September 14, 2018

Students completed a Quick Check in class today with decimal and fraction converstions. These did not go well!!!! Please watch the videos below for extra help!!!!

After our Quick Check, students took notes on exponents. We will continue these notes on Monday.

Notes from today: September142018-t13my8

Homework: Have a great weekend!!!!

September 12, 2018

Today students finished up their Unit Test. If they have NOT…… please make every effort to come in before school starts to finish. I will pick up tomorrow morning at 8:20 just like this morning.

Tomorrow we will start Unit #2!

No homework! 🙂

September 7, 2018


  • Hint Cards
  • We reviewed whatever questions you had prior to completing the quiz.
  • You completed the dilation & similarity quiz.

Have a Great Weekend!!! No homework!

September 5, 2018

Today in class…

  • Work from yesterday check and questions
  • You completed a dilations quick check.
  • We completed similar figures notes together as class.
  • Notes: September52018-1oqa5st

Homework: Skills Practice: Similar Polygons #1-8

Attention Parents:

First nine weeks progress reports have been posted in ParentVue.  If you are having trouble accessing ParentVue, please email Mr. Gandolfo for assistance ([email protected]).  If you need to set up your ParentVue account you will need to come to the front office during regular school hours to sign a release form.


August 30, 2018

Students started their quiz today. Most of the classes finished. If you need to finish your quiz, you may come during homeroom to work on it. Tomorrow we will be back on notes! 

No homework!!!!

August 28, 2018

Today students reviewed all three transformations in class. They took their own notes and created “Cheat Sheets” for the quiz on Thursday. If you are still confused about plotting points, view the video below.

Notes from class:

No homework other than to STUDY

August 27, 2018

Students reviewed transformations by taking a quick check on rotations. We will have a quiz over translations, rotations, and reflections on Thursday of this week. Please study for this quiz by reviewing some of the videos from last week. You need to know how to plot points!

Notes from today: August272018-2183tou

Students worked to finish up some things in class and then worked with partners to review the 3 transformations we have discussed.

Homework: “Mug Shot” worksheet #2, 3, 4, and 10!