February 10

Week of Feb. 10th

Wednesday, 2-12: 

Fahrenheit 451: Students took their Vocab Quiz for Part 1 & turned in the figurative lang WS, PLUS, annotations were checked. 

The Giver:  We read chapters 9&10, and there will be a “quizzer” tomorrow over what we read. Clues for the “quizzer”- you need to know: what the shocking rules are for Jonas’s job, what is the memory being shared with Jonas, and what can the Receiver turn off. Don’t forget- Q&A for ch. 6-10 will be due Friday. Also, on Friday, you will have the vocab quiz & flashcards are due- word, definition, and a sentence. Annotation check is tomorrow

Tuesday, 2-11: Don’t forget if you need to work on essay, tomorrow morning at 8:20 is the last day! Vocab Quiz is tomorrow for 451, your annotations, & fig. lang. is due too.  🙂 Giver work is due Friday!

Monday, 2-10:

Fahrenheit 451: We are preparing for tomorrow’s Socratic Seminar. You need to have BOTH sheets completed when you come into class Tuesday – Part 1 Discussion Q&A Socratic Seminar   Socratic Seminar Student Prep Chart

Don’t forget the due dates for this week also! Upcoming Due Dates

The Giver: We reviewed the events of Ch. 7 and completed the Sequence Chart WS & the Venn Diagram for the community. We read Ch. 8- be ready for a “QUIZZER” tomorrow! There is another Vocabulary HW extension activity tonight. Remember, Vocabulary Quiz this Friday! Flashcards are due too: word, definition, word in a sentence. Vocab anticipation guide 1


This year’s Dickerson Dash 5K will be held Friday, March 13, at 7:45 pm.

This year’s theme is Zombie Run.  Runners can expect to be splashed with red color powder along the race and can even purchase red color packets to throw on themselves or friends.  Watch out!  There may be some zombie sightings along the race course too!  Community sponsors will have tents set up on campus and may have swag and coupons to pick up.  Participants may choose to dress as a human or a zombie!


(The color powders are high quality and safe.  All FDA food grade and biodegradable ingredients are used. The powders are certified cosmetics in Europe (safe for skin), certified non-dust explosive in the USA and Europe, and safe for the environment.)

Packet Pick Up is scheduled for Sunday, March 8 from 1 pm – 5 pm at Road Runner Sports East Cobb.  Pick up your packet there, and Road Runner Sports will donate $1.25 per packet back to the school!


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February 3

Week of Feb. 3rd

Friday, 2-7:

451 Work: Students took another “quizzer”, and we finished reading Part 1 of the novel. Students received the Q&A discussion sheet. Please have 1/2 of it finished by class on Monday! Part 1 Discussion Q&A Socratic Seminar  Here is a list of all the upcoming due dates for Part 1 part 1 due dates

The Giver Work: We read Chapter 7, and students were given time to work on their Chapters 1- 5 Q&A sheet- this is due Monday. Here is a list of all the upcoming due dates for next week. Upcoming Due Dates

Thursday, 2-6:

451 Work: Students need to read through page 60 by Friday. We WILL have another “quizzer” tomorrow. The Creative Assignment will be due Monday, 10th Concrete imagery. Don’t forget that you have assignments due next Wed. 12th along with the vocab quiz. See this past Monday’s post for more info. Hints: You need to know: where Clarisse is; what Beatty says about books and spelling; Montag, Mildred, and the book; who visits Montag while he’s sick; The history of Mildred & Montag’s relationship.

The Giver Work: We discussed Chapters 1- 5 & students are working on the Q&A for them- these are due Monday. The Life Event Chart was completed in class, and students could work on their character sheet that is due tomorrow, the 7th. 

Wednesday, 2-5:

451 Work: We discussed the main events in our recent reading. Students need to read through page 60 by Friday. We WILL have another “quizzer” on Friday. Don’t forget that you have assignments due next Wed. 12th along with the vocab quiz. See Monday’s post for more info.

The Giver Work: We discussed Ch. 5 key points & took a “quizzer” over it. We read Ch. 6, and then students received two assignments: A Vocabulary Extension HW sheet that is due tomorrow, and a character sheet that is due Friday, 7th. 

Tuesday, 2-4: Students did not have LA class today. Instead, they were with Mrs. Jackson, our 8th gr. counselor for the SOS presentation. Do NOT FORGET your reading assignments for tomorrow’s class- see Monday’s post for the info.

Monday, 2-3:

451 Work:  Vocabulary Answer Key for  Fahrenheit 451 Key part 1 vocThe voc. quiz will be next Wed. 12th

Students need to read to page 32 “RULES & First Fireman Ben Franklin” by the start of class Wed. 2-5. Students also received the Figurative Language handout- it will be due next Wednesday, along with everything else for Part 1 Figurative Language Analysis

The Giver Work: Students need have read Ch. 5 by class Wed. 2-5.  Students will have the Voc. quiz Friday, 2-14. You need to do flashcards for all 30 words- include the word, definition, and use the word in a sentence. The cards are also due on 2-14. The Answer Key is the last page of his packet Vocab anticipation guide 1

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January 27

Week of Jan. 27th

All Classes: Bring your novels on Thursday! 

Thursday, 1-30: We practiced our Dialogue Journal Entries with yesterday’s short story, and began to read our novels. Each novel also received their first set of vocabulary words. 

Wednesday, 1-29: We read Harrison Bergeron & discussed the Dialectical Journal Assignments that will go along with the novel study. We will do a practice entry tomorrow in class. The Giver Utopia Dialogue Journal Directions                        Fahrenheit 451 Utopia Dialogue Journal

Tuesday, 1-28: Dystopian Discovery continued with videos & notes

Monday, 1-27: Today’s Art Work- Dystopian Art.docx

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January 21

Week of Jan. 20th

Friday, 24th: We were introduced to archetypes, and completed these notes while watching the videos. Archetype Notes   Archetype video links

Tuesday-Thursday, 21 to 23: We’re in the media center typing up our essays that are due Thursday at the end of class.

Don’t forget to buy your novels for next week too! 

Here’s the Writing Fair information in case you want to enter for bonus points 🙂

2020 ENTRY FORM writing fair info

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January 13

Week of January 13th

Classes: Remember to buy your novels by Jan. 27th 

Friday, 1-17: WE took SAT Unit 6 quiz today. Students then had time to work on their SAT Unit 6 assignment that is due Tuesday, 21st OR their essay rough drafts. NEW DUE DATE- Essays will be due Thursday, 23rd, at the end of class. We’ll be typing Tues, Wed, and Thurs. of next week.

Here’s the answer key for today’s SAT 6 Practice SAT 6 Practice Key. The quiz is TOMORROW!

Wednesday, 1-15 & Thursday, 1-16: Prewriting and starting rough drafts for our definition essays will be our focus for the next two days. Students will be in the media center on Thursday to research more information & quotes they may need on their heroes. Students will be typing their final copies Tues. & Wed. of next week. 

Tuesday, 1-14: Finishing up our book work and brainstorming for our expository essay- The Definition of a Hero. We’ll be working on it IN CLASS from now until next Wednesday, 1-22. 

Monday, 1-13: Here’s the Presentation for your notes Hooks –  Complete your notes, and put them in the writing section of your binder. 

Remember- SAT Unit 6 and the assignments. Periods 1, 2, &7: SAT Vocabulary Project – Unit 6   Periods 2 & 3: VOCABULARY THINK tac toe.  The assignments are due on Tuesday, 1-21. You will NOT present these in class. The SAT Unit 6 vocab quiz will be on Friday, 1-17 SAT 6 words

Writing Fair Info:Link     2020 ENTRY FORM

AC Novel- Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury & OL- The Giver by Lois Lowry

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January 6

Week of January 6th

WELCOME BACK! Writing Fair Info:Link     2020 ENTRY FORM

Friday, 1-10: We read 4 passages on historical heroes- Lincoln and Douglas. Students are working on Q&A for those pieces of literature. Reminder- SAT Unit 6 quiz is next Friday, 1-17 SAT 6 words

Thursday, 1-9: We read, Where I Find My Heroes by Oliver Stone and completed the questions along with brief research on 5 historical heroes.  Where I Find My Heroes WS

Wednesday,1-8: We began the first step for our expository essay- learning what the definition strategies are and how to use them with different concepts. Definition strategies overview  NOTES & practice for the PPT 1st, 2nd, 7th: Definition Strategies    2nd & 3rd Periods: Definition Strategies OL

Tuesday, 1-7: We introduced SAT Unit 6 and the assignments. Periods 1, 2, &7: SAT Vocabulary Project – Unit 6   Periods 2 & 3: VOCABULARY THINK tac toe.  The assignments are due on Tuesday, 1-21. You will NOT present these in class. The SAT Unit 6 vocab quiz will be on Friday, 1-17.

Monday, 1-6: We started our new semester with a New Year writing activity New Year Writing. If you didn’t finish in class, you should finish it tonight for homework, OR complete in class tomorrow after we watch our SAT 6 DVD.

Students need to get their class novel by Monday, January 27th. Periods 1, 2, & 7 need Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.   Periods 3 & 6 need The Giver by Lois Lowry

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December 16

Week of December 16th

All Classes: Remember- Thurs. and Fri. are early-release days. 1:30 dismissal

Thursday, 12-18: We continued our sentence activities with a coloring assignment.

Tuesday, 12-17 and Wednesday, 12-18: Mentor Sentences Packet  Click on this link for your directions, articles, and photos to complete the mentor sentence packet. 

Monday, 12-16: We took our SAT Unit test today. No homework- just stay healthy! 🙂

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December 9

Week of December 9th

All Classes: SAT Units 1-5 test is next Monday, 12-16 

December, 12-13: Continued sentence reviews- focus on complex and compound-complex sentence. Finish today’s work over the weekend. Be ready for Monday’s SAT Unit test! Crossword puzzle & Quizziz are due Monday.

Thursday, 12-12: We began a review of sentences and sentence structures today. 2nd & 3rd periods need to finish their compound sentence WS for HW tonight- completion grade. We’ll go over it tomorrow. 1st, 6th, 7th- finish the back of the Shmoop sheet for your HW tonight.

Wednesday, 12-11: SAT Unit Test Review- the crossword puzzle is your assignment SAT 1-5 crossword. It is due Monday, 12-16, the day you take the test. You ALSO must complete the two Quizziz by Monday morning. Quizziz for Units 1-3     Quizziz Units 4-5

Tuesday, 12-10: We had our movie field trip 🙂

Monday, 12-9: We were in the computer lab to create Acrostic Poems for our short story from last week, Drummer Boy of Shiloh. Students had to write it in class and turn it in at the end of class for a quiz grade. acrostic directions

Here’s the Quizlet SAT Test 1-5-practice for fun!

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December 2

Week of December 2nd

All Classes:

Wednesday, 12-4 to Friday, 12-6: We read “Drummer Boy of Shiloh” in our textbooks, and will be doing a variety of activities to analyze the mood and the techniques used to create it. There will be an OPEN-BOOK quiz on the story this Friday, 12-6. It is a short, 10 question, multiple-choice quiz, and you will have the story to use also.

Tuesday, 12-3: We reviewed a variety of videos and information to help build background knowledge on the Civil War and the teenage boys that were involved.

Monday, 12-2: We took our classroom Spelling Bee today. The SAT Unit Test was also announced. The test will be on Monday, 12-16 over the following 50 words from units 1-5: 1st semester list

Here’s the Quizlet to help you study!! Thank you Nikhil 🙂  Quizlet SAT Test 1-5

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November 18

Week of Nov. 18th

All Classes: SAT Unit 5 quiz & cards are due THIS Friday, 11-22  SAT Unit 5

Friday, 11-22: SAT 5 quiz & Free Rice

Thursday, 11-21: We typed our constructed responses to Ithaca for a test grade. Remember… SAT Unit 5 is due tomorrow! Be sure you study 🙂

Wednesday, 11-20: We started the constructed response for the poem Ithaca. Students worked on the rough draft using the 8 sentence model chart. Students will type the final copies in class tomorrow. NO response goes home- it is a test grade due at the end of class Thursday, 11-21.

Tuesday, 11-19: We read the poem Ithaka by Cavafy and completed the TPCASTT chart TPCASST – Graphic Organizer – Ithaka for it. Ithaka   We will begin our constructed response about this poem tomorrow with the final piece due Thursday at the end of class. 

Monday, 11-18: We’re introducing a poetry analysis strategy- TPCASTT. 1st, 6th, 7th periods- We worked with two poems based on the Ga Studies topic of The Trail of Tears. Partners reviewed the two poems & then completed a response sheet. 2nd & 3rd periods worked through the poem, “On Turning Ten” as a class, and then completed a TPCASTT chart on their own.  The only HW is for 2nd period- if you didn’t finish your TPCASTT chart in class, do this for HW tonight. TPCAST Template TPCASTT for 10    The Rose That Grew From Concrete By Tupac Shakur


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