are involved with cosmetology this week. Take notes!


Core 2- This week we will begin to learn how to roller set hair on magnetic rollers. We will also begin to study the histology of the hair, concerning, how it grows, how to keep it nourished, as well as its structure.

Core 3- This week we will be learning about hair relaxers. We will learn what they are made of, their precautions, how to apply for a virgin and retouch application, as well as the different types. We will be practicing the application methods in the lab this week using a mock product (cholesterol or gel), to demonstrate the application techniques.

Sprayberry Cosmetology 2016-2017

Welcome back to school!


This year in cosmetology will be exciting and fun! We will be learning how to create the “hot ” looks  of today, yesterday, and the future! You will discover your inner hairdresser/nailtech/or skin care specialist, enjoy your journey!


I am Mrs. Rowell, your cosmetology teacher. I will be out for the first few days of school, due to the loss of my father. I will be returning on Friday, August 5th.

I am looking forward to working with each and every one of you, and I am looking forward to a great school year!


Please return classroom contracts by Friday, 8/5.


See you soon!

Week of May 16-May 20th

Well folks, we’ve made it through yet another school year!


This is the second to the last week of school! This week we will have our final exams. Core 1 will be on Thursday May 19th, and Core 2 & 3 will have finals on Wednesday, May 18th. Study hard, and good luck! Late assignments will be taken until Friday May 20th.

The Health and Style Institute /Beauty School Scholarship is still up for grabs. Look below for scholarship rules. Deadline for submission has been extended to Tuesday, May 17th.



Cosmetology Scholarship Rules


Students must be graduating this year, have completed and passed all 3 cores of cosmetology, and passed the End of Pathway Exam.


Students must complete a two-page essay, about their personal cosmetology career plan. Describe the area of specialty that you will practice, where you plan to work, (salon, on set, backstage, healthcare facility, in a school, etc.) Also specify your ability to attend beauty school full-time until completion, as attendance rules in beauty school are very strict.


Please include a picture of your best work in your email. (Hair, makeup, or nails)



Please send your submissions to: sharonda.rowell@cobbk12.org


Submission deadline:  May 17, 2016


Core 1- We are finishing up with our skin care and facials this week. Our quiz will be on Thursday.

Core 2- We will be exploring makeup application techniques this week.

Core 3- Field trip to the Aveda Institute this Wednesday, 4/20. We are also finishing up with our acrylic nails this week and beginning extension braids.

Week of 3/28/16-4/1/16

Last week until spring break!


Finish the year in good standing! If you are missing work, get with me about making it up!

Core 1- We are beginning facials this week, and learning the histology of skin. Chapter 7 questions in the textbook are due this week.

Core 2- We are exploring trends this week in our industry, from makeup, to updos we will be discussing and practicing what’s “hot” right now.

Core 3-We also will be exploring trends, also learning advanced techniques.

Spring is near!

Week of 3/7/16-3/14/16

Core 1- We are beginning our anatomy chapter. We are learning about the different systems of the body, focusing on the integumentary system, which is the hair, skin and nails. This week we will also begin doing manicures in our lab.

Core 2-We will be doing perm rod placement this week, and studying the chemical action of all types of permanent texturizers.

Core 3- We will be doing haircuts this week, also learning how to create layers, and graduation within a haircut.