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Friday, November 17

3 things to do in science class today:

  1. Finish your questions 12-26 and have them graded.
  2. Complete the webquest at      Questions you should answer are on the drawers at the front of the room.  Keep as an extra resource for Open Note Quiz, Monday, Nov 27.
  3. Use earbuds or headphones (in a box next to the laptop cart) to watch the Bill Nye video on cells at    Questions you should answer are on the drawers at the front of the room.  Keep as an extra resource for Open Note Quiz on Monday, Nov 27



When we get back after the break, there will be an Open Notes quiz.  You will need questions 1-26 and  the Organelles and Their Functions chart.  The webquest and Bill Nye notes are optional extra resources.

The deadline for turning in HiTouchHiTech has been extended to Wednesday, Dec 13.  See Mrs. Jacobson if you need a new form and envelope.

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Homeroom: November 17

Dear Parents of 7th Graders – Today we sent home your student’s IOWA results. They should arrive to you in a sealed envelope. Thank you, 7th Grade Teachers and Mr. Perry.


Happy a great Thanksgiving Break!  Image result for turkey thankful

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Thursday, Nov 16

Today students had the entire class to work on questions 12-26.  These are due at the end of class tomorrow.  Class time will be given tomorrow.

Chapter 3 AC Questions-1dfwpkq

Chapter 3 Questions-27184vc

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Wednesday, Nov 15

Today students looked at plant and animal cells through microscopes.  This activity will be graded for students who were present, but there is no opportunity for absentees to complete this.  They will have “Exempt” for their grade.

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Science Fair Club Nov 15

Today we looked at good and not-so-good backboards for the display at the science fair.  Science Fair Club examples-2gkmjsu


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Tuesday, Nov 14

Today students learned how to use a microscope and make a slide.  Questions 1-11 were  checked and will be in Synergy soon.

No homework.

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Monday, Nov 13

Today we read pages 72-74 and finished filling in the Organelles and Their Functions sheetChapter 3 Organelles and their Functions key-1rp87ue


Questions 1-11 assigned last week, due tomorrow.

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Friday, Nov 10

Today we filled out part of the Organelles and Their Functions organizer.  organelles and their functions Nov 10-1dujsup

Questions 1-11 are due Tuesday.  Chapter 3 AC Questions-1dfjrls        Chapter 3 Questions-270v6uz

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Thursday, Nov 9

Remember that tomorrow is the deadline to bring in permission and donations if you plan to participate in HiTouchHiTech.  This activity does not take place until January, but we need to pay the organization and let them know the number of students to prepare for.

Today students had time in class to complete Chapter 3 Questions 1-11, due next Tuesday.  Chapter 3 Questions-270v6uz

Chapter 3 AC Questions-1dfjrls

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Wednesday, Nov 8

Today we read pages 63-66 and copied this chart about the 2 types of cells:  Chapter 3 2 types of cells-233cerd

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