October 1 Class Update

Class Update: Week of October 1, 2018 (sorry it’s kinda long!)
PICTURE DAY is tomorrow October 3rd!! Students should have brought home a picture form in their folders last week. If your students didn’t bring this home I found their website with the order form on the Internet. The website is http://georgiaclassicimages.com/fall-samples

History: The class is currently working on an activity where they become a member of Congress. Each student was assigned to change or create a new rule to be made here at Nickajack. Lunch options, technology, and recess were hot topics for rule changes here at school. Each student is or will present their idea for a rule to the class. The rule must be voted on by the House and the Senate. If it gets a majority vote from both houses, it moves onto the desk of the Nickajack President! There it can be signed into law, or vetoed. If Vetoed, Congress can override the veto with a 2/3 majority vote. It’s been fun voting on these rules!
TEST ALERT! The students will have a test on Friday about The Constitution including the Bill of Rights, making laws, and amending the Constitution. We will review with Kahoot before the test!
Writing: The students are currently working on the blue print and rough drafts of their dream house writing prompts. We will be learning how to use quotation marks correctly and practicing editing more. The students also have a spelling list this week. We are focusing in on 22 high frequency homophones including the often missed their, there, and they’re. We will be writing sentences with them this week and play games called wipeout and spelling ball before the test on Friday.
Reading: The students are really working hard on their magazines that will be shared with other kids in the school. Each student must create a magazine with 5 articles on their subject. They will add text features to their articles to make them look fantastic and fun to read. WE will be starting reading novels in groups next week at school. I’ve got some fun books for each group to read.

Class Update September 12, 2018

Class update September 12, 2018

History: We studied our first form of written government, The Articles of Confederation, and why they failed. We then discussed the Constitution and its parts. We read the Preamble, and of course watched the School House Rocks Preamble song! Then we discussed the articles and how they set up our three branches of government. We then studied the Bill of Rights and what they mean to us as US citizens. We drew examples of each and watched Disney movie clips that dealt with each amendment. We will next study how a bill and an amendment become law and study the Stock Market! The students will compete in teams in the Georgia Stock Market Game for the next several months!

Writing: The students finished up their Super Hero prompts by using every step of the Writing Process. We worked on how to edit a paper, and the marks that we will use to help correct papers all year. We will now begin working on a Dream House narrative. The focus of our studies will be on adding descriptive language like adjectives and prepositional phrases. We will also work on how to correctly use quotation marks in our writing.

Reading: The students have been studying how Non-Fiction texts are structured. The class has read many different texts and worked to figure out how the text was structured. The class will be now beginning a project where they are creating a magazine about a topic of their choosing that includes 5 articles and some non-fiction text features.

The students will begin IOWA testing tomorrow morning and they will continue for 4 days after. Please make sure the students are on time in the morning with a good night’s sleep and food in their belly! Thanks 

Iowa Testing!!

The fifth  graders will be taking a national test called the Iowa test starting on Thursday. They will also test the following Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. Make sure the students have a great breakfast and a good night’s sleep. I will give the students a small treat before testing to wake up their brains and give them a little energy!

Class Update

Class Update: Week of March 19, 2018
History: We will have a test on the Roaring 20’s and the Great Depression on Thursday of this week. We will review first by playing Kahoot and Quizlet. Make sure your students is studying their note pages as they contain all the answers to the test!

We are moving through World War 2 right now. The students learned about the causes of World War 2, and the rise of Adolph Hitler of Post Great War Germany. We are covering topics such as Winston Churchill, War rationing, Rosie the Riveter, Axis Powers, Allied Powers, D-Day, the Battle of Midway, Pearl Harbor, FDR, and more. We will be covering the end of the war and the use of the Atomic Bomb with the students, which can be a tough topic to discuss. After World War 2, we will be moving through the Cold War with the Soviet Union next week.

ELA: This week we are covering verbs and using the appropriate verb tenses. We will continue to work on a comparative writing prompt where the students must compare and contrast two topics of their choice. They have a new set of 15 vocabulary words this week, and will have a quiz on them Friday.

Math: This week in math we are studying Metric and Customary measurement systems. We will learn about how the two systems are different, the units of measurement we use, and how to convert from one unit to another. For Example, 2 meters = 200 centimeters.

Field Day Tee Shirts

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Happy Friday Everyone!

Week of March 12, 2018

Class Update: March 12, 2018
Math: We will be finishing up our geometry unit as the students learn about how to calculate the volume of 3-Dimensional Prisms and Cubes. They will be designing a water park and solving a crime in class using their math skills. We will move onto units of measurement by the end of the week. Students will learn about how the Customary and Metric Systems work for units of length, volume, and mass.

History: We are currently discussing how the Great Depression began including Black Tuesday and the Stock Market Crash. The students learned about the Stock Market and how stocks can make or lose money for any investor. We talked about the Dust Bowl today and how many Americans in the Great Plains Region were affected by these gigantic gust storms during the 1930’s. Tomorrow we will talk about FDR and how the New Deal helped many Americans find work in the 1930’s until World War 2 broke out in Europe. The students did a nice job on their radio broadcasts, and a few might just end up on the radio someday with the personality they showed on camera!

ELA: This week we will continue adding to our lexicon with a new vocabulary set. We have now defined, learned, and used 255 new vocabulary words this year! It’s cool to see the students use the words in their prompts. Our grammar skill this week will be using the correct verb tenses. We will also explain participles and how they can be correctly used in perfect verb tenses. The students will be writing a comparative writing prompt this week after we learn how to use Venn Diagrams to organize our thoughts in Prewriting.

Week of January 29, 2018

Here’s what’s happening in our class this week:

History: The students learned last week about new technologies used during World War I, and the outcome of World War I. This week the students will use all their class time to create a project on World War I. They may choose one of the following choices for their project.

  1. Recreate the cover of a newspaper from the time of the Great War.
  2. Create 2 propaganda posters that may have been seen during World War I
  3. Research how a woman made an impact during the war and what she accomplished.
  4. Research two vehicles or technologies used during the war and create posters.

Writing: The students will continue to finish their “Secret Door” writing prompts and turn in the completed Final copy this week. The students will also finish up their Prepositional Pirate Map and turn that in this week as well.

The students will also get a new set of vocabulary words, with a quiz and packet due on Thursday this week due to the field trip to the Civil Rights Museum on Friday.


The students will continue to learn about multiplying mixed numbers, and move onto dividing fractions this week as well. They will have a test on Thursday on everything we learned about fractions this year.

Thanks and have a great week!



What’s happening in class!

We started off the week by honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and had a day off from school. Hope everyone enjoyed it!

This week we will be studying the following topics n school:

HISTORY: The students will continue on learning about World War I. The class last week discussed what Europe looked like in 1914, What was happening in Europe (Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism), and how the death of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand started The Great War. We also started discussion on why the USA stayed neutral, or isolated, at the beginning of the war, but when U-boats sunk the Lusitania and we intercepted The Zimmerman Telegram, we eventually joined the war.

This week we will talk about how trench warfare was used in the war. How new technologies like U-boats, zeppelins, tanks, and airplanes effected the war. The students will then find out the outcome of the war and how it effected the USA.

Writing: The students learned about prepositional phrases last week and how they can bolster your writing. The students are currently designing a pirate map that will include directions using prepositional phrases to find their buried treasure. The students will also continue work on their new writing prompt “The Secret Door.” The students must describe a trip to a local science center or lab where they get separated from the class and find a door that says “Top Secret, DO NOT ENTER!” The of course enter and find…….

Math: The students this week will continue learning about fractions as we dig into multiplying fractions! we will learn how to computer and show the answer using the area model.


Iowa Testing

IOWA testing will be next week Monday through Thursday with makeup testing on Friday.
Testing will begin promptly at 8:15. Our goal is for all of our students to be here on time everyday and not have to participate in the makeup testing on Friday. Please help us meet this goal by making sure your student gets plenty of sleep each night, wakes up on time and eats a healthy breakfast!

Welcome back to School!

Welcome to 5th grade!

We certainly hope you had a refreshing summer vacation, and made many fantastic memories with family and friends! Miss Robinson and I are very excited to welcome you back to school. This year will be an amazing year where you make leaps and bounds academically, grow as a person, and enjoy being the biggest kids in the school. Monday starts your journey through fifth grade, and we couldn’t be more happy to be your guides on this adventure. It was  our pleasure to meet many of you at Meet and Greet last night, and look forward to working with you and your family this year. Enjoy your last weekend of summer, and get ready to rock and roll Monday!

Class Update: History and ELA

The year 2017 is off to a Roaring start! Let’s update you on the events of the class.

HISTORY: The students learned all about The Great War, otherwise known as World War I. The students learned the causes of World War one with the acronym MAIN. Militarism, Imperialism, Alliances, and Nationalism. The students learned that the United States stayed isolated from the war at first, but after Germany declared open submarine (U-boat) warfare and sunk the Lusitania, the United States finally entered the war. The students were taught about trench warfare, tanks, the Red Baron and airplane dog fights, and other new methods of war. The students ended the unit with a project where they wrote about famous women in the war, created propaganda posters, or researched new technology used in the war. Those projects will be hung in the hallway outside our rooms.

We are now learning about the fabulous Roaring 1920’s. The students are listening to famous jazz artists such as Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, and Duke Ellington. We learned about scat, just ask them about Scatman John. We learned about Henry Ford and his assembly lines. We saw all the new luxuries the American people created when their houses were wired with electricity. The class also was taught about the Harlem Renaissance, Babe Ruth and the Golden Age of Baseball, and Charles Lindergh’s famous flight across the Atlantic.

We will now be moving into the Great Depression, The New Deal, and soon World War II.


ELA: After meeting with the middle school teachers in a vertical articulation event, we realized how little spelling was stressed in middle school. The middle school teachers wished their students had a better vocabulary and writing mechanics. We will be switching up our methods and learning and using vocabulary words for two weeks, and every third week we will  focus on spelling. Hopefully, this will better prepare our students for middle school. We will be using Wordly Wise 3000 words. They can be accessed online.

The students are working on opinion writing prompts right now. We are stating an opinion about a topic, and backing our opinion up with well written thoughts and facts. I still am trying to convince the class that the Steelers are the best NFL Franchise!

Also, The students are really excited for the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl.. Rise UP!


Scholastic School Book Fair

Dates:                   November 15th – November 17th
Location:              Media Center
Hours:                   8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday
                               8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Wednesday 
Online shopping is available until Saturday, November 19th.

KC Club Fundraiser

ac-lemonadeKC Club Fundraiser
November 12 from 8 AM to 1 PM

The Nickajack KC Club is holding a fundraiser to help Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation move one step closer to finding a cure for all children with cancer! They will be hosting a lemonade stand on November 12 from 8 AM -1 PM at the front entrance of the school. Please come and stop by to help KC club raise money for such a worthy cause!
Click the Link to Donate to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation https://www.alexslemonade.org/mypage/1279317
Thanks on behalf of the KC Club

6th grade parents meeting

An administrator from Griffin Middle School will be here on Monday, November 14 to hold a parent information session for rising 6th graders.  The meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the Cafeteria since we are having the book fair in the media center that week. 

Red Ribbon Week!

Red Ribbon Week
“PAWS-itively Proud to be Drug Free!
October 24-28th
We are excited to celebrate making healthy choices with our students during Red Ribbon Week!  We invite your child(ren) to dress up to show their commitment to making healthy choices. 
If you have any questions, please contact your professional school counselor.  Thank you for your support!
Monday, October 24th
Team Up Against Drugs
(wear a team jersey)
Tuesday, October 25th
Hats off to Being Drug Free
(wear a hat)
Wednesday, October 26th
I’m too Bright for Drugs
(wear bright colors)
Thursday, October 27th
United We Stand Against Bullying and Drugs
(wear patriotic clothing)
Friday, October 28th
Don’t Let Drugs Mix You Up
(wear mismatched clothes)

Going to the symphony!

ASO Theater of a Concert production of John Adams's Doctor Atomic in November 2008.

Next Wednesday, October 26th, our class will be taking a field trip to go see the Atlanta Symphony! Our  students will be dressed in their formal wear and will enjoy the sounds of the symphony.

They will see the brass instruments like trombones, trumpets, and tubas. They will see the percussion instruments like the timpani, bass drum, or cymbals. They will hear the woodwinds, such as oboes, clarinets, and bassoons. They will hear the stringed instruments like the violin, viola, and the cello.

How does each make a sound? How does that sound travel to your ear? How can the musicians alter the sounds of each instrument. So many great questions can be asked about a trip to the symphony!

Class Update!

Last Friday was a super fun day here at the Jack! Back to Football Friday was awesome! The students wore football jerseys football jerseys from their favorite teams! Some students even wore intimidating eye black under their eyes. We thought for sure we might get tackled! Check out our class photo below!


Class update:

ELA: The students have a new set of spelling words this week. They are practicing 13 root words. Then adding the suffix -ion to the end to make a whole new word. See the list below!

CONFESS     CONFESSION                       POSSESS    POSSESSION                  DISCUSS       DISCUSSION

COLLECT     COLLECTION                       INSPECT     INSPECTION                  PROCESS     PROCESSION

DEPRESS     DEPRESSION                       ELECT          ELECTION                      PROTECT     PROTECTION

CORRECT    CORRECTION                      INSTRUCT   INSTRUCTION              SELECT         SELECTION


The students are starting work on their second writing prompt of the year. They are creating a blueprint for their dream house with such luxuries as movie theaters, swimming pools, and video game rooms. The students will then describe several places in their dream house in their writing prompt.

The grammar skill for the week is making singular nouns into plural nouns. we have discussed adding -s or -es to most words works most of the English language. There are words that are irregular or follow other rules as well.

HISTORY: We are wrapping up talking about the battles of the Civil War. So far, we discussed and analyzed Fort Sumter, Bull Run, Antietam, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and Sherman’s March to the Sea. We will wrap up the Civil War by discussing the surrender of the South at Appomattox Court House.



Class Update

Class Update:

ELA: The students are using the writing process to redo their first prompt of the year. We learned how to make bubble maps and jot lists in the prewriting phase. We are now drafting our Super Heroes Prompt using a method called the Bing, The Bang, and the Bongo to keep our paper organized.  We will move into editing and revising our papers before making a final draft for grading!

This week’s Grammar skill is the 4 types of Sentences. The four types of sentences are imperative, declarative, interrogative, and exclamatory! There will be a quiz on identifying them and using the correct punctuation on Friday.

Week 4 Spelling Words: -er and -est

Cleaner      cleanest        Quieter     Quietest      Hungrier      Hungriest

Earlier      Earliest          Stranger    Strangest     Harsher       Harshest

Fancier     Fanciest         Duller        Dullest          Shinier         Shiniest

Louder      Loudest         Busier       Busiest           Trickier        Trickiest

Social Studies:

There will be an open book quiz on the Bill of rights and making laws and amendments on Wednesday.

We are now moving through the causes of the Civil War. We are discussing how the North and the South became divided over issues such as slavery, states rights, and economics. We will be moving on to the secession of the southern states, Fort Sumter, and other battles during the Civil War next!


Football Fridays!

th5O8JDSRFBack to Football Friday

LET”S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!  We are excited for our 8th annual Back to Football Friday!!!  This event is successful because of our wonderful parent volunteers!!!  Wear your favorite NFL gear and come spend some time with the Davis Dad’s and the students at Nickajack.  Thank you for all you do, we really appreciate all of our volunteers! Any questions please email Ms. Hill, anslie.hill@cobbk12.org!

Below is our Specials schedule:

5th Grade: 8:15-9:00

4th Grade: 9:05-9:50

3rd Grade: 10:00-10:45

2nd Grade: 10:50-11:35th

Lunch 11:35-12:05

1st Grade: 12:10-12:55

Kindergarten: 1:00-1:45

This is the link for parents to sign up to volunteer for Back to Football Friday!



A new rule for the school?

In history, we have been discussing the U.S. Constitution. We learned about how the Constitution could be changed, or amended, as new issues arose in the USA. There have only been 27 Amendments to the document since it was ratified in 1787. To amend the US Constitution 2/3 of Congress must vote Yeah, and 3/4th of the states must also approve the amendment. It is very tough to amend the U.S. Constitution.

The students were then given a task to think about what rules we would want changed or added to our school rules. The students created a poster and presented their amendment to the school rules. The kids all got up in front of the class and presented their idea. Some great ideas came from both classes. Here is a sample of rules that would be amended or changed.

Recess time:  Quite a few students said they should have even more recess time. Some wanted to add only 5 or 10 minutes. Some wanted a whole hour for recess.

Specials: One student wanted to choose their special everyday. Another student wanted to add a dance class to the schedule. One great idea was that they have a swimming class as one of their physical education days.

Lunch: Many students wanted the food at lunch to be healthier. Some wanted to add a choice of catered food from restaurants like Moe’s, Panera, or even Chic -Fil-a. A few students wanted us to waste less and give students the option to use technology to order a lunch they would actually eat. Two students wanted better drink options. One student wanted all the food we didn’t eat to go to a homeless shelter.

Other topics included cell phone usage at school, movie ratings at school, and the length of the school day. It was fun debating these topics!



PVUE aka Synergy

Do you need your PVUE account information? You can come to the front office, during school hours, to obtain your account information. Please be prepared to show ID to receive your login information.

This week at Nickajack!

th19HQTNSVWeek three is off to a great start! Here is what is on the agenda for the week of August 15th!

History: We are continuing learning about the US Constitution. We are learning about the Bill of Rights and the rights granted to our citizens through those first ten amendments. We will be moving on the how a bill becomes a law later this week.

Math: The students will be working with solving numerical expressions using the correct order of Operations. We will have a quick math checkup on Wednesday on Order of Operations and numerical expressions. We will then move on to

ELA: The students will have a new set of spelling words this week with four different prefixes. un-, mis-, dis-, and re-. They will be working on complete predicates, simple predicates, and compound predicates. They will have a spelling test on Friday along with a grammar quiz. The kids played their first spelling review games this week called Wipeout and Spelling Ball!

Please check out Mrs. Maples blog for info on Science and Reading!


Great start to the school year!

This school year has gotten off to a great start! During the first week, we got to know each other through some games, activities, and STEM lessons. The students had to use teamwork to build the tallest tower that would hold up a ping pong ball using only 25 straws and tape. The next day we challenged the students to hold up as many textbooks as they could with only one sheet of copy paper and 12 inches of tape! The third Stem challenge had the students making hoop gliders that would be thrown for the longest distance! The kids worked really well together and showed off some great team work! Thanks to the students and parents for making my first week here in a new school spectacular! Looking forward to an amazing year with some amazing students at the Jack!IMG_0438 IMG_0435  IMG_0430

Class Update: Week of October 29

Class Update October 30, 2018

History: Many students told me they had never been taught the Civil War and Reconstruction, so the class just completed a review of the Civil War and Reconstruction. The class learned about the causes of the Civil War, 5 major battles of the Civil War, and how the war ended. We then talked about how the country tried to glue itself back together again after the war. We discussed many things including the fate of Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, and Black Codes. With that in our knowledge bank we are moving on to “Turn of the Century America.” We will be discussing American Expansionism, Inventions, and Immigration among other topics.

ELA: The students are writing a personal narrative prompts about an event in their lives. We are working our way through the writing process, and specifically working on introductory hooks. We will be moving on to Opinion writing after this. The students have a new spelling list this week of 24 adjectives that are commonly used and misspelled. Test is on Friday. Students have a list printed and a copied list in their agendas.

Reading: The students are working on a reading unit about our rainforests. We learned about the rainforests and some of the cool animals and plants that live there like the Draco Lizard and the Corpse Flower. We are currently reading some articles about rainforests and answering comprehension and inferencing questions about what we read. We are focusing in on how to use the text to help use craft a written response to a question as well.

Weekly Update

Here’s what’s happening in our class this week!

Writing: the students spent last week designing a blueprint for their “Dream House”.  The students will be choosing 3-4 rooms from their house to write about in full description for their writing prompts. we are looking to improve the usage of adjectives in our writing. We will also be talking about comparative adjectives.

The students will be learning 15 new vocabulary words. The words they will be tested on this week include: Colony, Compensate, Deposit, Fascinate, Feeble, Formal, Frigid, Harsh, Huddle, Remote, Resemble, Rigid, Solitary, Substantial, and Waddle. Their Vocabulary Quiz will be taken on Friday.

In history, we just finished up talking about 5 key battles of the Civil War. The students learned about the Battle of Hampton Roads today involving the iron clads CSS Virginia (Merrimac) and the USS Monitor. The students will now have several days in class to create 8-10 trading cards about the Civil War as a end of unit project. The students will review later this week by playing a Halloween Kahoot and a Civil War Kahoot. They will have a final test on the Civil War Monday 10-30.