Monday, October 15

Please see last week’s posts for attachments of the body systems packet and questions.

On Level Classes read and discussed the pages of the body systems packet about the muscular/skeletal system.  Remember that the Respiratory system questions are due tomorrow.

AC Classes were taught by their muscular/skeletal system expert.  Tomorrow, the Digestive System specialist teaches. Remember that Thursday and Friday will be catch-up days for writing your lesson plan to turn in, getting any questions graded that you didn’t get done in class already, doing an evaluation of your clinic group, etc.  All Body Systems questions will be due by the end of the class on Friday.


Friday, Oct 12

AC Classes:

Circulatory System expert teaches today.

Mini lab done in class for Circulatory System

If you have time after your expert finishes teaching, try to perform virtual open-heart surgery with this  link: play a game where you are a white blood cell attacking pathogens:

On Level Classes:

Learned about the respiratory system, worked on respiratory system questions which are due Tuesday, and finished The Incredible Human Machine

Code Blue pdf-1yk52py (packet)

Body Systems Questions, Code Blue plus excretory-1dab2y2

Yearbook Announcement

Yearbooks are on sale now! The cost is $30.00 until October 31st! The price increases after that date! You can purchase yearbooks online only by visiting the Dickerson webpage. In addition, you can personalize your book by purchasing an engraved name plate for only $5.00.

Thursday, Oct 11

The pages from your packet are in the link below.

Code Blue pdf-1yk52py

AC Classes – in most groups, the respiratory system specialist presented today.  A few groups had to change the order because of student absences.  Students had time to work on the respiratory system questions.  All Body Systems questions are due Friday, Oct 19


On Level – Today we did the respiratory system mini lab and discussed the respiratory system.  No new assignment – the circulatory system questions which were assigned yesterday are due tomorrow.

Body Systems Questions, Code Blue plus excretory-1dab2y2

Wednesday, Oct 3

On Level:  Classes had time to work on the Circulatory System questions after doing the Circulatory System mini lab.  Circulatory System questions are due Friday.  Body Systems Questions, Code Blue plus excretory-1dab2y2

AC: Immunologists taught today.  Students had time to work on their Immune System questions.  All Body Systems questions will be due Friday, Oct 19.

Respiratory System specialists teach tomorrow, with a couple of adjustments because students who are supposed to be teaching will be absent on their day.

Questions are the same as the on-level ones above.

Monday, October 8

AC Classes are working today and tomorrow in the 7Comm lab to be prepared to teach their clinic groups  Code Blue Clinic Groups 2018-15pjj7e about their particular system.  Body-System-Specialists-Assignment-1yw99st (1)-ule3ht

On Level Classes

Conference Week coming up

Every student should have received a letter to parents about the upcoming Conference Week, including a scheduled conference time for their parents.  Please make sure these get back to teachers ASAP so that any rescheduling that is necessary can be done.  Thanks!

Friday, Oct 5

All classes except 3rd period had their Excretory System questions checked today.  Third period had time in class to work on these questions, and many students finished and had them checked during the class period.  Any students in this class who did not finish should finish these questions for homework this weekend.  See Wednesday’s post for a copy of the questions.

AC Classes found out their Clinic Groups and worked with those groups to make business cards and a Clinic sign.  No other written assignment.

On Level classes discussed the Immune System and got a packet that we will be using instead of the textbook for the next few weeks.  No written assignment.