Week 15 November 13-17

Upcoming important dates: 

11/20-11/24: Thanksgiving Break             11/28: Help Session for Expressions Test at 8:15AM 


Unit 3 Review Websites to work on over the break……………….

Evaluating Expressions Review:               https://www.superteachertools.us/jeopardyx/jeopardy-review-game.php?gamefile=357262#.WgyuhYjys2w

Order of Operations Review:   http://www.math-play.com/Order-of-Operations-Millionaire/order-of-operations-millionaire.html

Combining Like Terms Review:  http://www.mathwarehouse.com/games/our-games/like-terms-games/matching-action/

Exponents Review: https://mathgames4children.com/fun-board-games/6th-grade/pirate/exponents-pirate-waters-grade-6-game.html

Friday 11/17 Classwork: Review Day of Combining Like Terms.

Homework: No written homework, BUT rememember the Unit 3 Test is on Tuesday 11/28.  I encourage you to take some time to go onto the review websites above to keep Expressions on your mind.  NO HELP SESSION MONDAY 11/27…….I WILL HAVE ONE ON TUESDAY 11/28 AT 8:15

*****I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break with family.  See you in a week!  

Thursday 11/16 Classwork: Review of Distributive Property.  Today’s Topic Discussed: How to combine like terms. Combining like terms PPT

Homework: Combine Like Terms Homework

Wednesday 11/15 Classwork:  CAPS #11.  Today’s Topic Discussed: Expression Problems using the Distributive Property.  Distributive Property Notes PDF

Homework: Distributive practice puzzle



Monday 11/13 Classwork: Expressions Quiz

Homework: Field Trip TOMORROW to Mercedes-Benz Stadium!

-Buses roll out at 9:15….Please be here before then.

-Don’t forget to wear black/red!  

-Bring your lunch in a disposable bag with name on it.

-No devices will be allowed on bus. (They will stay in lockers at school)  

Week 14 November 6-10

Upcoming Important Dates for Unit 3: Expressions

Expressions Quiz 11/13                                    

 Expressions Test 11/28

Friday 11/10 Classwork: Mrs. Bonsecour out today.  Students worked on a formative graded assignment with expressions, exponents, and translating expressions.  Expressions Quiz is on Monday and help session is at 8:15.

HomeworkExpressions Quiz Review 2017

Thusday 11/9 Classwork: Today’s Topic Discussed: Translating and Writing Algebraic/Numerical Expressions.  Translating Expressions PPT

HomeworkTranslating and Writing Expressions Homework

Wednesday 11/8 Classwork: Expressions Classwork Formative taken for an accuracy grade

Homework: Bonus Problem (optional).  Students must show ALL their work for each step in order to get credit.

Tuesday 11/7: NO SCHOOL

Monday 11/6 Classwork: CAPS #10.  Students got back their Unit 2B Percent Test and we went over as a class.  Finished class with a QR code gallery walk to review Expressions, Order of Operations, and Exponents.

Homework: Order of Operation Project DUE WEDNESDAY PEMDAS Project

Week 13 October 30-November 3

Upcoming Important Dates for Unit 3: Expressions

Expressions Quiz 11/13                                    

 Expressions Test 11/28 

Friday 11/3 Classwork: Review day of evaluating expressions with fractions and decimals.  Went over instructions for the PEMDAS project that is due on Wednesday 11/8.

Homework: PEMDAS project DUE Wednesday 11/8 PEMDAS Project

Thursday 11/2 Classwork:  Review of Order of Operations.  Today’s Topic Discussed: Evaluating algebraic expressions.  Evaluating Expressions Notes

Homework: Complete the (individual) side of the worksheet  Evaluating Expressions Homework

Wednesday 11/1 Classwork: Review of exponents.  Today’s Topic Discussed: Order of Operations.  Order of Operations Notes ppt

Homework: Order of Operations Worksheet

Tuesday 10/31 Classwork: We started Unit 3: Expressions today in class.  Students received their new standards and placed them in their notebook.  Today’s Topic Discussed: 3 forms of exponents (standard, exponential, expanded).  Exponent Notes PPT

Homework: Have a safe and fun time trick-a-treating!

Monday 10/30 Classwork: Unit 2B Percent Test

Homework: NONE (We will start Unit 3: Expressions TOMORROW)

Week 12 October 23-27

Unit 2B Percent Test Monday 10/30 

Friday 10/27 Classwork: Went over questions from Unit 2B Percent test study guide.  We then played a review game to prepare us for the Unit test on Monday

Homework: Percent Unit Test Monday

Ways to study: 

  1. Review Blog weeks 10-12
  2. Review notebook pages 50-57 
  3. Attend help session Monday morning at 8:15 
  4. Review study guide 

Thursday 10/26 Classwork: Students got back their sales tax, tip, and discount classwork grade AND their i-respond formative on percents they took last week.  Students then worked on a FACEing Math Activity that reviewed fractions, decimals, and percents.  (Lots of review in class today for the upcoming Math test on Monday 10/30) 

Homework: Percent Study Guide DUE TOMORROW! Percent Test Study Guide 2017

Wednesday 10/25 Classwork: Students reviewed setting up a percent proportion and solving.  Practice in the peach book was given to review this concept as well.  Students then had fun working on a pumpkin percent worksheet.

Homework: Unit 2B Percent Study Guide DUE FRIDAY! Percent Test Study Guide 2017

Tuesday 10/24 Classwork: Students got back their FDP classwork AND their Unit 2B Percent Quiz.  We went over the most commonly missed questions.  Today’s Topic Discussed: Setting up and solving percent proportions.  Percent Proportion Notes

Homework: Complete the questions on the back of the notes worksheet. Percent Proportion Notes and HW

Monday 10/23 Classwork: CAPS #9. Students then completed a tax, tip, discount classwork graded assignment.

Homework: NONE (Study guide for the upcoming unit test will be given Wednesday and Due Friday)

Week 11 October 16-20

Conference Week: Early Release at 1:30 

Friday 10/20 Classwork: Students took a percent formative on the i-respond.  

Homework: NONE (Don’t get use to this no homework all week, we are back to regular schedule next week and the Unit test is coming up on Monday 10/30…..study guide coming soon) 

Thursday 10/19 Classwork: Today’s Topic Discussed: How to find tax, tip, and discount using percent of a number. Tax, Tip, and Discount Notes

Homework: NONE

Wednesday 10/18 Classwork: Percent Quiz

Homework: NONE

Tuesday 10/17 Classwork: Students worked on the percent quiz review in class.  We then went over together as a class. Percent Quiz Review

Homework:  Percent Quiz Tomorrow

Monday 10/16 Classwork: Gallery walk around the room.  Students answered questions to review % of a number.


Week 10 October 9-13


Early Release Day Thursday October 12th 

Conference Week….Early Dismissal October 16-20

Homeroom: Field Trip Permission form and money due on Friday October 13th. 

Friday 10/13 Classwork: Today’s Topic Discussed: How to find % of a number. Percent of a Number Notes

Homework: Homework Practice: Percent of a number

Thursday 10/12 Classwork:  Short classes.  Students worked in groups on a Fraction, Decimal, Percent graded classwork assessment.  \

Homework: No Homework

Wednesday 10/11 Classwork: Review of changing fractions to decimals to percents.  Students looked at common mistakes made on past quizzes and tests and made the corrections.  We also worked on a Skittle lab that helped review FDP.

Homework: Complete the Activity Reflection Questions and Challenge question.  Skittle FDP Lab

Tuesday 10/10 Classwork: 100% Club prizes were given out for Quarter 1.  Today’s Topic Discussed: How to change percent to fractions and decimals.  PDF Triangle NOTES

Homework: FDP conversion table HW

Monday 10/9 Classwork: CAPS #8 (1st grade for Quarter 2).  Students worked on an inquiry lab with fractions, decimals, and percents.  We will go over this topic in depth tomorrow during class.

Homework: No homework

100% Club-Quarter 1

Congratulations are in order for the following students!!!  These students have made one or more 100’s on their CAPS, Unit Tests, and/or Quizzes for Quarter 1.  

1st Period: Rachel, Addy, Elizabeth, Kyle, Katie, Natalie, Reed, Carter, Sean, Shannon, Emily Jane, Logan, Adam, and Morgan.  Congratulations to the top student in the class, Elizabeth, who had 6 100’s.  

2nd Period: Anna M., Jerry, Helena, Ben, Anna H., Giovanni, Ty, Amanda, Andie, Tommye, Kartikeya, Ansley, Javy, Gabriel, Erica.  Congratulations to the top 4 students in the class, Anna M., Jerry, Anna H. and Ben, who all  had 6 100’s.  

3rd Period: Connor, Evan, Prasoon, Morgan, Tori, Riley, Allison, Arantxa, Carlisle, Sofia, Ciara, Jeremy, Izzy, Miles, and Isabella.  Congratulations to the top student in the class, Prasoon, who had 7 100’s.  

4th Period: Abigail G., Tyler, Matthew, Abby S., Ava, Lily M., Sophia, Heather, Jorden, Violet, Julia, Jordan, Amara, and Lily A.  Congratulations to the top student in the class, Lily A., who had 6 100’s.  

Week 9 October 2-6

Last week of Quarter 1 

Ratio, Rate, and Proportion UNIT TEST is on Friday 10/6

Friday 10/6 Classwork:


Thursday 10/5 Classwork: Went over Study Guide and answered questions students had.  We played a team trivia game as our review for tomorrow’s test.

Homework: Ratio, Rate, and Proportion TEST TOMORROW

Ways to study:

  1. Review study guide 
  2. Attend help session tomorrow morning at 8:15 
  3. Review notebook pages 39-49 
  4. Review blog posts week 7-9

Wednesday 10/4 Classwork: Quarter 1 Notebook Check.  Students walked around the room and answered proportion word problems.  This was great practice for the test this Friday.

Homework:  DUE TOMORROW…………….. Ratio, Rate, and Proportion STUDY GUIDE

Tuesday 10/3 Classwork: Review of solving proportions.  Today’s Topic Discussed: How to solve proportion word problems.  Proportion Word Problem NOTES

Homework: Study Guide DUE Thursday Ratio, Rate, and Proportion STUDY GUIDE

Monday 10/2 Classwork: CAPS # 7.  Today’s Topic Discussed: How to solve proportions and how to see if two ratios are equivalent.   Proportion Introduction NOTES

Homework: Peach Book Page 111-112 (1-9) AND Page 113-114 (1-9)

Week 8 September 18-22

Friday 9/22 Classwork: Ratio and Rate Quiz Day

Homework: Enjoy your fall break.  Safe travels and fun adventures to wherever you might go!  See you in October!  When you get back we will have only 1 more week of Quarter 1 to complete 🙂

Thursday 9/21 Classwork: Review of ratio tables by checking the homework.  Today’s Topic Discussed: How to graph ratio tables.  We graphed on the coordinate plane and labeled independent and dependent variables.  Graphing Ratio Table Notes

Homework: Ratio and Unit Rates Quiz review 2017

Wednesday 9/20 Classwork:  Today’s topic discussed: Equivalent ratios and ratio tables. 

Ratio Table Notes PDF

Homework: Ratio Table Homework

Tuesday 9/19 Classwork: Review of unit rate and rates.  Went over the i-respond rate formative we took last Friday.  Students completed a CLASSWORK grade on unit rate and rates.

Homework: NOT REQUIRED, but…………..We started working on a better deal shopping activity yesterday in class, but students didn’t finish.  If you would like to continue working on it and complete it here is the activity………………Better Deal Activity

***If you turn in completed tomorrow you might get a treat!!!!!!!!!! 

Monday 9/18 Classwork: CAPS #6.  Students reviewed how to find better deal.  Students then walked around Mrs. B’s grocery classroom and found the better deal of two items.  

Homework: No written homework, but Unit 2 Quiz on Ratios, Rates, and Unit Rates will be on Friday 9/22.  Review your notebook daily.  

Week 7 September 11-15

Friday 9/15 Classwork: Students completed a review sheet on ratios, rates, and unit rates.  We went over the questions as a class.  Students then completed an i-respond graded formative on the above topics.  If time students reviewed more by answering questions in their peach book.

Unit 2 Quiz on Ratios, Rates, and Unit Rates will be on Friday 9/22

Homework: NONE

Thursday 9/14 Classwork: Review of Ratios.  Today’s topic discussed: What is a rate/unit rate?  

What is a rate/unit rate? VIDEO

HomeworkUnit Rate Homework Worksheet

Wednesday 9/13 Classwork: CAPS #5.  We started Unit 2 today.  Today’s topic discussed: What is a ratio? Ratios Rock Notes

Homework: Ratio Homework Worksheet

**Short Week….Hope everyone stayed safe during the Tropical Storm and has power!

Week 6 September 4-8

Unit 1 Math Test is on Friday 9/8

Help Session Friday morning 9/8 @ 8:15

Friday 9/8 Classwork: 

Homework: CAPS #5 is on Monday.  This one will have adding and subtracting unlike fractions questions…….watch the video below to remind you how to do this!

Thursday 9/7 Classwork: Went over any questions on the study guide.  We then played a review game for the Unit Test TOMORROW.

Homework: Unit 1 Test TOMORROW 

Ways to study for test: 

  1. Attend help session tomorrow at 8:15
  2. Review Blog and notebook (pages 7-38)
  3. Review study guide
  4. Here is some extra practice questions for you to work on…….Unit 1 Review PPT

Wednesday 9/6 Classwork: Review of GCF/LCM word problems.  Looked at key words to help us determine which operation to use.  We also discussed distributive property when adding two whole numbers.  Students realized that they were actually using GCF when they were in 1st grade. They just didn’t know the concept.  GCF and LCM word problem notes

Homework: UNIT 1 STUDY GUIDE DUE TOMORROW….SHOW ALL WORK Unit 1 Test Study Guide 2017

Tuesday 9/5 Classwork: Mrs. Bonsecour out today.  Students worked on GCF/LCM word problems.  They were also given a copy of the Unit 1 Study Guide to start working on.   REMEMBER to show all work.

Homework: Unit 1 Study Guide DUE THURSDAY Unit 1 Test Study Guide 2017

Monday 9/4: Labor Day NO SCHOOL

Week 5 August 28-September 1

This Week Reminders:

Early Release Day on Wednesday 8/30                                      Picture Day on Thursday 8/31

Friday 9/1 Classwork: Week 5 has come to an end!  This school year is moving fast!  Students reviewed GCF as their warm-up.  Today’s Topic Discussed: How to find the Least Common Multiple (LCM) of two numbers.  LCM NOTES

Homework:  Most students started and FINISHED their homework assignment.   Least Common Multiple Homework

Thursday 8/31 Classwork: Students got back their fraction classwork graded assignment.  We went over any questions students had.  Today’s Topic Discussed: How to find the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of two numbersGCF NOTES

Homework: Greatest Common Factor Homework

Wednesday 8/30 Classwork: FAST MOVING CLASS…..we only had 30 minutes…. BUT we checked homework, worked on finding prime and composite numbers (1-100) AND students received there CAPS (1-4) back today.  WOW…..what a jam packed class 🙂

Homework: Get parent signature on CAPS letter sent home today.

Tuesday 8/29 Classwork: Students took a dividing fraction touchstone assessment on the i-respond.  This will count towards 5% of their grade.  Today’s Topic Discussed: Factors and Multiples. PrimeCompositeFactorMultiple NOTES

HomeworkFactors vs Multiples Homework

Monday 8/28 Classwork: CAPS #4.  Students completed a multiplying/dividing fraction graded classwork assignment.

Homework: NONE

Week 4 August 21-25

Friday 8/25 Classwork: Review of dividing fractions by fractions.  Today’s Topic Discussed: How to divide mixed fractions.  Dividing Mixed Fractions NOTES

Homework: Complete homework side of the worksheet (most students finished in class) Dividing Fractions Placemat

Thursday 8/24 Classwork: Review of multiplication of mixed fractions.  Today’s Topic Discussed: How to divide fractions by fractions. Dividing Fraction by Fraction Notes

Homework: dividing fractions puzzle

Wednesday 8/23 Classwork: Review of multiplying fractions by fractions.  Today’s Topic Discussed: Multiplying Mixed Fractions.  Multiply Mixed Fraction Notes

ROW RACE WINNERS from today’s review in class:   

1ST PERIOD: Reed’s row

2ND PERIOD: Jerry’s row 

3RD PERIOD: Haley’s row 

4TH PERIOD: Tyler’s row 

Homework: Multiplying Fractions with Mixed Numbers Homework

Tuesday 8/22 Classwork: CAPS #3.  Today’s Topic Discussed: How to multiply fractions by whole numbers and fractions.  Multiply fractions by fraction NOTES

Homework: Multiplying Fractions Practice Puzzle HOMEWORK

Monday 8/21 Classwork: Students worked on a decimal review and then created a “facemath” from their answers.


Week 3 August 14-18

Supplemental Books for math and the vocabulary books are in and were distributed to homeroom students.  If you didn’t pre-order them, they are available at the Husky Hut 8:45-9:05 every morning.  

They go quick, so make sure to bring money with you and get them ASAP!  

Friday 8/18 Classwork: DECIMAL QUIZ

Homework: NONE….Happy Weekend  

Thursday 8/17 Classwork: Students worked in groups on the decimal quiz review.  Students were given an extra practice worksheet to work on.  If they do not finish they can work on at home (not mandatory).  Decimal Extra Practice Worksheet


Wednesday 8/16 Classwork: Students got back their decimal classwork assessment.  We went over any questions students had.  Students then went on a gallery walk around the desks to review dividing decimals.

Decimal Quiz Friday 8/18 

Homework: None

Tuesday 8/15 Classwork: Review divide decimals by whole numbers.  Today’s topic discussed: How to divide decimals by decimals. Dividing Decimals by Decimals NOTES

Homework: Complete the following worksheet:  Dividing Decimals by Decimals Homework

Monday 8/14 Classwork: CAPS #2.  Today’s topic: How to divide decimals and whole numbers.  Students worked on practice problems.

Homework: Complete the following assignment: Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers worksheet

Week 2 August 7-11



*******6th Grade Open House is on Monday August 14th at 6:45.  Hope to see you all (parents) that night.  


Friday 8/11 Classwork: Students took a formative on decimals using the i-responds.  I was able to get there grades immediately.  Based on the scores I split the class into three groups.  In those three groups students worked on a classwork GRADED assignment on adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals.  I was able to help individual students if needed.

Homework: NONE…….Have a great weekend!

Thursday 8/10 Classwork: Quick review of adding and subtracting decimals.  Today’s topic discussed: How to multiply decimals.    Multiplying Decimal Notes

Decimal Quiz will be on Friday August 18th.

Homework: Complete the following worksheet (Page 14 in notebook)  Multiplying Decimals Homework

Reading my blog?  Write down MATH ROCKS on a piece of paper (with your name on it) and turn in on my desk…….MUST BE TURNED IN FIRST THING WHEN YOU COME INTO THE ROOM.

Wednesday 8/9 Classwork: Student took the MATH INVENTORY test today in class.  Some students didn’t finish and will finish later in the week.

Homework: NONE

Tuesday 8/8 Classwork: Topic Discussed today: Adding and Subtracting Decimals.  adding and subtracting decimal NOTES

Homework: Adding and Subtracting Decimals Homework

Monday 8/7 Classwork: Students took their Computation Challenge (CAPS #1) today in class.  This is a weekly graded assessment.  They will get them back next week to go over and then take the next CAPS.  After CAPS students completed a long division with remainders worksheet.

Homework: Cover page for notebook if not done over the weekend.

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