Parents on Friday, April 20th will be a lost and found “cleanout.”  Please come and check for any missing items, you will need to come by Friday morning.

There will be one more “cleanout” for the school year on Wednesday, May 23rd.


Our “Gimme 5 for Education” campaign to raise funds for the Cobb Schools Foundation will be ending tomorrow, Friday, April 13!  Thank you to all the families and staff members who have already donated! We have raised about $1,200 for our school which means we will get 50% back to use at our school! Please help us meet our goal of $1,500 before tomorrow’s deadline. All checks can be made out to East Side and can go into the white safe or you can donate online at Gimme 5 Online Donation Page. Don’t forget it is a tax-deductible contribution! Again, thank you for giving East Side a high five to education and supporting our school continuously.  

So Honored

I am truly humbled and honored to be named Teacher of the Year by my fellow teachers. I am thrilled this honor was given to me this year teaching your precious children and surrounded by my incredible teammates, our administration, and my husband. 



Parents, please have your child choose one favorite poem from their poetry notebook (which they brought home on Friday) to practice reading with fluency. The children and I will have a poetry reading this Friday, which I will video so you can see. They DO NOT have to memorize it, but do need to be able to read it comfortably with fluency and expression. Please have your child return the notebook on Monday as we use them each day. It will come home again each afternoon this coming week. Thanks for your help with this fun activity.


East Side and the rest of Cobb County is beginning the “Gimme 5 for Education” campaign to raise funds for the Cobb County Schools Foundation. This is a great way to invest in Cobb County students and teachers! This campaign provides grants for teachers, scholarships for students, and much more! Did you know that this money helped purchased some equipment for the MakerSpace (3D printers)? We have even had one of our own first grade teachers lucky enough to receive one of the grants several years ago. The Cobb Schools Foundation is the only non-profit organization that supports all of our schools, staff, and students in the Cobb County School District. Some of the money you donate will come straight back to East Side which is great! An envelope for donations will be coming home on Monday, March 19! Please make consider making at least a $5 tax-deductible contribution and return it in the given envelope before April 13, 2018!

You can also donate online at https://4agc.com/donation_pages/bd85d325-bdfd-40ee-bce5-d4d4dd187714?referral_page_id=e68e06ab-db7e-49e1-926e-6988b4602ae4&referral_page_type=LandingPage Don’t forget that this is tax-deductible and the Tax ID is #58-2487501. Thanks for your support!

Parent Project

A friendly reminder to please write a word or a sentence to describe your child on each  strip of paper in the envelope which was sent home last Thursday. Make sure their name is on the back of each strip of paper. Please place back in the envelope and return it on Monday. Let’s keep this a secret! We’ll be sharing on Tuesday.


Let’s Practice Our Typing Skills

Ms. Alter, our computer lab instructor, asks that students practice their typing skills.  Please practice typing for 10 minutes a day for 5 days a week.  For 1st grade students, she recommends Dancemat, a free typing lesson tutorial. Students need to learn how to use all 10 fingers when typing.  If students practice incorrectly, it only creates a bad habit.  

To help our older students against this bad habit, she suggests using a towel over your hands. We try this is skill with grades 2nd and above, but some 1st graders enjoy this challenge.  For these older students in the lab, students have skins over our keyboard when they practice typing.  

Dancemat is self-explanatory and the program tells you what you need to do.  Once they have completed the lessons this way and have learned the keyboard and proper finger placement, then they should do the lessons again and this time focus on the speed recommended by the program. You can find Dancemat and other typing tutorials on East Side’s Computer Lab webpage at http://www.eastsidetechnology.org/?