Dickerson Dash 2020

Zombie Run Flyer

This year’s Dickerson Dash 5K will be held Friday, March 13, at 7:45 pm.  

This year’s theme is Zombie Run.  Runners can expect to be splashed with red color powder along the race and can even purchase red color packets to throw on themselves or friends.  Watch out!  There may be some zombie sightings along the race course too!  Community sponsors will have tents set up on campus and may have swag and coupons to pick up.  Participants may choose to dress as a human or a zombie!  


(The color powders are high quality and safe.  All FDA food grade and biodegradable ingredients are used. The powders are certified cosmetics in Europe (safe for skin), certified non-dust explosive in the USA and Europe, and safe for the environment.) 

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Textbook Access

Try this link to log in for textbook (if you get logged in but can’t get the pages to show up, you probably need to unblock pop-ups.  The textbook pages are pop-ups.)




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Friday, Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday we had a test and the grades will be recorded and posted today.

Cycles foldable was checked today for a completion grade.

Today as an introduction to our next unit, we watched Planet Earth’s Ice Worlds and took notes on interesting biotic and abiotic factors.


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Test Tomorrow!

Flow of Energy and Matter in Ecosystems Test is tomorrow.  Please see other posts for study resources.

Also, cycle project is due by end of class tomorrow.

Foldable will be checked for completion by end of class Friday.  Cycles Foldable

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Tuesday, Feb 11

Today students had the entire class period to work on their cycles project, which is due by the end of class Thursday.  Cycles comic strip example and template

Vocabulary quizzes were returned and would be a good resource for studying for Thursday’s test.  Please see the post about study resources for other things to study.

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Study Resources for Cycles Test

Study Guide Questions Key Cycles

Electronic game links:

Vocabulary https://quizlet.com/478325234/flow-of-energy-and-matter-flash-cards/

Kahoot Challenge (play on mobile device with Kahoot app_Game Pin is 0736487

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Monday, Feb 10

Today students began working on a project which is due Wednesday at the beginning of class.Cycles comic strip example and template

There was also a vocabulary quiz which should be graded and in Synergy soon.

Test Thursday over the flow of energy and matter through ecosystems.Study Guide Questions Key Cycles

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Friday, Feb 7

Today students did a Nitrogen Passport activity and a follow up activity. This was turned in for a grade (due Tuesday if not finished in class).

Next students could work on their study guide questions 6-15 which are due Monday.  Study Guide Questions Cycles 2020

After that, students can get a computer or use BYOD to review for Monday’s quiz or Thursday’s test.  Use the links below.  The first 3 (quizizz) are more for the test next Thursday, and the last one is more for the vocab quiz on Monday.


 Water Cycle https://quizizz.com/admin/quiz/5c19b2a1ac806f001a1e0de4  

Carbon Cycle https://quizizz.com/admin/quiz/5c87d52f9c9e2e001d4a0d6f  

Nitrogen Cycle https://quizizz.com/admin/quiz/5cadee569abe64001f727689  

For vocab quiz:  https://quizlet.com/478325234/flow-of-energy-and-matter-flash-cards/ 

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Wednesday, Feb 5

Apparently I have had last year’s copy of the study guide questions on my blog!  Here’s the current one:  Study Guide Questions Cycles 2020

Today we discussed p. 434 and did this water cycle worksheet, due tomorrow.  Water cycle worksheet

Quiz Monday on vocabulary – see Monday’s blog for Quizlet.

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Tuesday, February 4

Today students played a board game in which they traveled from place to place as a carbon atom.  There was a follow-up activity due tomorrow – this should not be done by anyone who was absent.


Vocab quiz next Monday – see Monday’s post for quizlet

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Monday, Feb 3

Remember that study guide questions 1-5 are due tomorrow. Cycles Questions AC and OL

You have a vocabulary quiz next Monday.  Use this quizlet to study: https://quizlet.com/478325234/flow-of-energy-and-matter-flash-cards/

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