May 7, 2018



  • No homework

2018 McClure Olympics

2018 McClure Olympics begin on Monday, May 14 with Opening Ceremonies.  Field Events are Tuesday, May 15 (7th grade), Wednesday, May 16 (6th grade) and Thursday, May 17 (8th grade).  Friday, May 18 will be the Closing Ceremonies.  Event volunteers will be asked to help monitor students, crowd control and assist the lead teacher.  You will not be responsible for running the event.   Please consider volunteering for as many slots/days as you can!  To make this week successful we need your help!

All volunteers check-in at the volunteer table inside the front doors of McClure.


Last Day to turn in your $$$ for Otter’s Chicken is tomorrow!!! $6.00 !! Get it in for the 8th Grade Picnic!

April 30, 2018


  • Students reviewed a few problems of adding and subtracting polynomials.
  • Students took notes for examples on the quiz.
  • Students took a 2 question quiz for the grade book.
  • Notes from today: Review4302018-2gifmxd

Homework: Be GOOD for the substitute tomorrow! 🙂

April 24, 2018

Students continued to work on their 8th grade FINAL today in class. We are about 90% complete. Students will have the first half of the class tomorrow to finish up. If you think you will need extra time, I will pick up tomorrow morning at 8:20 from the theater.

Homework: FINISH USA test prep. It was due last night at midnight!!!!! I am looking at grades tomorrow! 

April 23, 2018

Students continued to work on their 8th Grade Math FINAL today. Students will have tomorrow in class to finish. If you think you will need extra time to finish your FINAL, come to my MavBlock session in PC Lab #1. You can work on it there!!!!

Permission Slips for KMHS performing arts are due tomorrow at the latest!!!! 

Homework tonight: Review notes for FINAL

Study Guide problems: StudyGuide Review4232018-1h9r73z

April 20, 2018

Today students started on their 8th Grade Final. We are in preparation that the final will take at least 2 days. Students need to take their time and use their notes. It is an open note test. Please remember that USA Test PREP assignments are due on Monday at midnight! This is a quiz grade!!!! Students have had a week to work on them. There will be NO exceptions!

Homework: Complete USA Test Prep!

April 19, 2018

Study Guide Answers from class: Studyguideanswers day2-1myra2v AND StudyGuideanswers-22bc3x2

For the last two days, students and I have been working on their 8th grade study for their FINAL. Students will begin taking their test tomorrow during class and will finish up next week.

Direct link to Ms. VanDrisse’s blog to view answers to ALL study guide questions.

Remember….. All USA Test PREP assignments are due MONDAY at midnight! No Exceptions!!!!! This is for a quiz grade!!!!! It will help you study/review for the Final!


April 10-17, 2018

For the course of the Milestones this week and next, I will not be updating the BLOG nightly. We are not reviewing skills using worksheets or paper and pencil types of methods. We will be reviewing by playing interactive games and working in groups. I understand that the Milestones can be stressful so I wanted to give the students a break and involve them in some more engaging ways to review. There will be no notes until after Milestone Testing is finished. Good luck EVERYONE! I know you can do it! Try your best and you will be successful!

Homework: Go to bed EARLIER than normal and EAT breakfast!!!! EVERYDAY!

Georgia Milestones Tips:
1. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than you normally do so that you will be rested for the test.
2. Eat breakfast before coming to school and if you do not have time, get breakfast at school.
3. Be at school and be on time. You may not take the test with your class if the test has started before
you arrive at school.
4. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes while taking the test.
5. Relax and show your best work. You are ready for the test. Use your time wisely during the test—you have approximately 70 minutes each to complete the reading and math sections and approximately 60 minutes to complete the science and social studies sections. You are allowed to go back and check your answers.

* Please go ahead and clear your calendar for the following days. Vacations, doctor’s appointments, and other appointments should NOT be planned for Georgia Milestones testing

To get you “PUMPED” ……   watch the video below!!!!

April 9, 2018

Welcome back!!!!

Today we reviewed Scientific Notation. Here are the note below.

Tomorrow starts our TESTING!!! for the Milestones. Please be here and be ready to bust that test!!! Get a good night’s rest and eat a healthy breakfast. MilestoneReview4918-2bcyx91