February 12, 2018

Today in class students worked on solving for “b.” Students used the slope and an ordered pair to find the y-intercept (b). Tomorrow students will practice solving for “b” and reviewing how to find slope.

Notes from today:February122018-22wvlxm

Homework: None

February 8, 2018

Students practiced graphing lines with dry erase markers and laminated graphs today. We will test over slope and writing equations from a graph tomorrow!!!

Homework tonight: Study

No notes to post today!

February 7, 2018

Students learned how to graph special cases. Students also reviewed Pythagorean Theorem during warm ups today. Tomorrow students will spend the class time practicing graphing lines.

Notes from today: February72018-2gcq0c9 AND WarmUp272018-1wejaic

Homework: #1-6 “Whom should you see at the bank if you need to borrow money?” WORKSHEET. All problems are already solved for Y. All you have to do is graph the lines.