January 16

Week of Jan. 15th

NOTICE- Current report cards are online via PVUE.  See the progress report grades on PVUE Feb. 9. 

AC: Final Test for 451 is Friday, 1-26.

Tuesday, 1-16: We reviewed technology predictions from Bradbury & Fahrenheit 451, turned in the tech. sheet, and began work on Part 3 vocabulary. The Part 3 voc quiz will be NEXT Tuesday, 1-23. 

AC Archetype Project is due Tuesday, Feb. 6th. Archetype project  Archetype Check Sheet

OL: Final Test for The Giver is Tuesday, 1-30.

Tuesday, 1-16: We read Ch. 16 and completed a response sheet. Students had to do 5 annotations focused on text to self and/or character traits. This will be checked tomorrow.

The Giver 2nd vocabulary quiz will be next Friday, 1-26. Vocabulary 2nd Unit


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January 9

Week of Jan. 8th

NOTICE- Current report cards are online via PVUE.  See the progress report grades on PVUE Feb. 9. 

Dear Parents of 8th Graders:  Today, Friday, January 12th, we will send home the results of the PSAT 8/9.  There will also be a cover letter from  Dr. Brink to help guide you through the purpose and possible actions you may take as you review this test.   I have attached her letter for your reference.

Thanks!  8th Grade Teachers


Friday, 1-12: We took the Part 2 test for Fahrenheit 451 & turned in the work for this section too. Students then began to work on the technology chart comparing the predictions from Bradbury to what we have today. Technology in Fahrenheit 45

Thursday, 1-11: We did our 3rd Quickwrite & annotations were checked. Be ready for tomorrow’s test and have the Part 2 work completed too. Also, do the first part of the archetype project check sheet: Movie & Project choice

Wednesday, 1-10: Today is a work day! Let’s get caught up on the annotations that will be checked tomorrow & the study guide for Friday’s Part 2 test. Part 2 Study Guide

Tuesday, 1-9: We finished reading Part 2. The test for Part 2, including vocabulary, will be this Friday, 1-12. Part 2 work will also be due Friday- Q&A and Figurative Language.

AC Archetype Project was handed out today- it is due Tuesday, Feb. 6th. Archetype project  Archetype Check Sheet


Friday, 1-12: We worked on our character trait chart. Please see the NEW instructions so you know how many traits and page numbers to include. If you’ve lost your chart, see me for a new one! This will be due when we take the final test on the novel. CHARACTER TRAIT CHART instructions

Thursday, 1-11: We did our 3rd Quickwrite today & annotations were checked. 

Wednesday, 1-10: Today was a work day! Let’s get caught up on the annotations for tomorrow’s check. Chapters 13 & 14 with 5-7 detailed comments PER chapter!

Tuesday, 1-9: We read chapters 13-14, worked on chapter questions, and annotated. Annotations will be checked this Thursday, 1-11, with these requirements: vocabulary highlighted & 5-7 comments per chapter that we read this week. 

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January 4

Week of Jan. 4th

Welcome back students!


Friday, 1-5: We started the figurative language sheet & read from pages 89-98. Part 2 fig lang

Thursday, 1-4: We did a recap activity, 6 Word Stories, to help us remember where we were with Fahrenheit 451. NO HOMEWORK 🙂

OL- Our 2nd period class is happy to welcome Mrs. Julie Chabot as our new co-taught teacher!

Friday, 1-5: We finished our sketch notes about synesthesia. 1st period- if you did NOT finish your sketches, this is your HW over the weekend. Turn it in first thing Monday morning. 

Thursday, 1-4: We completed the Venn Diagram comparing our community with Jonas’ community, and then we began to read a nonfiction article about the unique ability called synesthesia. Students will complete their “sketch notes/annotations” in class tomorrow. NO HOMEWORK 🙂

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December 18

Week of December 18th



Monday-Wednesday: We’ll be responding to a nonfiction article, “The Great Imagination Heist”. We will not be reading Fahrenheit, so if you are absent, you don’t have to worry about catching up. No homework over the break. Just relax, get some extra sleep, and enjoy your time 🙂


Monday-Wednesday: Monday, we read chapters 11 & 12.  No homework over the break. Just relax, get some extra sleep, and enjoy your time 🙂

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December 11

Week of December 11th


Friday, 12-15: We read to page 89 in Part 2 and started to complete the Q&A Comp Quest Part 2

Thursday, 12-14: We did our 2nd Quick-Write & started the vocabulary for Part 2. See me if you missed this. 

Wednesday, 12-13: We began reading Part 2 p. 67-78. We will start the vocabulary for this section and do the 2nd Quick-Write tomorrow. 

We will take our OPEN-BOOK TEST whenever we return to school. Be ready for it and have FAHRENHEIT 451 with you!- This was accomplished on Tuesday, 12-12 🙂


Friday, 12-15: Vocabulary for the 2nd part of The Giver – make sure you have the right answers Vocabulary 2nd Unit

Thursday, 12-14: We took our vocabulary test and did our 2nd Quickwrite. If you missed this, come see me!

Wednesday, 12-13: STUDY!!!!! Tomorrow’s vocabulary test will not be easy, BUT, you do get to use your anticipation guide during the test. PLEASE be sure you’ve checked the answer key. It is on the last page in the Vocab attached below and from a few weeks ago.  We read Ch. 10 today and finished the chapter questions.  

Tuesday, 12-12: We read Ch. 9    Please be studying for Thursday’s vocabulary test ! All 30 words will be on it- direct quotes from the book, with the vocabulary word missing. Fill in the blank with the correct vocab word. There will be an answer bank. We will do practice sessions both Tuesday & Wednesday for our warmups to help you prepare for this type of test.  Vocab for The Giver Section 1


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December 4

Week of December 4th

AC LA- Don’t forget that your concrete imagery chart is due Tuesday 5th!!!  Concrete imagery I WILL give some class time to work on it- you’re welcome 🙂

Thursday, 12-7: We took our Part 1 vocabulary quiz. The Question & Answer sheet is due tomorrow. There will also be an annotation check for Part 1. You need something on each page for Part 1. Be sure you’ve annotated for the ventilator grill, both in foreshadowing & pages 62-63. 

Wednesday, 12-6: We finished reading Part 1. Be sure you annotate for the lines where the ventilator grill is mentioned previously to today’s scene. Vocabulary quiz tomorrow!

Tuesday, 12-5: We did our first quick-write. See me if you were absent for the instructions and the prompt. Concrete Imagery was finished and turned in, and the rest of class was used to catch up on Part 1 questions & study vocabulary. 

Monday, 12-4: We read pages 40-54 & focused on dystopian traits and Mildred’s character traits.

REMINDERS- Thursday, 12-7 is the vocabulary quiz for Part 1 &  Monday, 12-11 is the Part 1 test and 7 archetype quotes are due. 


Thursday, 12-7: We read chapter 8 & started the Jonas character trait web.

Wednesday, 12-6: We participated in our own “Ceremony of 12” with job assignments and completed a written response. 

Tuesday, 12-5: We read chapter 7 and completed the sequence chart for the main events from chapters 6-7 (the ceremony of 12). 

Monday, 12-4: We began our quick-write activity. If you were absent, come see me for the writing paper and prompt #1! I will collect this once we’ve done FOUR written responses, and it will count as a test grade. Then, we did our life chart assignment.

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November 27

Week of November 27th


Friday, 12-1: We watched an interview with Ray Bradbury, discussed yesterday’s reading, and received the Concrete Imagery assignment- due Tuesday, 12-5   Concrete imagery

Thursday, 11-30: We read to pg 40, and are keeping up with our questions. 

Wednesday, 11-29: We took our class spelling bee & students began Part 1 questions. Part 1 Q & A

Tuesday, 11-28: We read pages 8-18 & annotated for archetypes, vocabulary, and dystopian society.

Monday, 11- 27: We began reading Fahrenheit 451 today. We read through page 7 & annotated for archetypes & vocabulary words. 

451 Handouts: Character Chart   Archetype Chart  Answers for Vocab  Part 1 Vocab pg #



Friday, 12-1: We finished the questions for chapters 4 & 5, and read chapter 6.

Thursday, 11-30: We read chapters 4 & 5.

Wednesday, 11-29: We did our class spelling bee today, worked on chapter questions for The Giver & there is homework! Do 1 side of the vocabulary sheet for “petulantly”. We will do the other side after we’ve read those chapters. 

Tuesday, 11-28: We read pages 14- 32, through chapter 3, and annotated for dystopian characteristics, character traits, and the vocabulary. 

Monday,11-27: We began reading The Giver today. We read through page 13/Ch.1 and annotated for character traits & vocabulary. Vocabulary

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November 13

Week of November 13th

All classes need to bring their novels, Monday, 11-27!

Thursday, 11-16: 1st-3rd periods: video clip notes as introduction to Fahrenheit 451  

Periods 6-7: Pre-reading bias & written response as introduction to The Giver. Bring 30 flashcards tomorrow!

Wednesday, 11-15: Archetypes continued https://prezi.com/xcanyzqtkqii/archetypes/

Tuesday, 11-14: Archetypes- we viewed videos and took notes on character, color, and number archetypes as a way to build background knowledge for our novel study.  Archetype Note Sheet     Archetype Answer Key

Monday, 11-13: A look into the Dystopian Genre as an introduction to Unit 2                                     Periods 6th & 7th: Art for Chart

Periods 1-3: Dystopian Art

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November 8

Week of November 6th

No School on Tuesday, Nov. 7th!

Monday-Friday: we are writing our definition essay- finally! This WILL BE A TEST GRADE. All writing will done in class, by hand, and timed. This is following the guidelines of the Milestone Testing students will do in late April.  The topic: Define a hero using the definition strategies of: function, examples, and negation. The plan is to finish in class Friday.




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October 30

Week of October 30th

**Don’t forget- bring $1 to dress up on Halloween!

Thursday & Friday, 11-2 & 11-3: Our focus is conclusion paragraphs. What they are and are not, styles, and practicing writing conclusions for short papers. Concluding Paragraphs

Wednesday, 11-1: We reviewed transitions and lead-ins for quotes, practiced with a passage in the textbook, and created a foldable to help us remember the TLQC acronym.  

Tuesday, 10-31: We worked on creative, precise writing by creating 6 word scary stories, and saying good-bye to “dead” words. 

Monday, 10-30: We took SAT Unit 5 quiz & turned in flashcards. Students finished their textbook work & puzzles that went with the stories.  PERIODS 1-3: Finish the “HERO” Frayer Model (back page in the puzzle packet) for HW tonight. 

AC students need to have their own copy of Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, by Nov. 1st.  Here is a link to Amazon if you’re interested: Fahrenheit 451

On-Level students need to have their own copy of The Giver, by Lois Lowry, by Nov. 1st. Here is a link to Amazon if you’re interested: The Giver

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