END OF SCHOOL YEAR (5/14-5/23)

Click here for the required Math 7 Summer Packet:    Math7SY2018-2019

Upcoming Important Dates: 

Wednesday 5/16 AND Thursday 5/17: Math Final 

Friday 5/18: 6th grade Olympics 

Tuesday 5/22 and Wednesday 5/23: Early Release Days 

Thursday 5/24: HAPPY SUMMER BREAK! 

Congratulations to the following students.  These students made one OR more 100’s on their CAPS, Quiz, and/or Test for 4th Quarter!! Way to go all students who made 100% club this school year!

1st Period: Natalie, Katie, Rachel, Evyn, Morgan, Sean, Elizabeth, Shannon, Addy, Yamna, Logan, Emily Jane.  Congratulations to the top student in the class, Rachel, with 7 100’s.  

2nd Period: Sofia, Anna M., Jerry, Ann Macon, Anna H., Kartikeya, Ben, Erica, Gabriel, Giovanni, Javy, Helena, Andie.  Congratulations to the top students in the class, Ben AND Erica, who both had 4 100’s.

3rd Period: Amanda, Morgan, Riley, Evan C., Ciara, Carlisle, Prasoon, Isabella P., Arantxa, Evan K., Connor.  Congratulations to the top student, Prasoon, with 7 100’s.

4th Period: Tyler, Elise, Lily Bas., Lily Bate., Jordan G., Maddie, Julia, Allie, Sophia, Violet, Heather, Abby G., Amara, Matt.  Congratulations to the top student, Lily Bate, with 7 100’s.  

Wednesday 5/23 Classwork: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL…..ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!

Tuesday 5/22 Classwork: Early Release Day….shortened classes!   YEARBOOK SIGNING

Monday 5/21 Classwork: LAST FULL DAY OF 6TH GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Returned math finals and went over correct answers and the most missed problems.  Students took an end of year survey.  Finished the class talking about summer plans

Friday 5/18 Classwork: 6th grade OLYMPICS

Homework: Enjoy your last weekend before SUMMER BREAK!

Thursday 5/17 Classwork: Part 2 Math Final

Homework: 6th grade OLYMPICS tomorrow

Wednesday 5/16 Classwork: Part 1 Math Final

Homework: Part 2 Math Final TOMORROW…..come with a sharpened pencil and a positive attitude that you will ACE this final.

Tuesday 5/15 Classwork: Gallery Walk of cumulative projects.  Students did a peer evaluation of three projects.  Students finished the class working on some questions in their peach book to help them prepare for tomorrow’s Part 1 Math Final.

Homework: Part 1 Math Final is tomorrow……come with a sharpened pencil and a positive attitude that you will ACE this final.  You are all well prepared from working on the cumulative project these past 3 weeks.

Monday 5/14 Classwork: Students completed their in-class cumulative project.  They have done an awesome job on this project.

Homework: None


Week 34 May 7-11

Important Dates: 


Wednesday 5/16: Math Final Part 1 

Thursday 5/17: Math Final Part 2 

Friday 5/18: 6th grade Olympics 

Friday 5/11 Classwork: We are almost finished with our cumulative in-class project.  Students have been doing great and the final products are AMAZING!  This has been a great review for the upcoming final.

Homework: Final Math Help Session for Final is Monday May 14th at 8:15.

Thursday 5/10 Classwork: We started off the class going over the most missed question examples of the math final.  Next, students continued working on Domain 4 (Geometry).  Students continued/started working on Domain 5 (statistics).

Homework: Final Math Help Session for Final is Monday May 14th at 8:15.

Wednesday 5/9 Classwork: We started off the class going over the most missed question examples of the math final.  Next, students continued working on Domain 4 (Geometry).  Some students started working on Domain 5 (statistics).

Homework: Final Math Help Session for Final is Monday May 14th at 8:15.

Tuesday 5/8 Classwork: I passed back the THREE Data Caps to all students.  They took the same one in August, December, and again in May.  They were able to look at their growth over the year.  Students were also able to pinpoint the topic that they may have continuously missed on the CAPS.  Summer would be a great time to review those missed problems.  

***Students continued working on Domain 4 (Geometry).

Homework: NONE

Monday 5/7 Classwork: Students took the last graded computation challenge of the year.  If you are sad about this……..do not worry they will continue in 7th and 8th grade!!! Students continued working on in-class project.  Domain 3 (Expressions and Equations) should be done and students should be working on Domain 4 (Geometry)

Homework: None

Week 33 April 30-MAY 1

Important Information: 

Math Final Part 1: 5/16 

Math Final Part 2: 5/17 

Friday 5/3 Classwork: In-Class Cumulative Project……………Domain 3 (Expressions and Equations) workday and start of Domain 4 (Geometry)

Homework: NONE

Thursday 5/2 Classwork: Great Day working on Domain 3 of Cumulative In-Class Project.  Students were working hard on reviewing expressions, equations, and inequalities.

Wednesday 5/1 Classwork: Students who did not finish SMI got the chance to finish today.  Domain 3 Workday on the cumulative project.

Homework: NONE

Tuesday 5/1 Classwork: Students took the 3rd SMI of the school year.  This will count as a quiz grade.  We are looking for overall score and growth from the year.

Homework: NONE  (Back to work on in-class project tomorrow)

Monday 4/30 Classwork: Students continued working on their in-class cumulative project.  They needed to finish Domain 2 by the end of class.  Several students went on to work on Domain 3 “Expressions”.

Homework: If you need to print something off for your project you will need to do that at home.


Week 32 April 23-27

Upcoming Assignments: 

Part 1 Math Final on 5/16 

Part 2 Math Final on 5/17 

In-class cumulative project 4/23-5/14 

Friday 4/27 Classwork:  Students worked bell to bell on Domain 2. Students are doing a GREAT job on this cumulative project!!! Only 3.5 weeks left of school!  🙂 

Homework: If you need to print something off for project than you need to do that at home.

Thursday 4/26 Classwork: Mrs. Bonsecour out (Kindergarten tour for AJ).  Students need to have Domain 1 finished by TODAY.  They are to start working on Domain 2.

Homework: If you need to print something off for project than you need to do that at home.

Wednesday 4/25 Classwork: Students continued working on Domain 1.  It students finished they colored the Domain and put finishing touches to it.

Homework: If you need to print something off for project than you need to do that at home.

Tuesday 4/24 Classwork: Students put their design of the 5 domains on posterboard.  Students started working on DOMAIN 1 Vocabulary and mini-lessons.

Homework: No written homework…..if you need to print something off for project than you can do that at home 🙂

Monday 4/23 Classwork: Students put their answers from the Integer Test into i-respond.  They were able to see their test grade.

In-Class cumulative Final Project Introduction.  Students will be working on a project that will prepare them for the Math Final Part 1 (5/16) and Part 2 (5/17).  This project will be done in class.  The project is broken up into 5 Domains (sections).  Each domain students are asked to write 5 vocabulary, complete mini-lessons on unit topics, and draw an illustration.  This will count as TWO classwork grades.  

Homework: Students need to make a sketch of how they will set up their 5 Domains.  Given material for the project will be a piece of posterboard.  


Week 31 April 16-20th

Integer Test: Friday April 20th  

Friday 4/20 Classwork: INTEGER TEST DAY

Homework: Enjoy your weekend.  In-class cumulative project starts Monday!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 4/19 Classwork: Day #4 Integer Review.  Students worked on study guide and checked answers.  Any last minute questions were answered. Integer Test Study Guide 2018

Homework: Integer TEST TOMORROW!  Review ALL material given each day in class this week!

Wednesday 4/18 Classwork: Day #3 Integer Review.  Touchstone I-respond classwork grade.  Students completed an integer gallery walk review.

Homework:  Integer Test Friday 4/20 (Review material given each day of review) 

Tuesday 4/17 Classwork: Day #2 Integer Review.  Went over integer worksheets from yesterday.  Students played Integer Battleship to review the Coordinate Plane.

Homework: Integer Test Friday 4/20 (Review material given each day of review) 

Monday 4/16 Classwork: Mrs. Bonsecour Out.  CAPS #20.  Day #1 of Integer Review.

Homework: Integer Test Friday 4/20  (Review material given each day of review) 

Week 30 April 9-13

Thursday 4/12: Section 1 MATH Milestone Today.  ONE more day of testing left!

Classwork: We watched Flatland 🙂

Students: Thank you all for watching me yesterday.  It has been a great day seeing you all so excited about my episode!!!!!!

Wednesday 4/11: Section 2 and 3 of ELA Milestones Today.

Classwork: Peach Book Competition winners were announced.

Homework: Watch Mrs. Bonsecour on Wheel of Fortune tonight at 7:00 on NBC!

Optional Milestone Review Assignment-

Complete the following milestone unit worksheets.  Turn in by Wednesday April 11th for a treat!

Milestone Review Unit 1

Milestone Review Unit 2

Milestone Review Unit 3 and 4

Watch me on Wheel of Fortune this Wednesday (4/11) at 7:00 on NBC!!!!! 

Tuesday 4/10: ELA Section 1 Milestone testing.  Students had 30 minute academic classes today and connections like normal.

Classwork: In math class students went over answers they got on the pre-test with their group members.  Each group turned in ONE scantron and tomorrow we will find out which groups will go up on the Bonsecour All Stars wall.  

Homework: Enjoy the beautiful day and go run outside.  GET a good night’s sleep tonight.  Optional Milestone Assignment due TOMORROW!

Monday 4/9 Classwork: Finish the Pre-test in Peach Book

Homework: Optional Math Milestone Review DUE Wednesday 4/11 for a special treat!

Milestones start tomorrow……Get a good night sleep and eat a good breakfast in the morning!  You are all going to shine! 

Week 29 March 26-30

Optional Milestone Review Assignment-

Complete the following milestone unit worksheets.  Turn in by Wednesday April 11th for a treat!  

Milestone Review Unit 1

Milestone Review Unit 2

Milestone Review Unit 3 and 4


Wheel of Fortune air date: Wednesday April 11th.  Watch me play.spin.andmaybewin!!!


Friday 3/30 Classwork: Mystery graph picture

Homework: OPTIONAL milestone review worksheets DUE 4/11 🙂

Have a wonderful spring break!  See you on April 9th!

Thursday 3/29 Classwork: Integer Quiz

Homework: NONE

Wednesday 3/28 Classwork: Today’s Topic Discussed: Reflections and Distance between two points on the coordinate plane.  reflection and distance class notes

Homework: Integer Quiz Review

Monday/Tuesday 3/26 and 3/27 Classwork: Math portion of the 6th grade capstone project.  Math students are engineering a box to ship their survival kits.  For two class periods students will work in groups and they will be given a survival item and will need to create a net of the rectangular prism box using poster board and tape.  Students will then calculate the volume and surface area of their box.  This will help determine the shipping cost.

Homework: NONE

Week 28 March 19-23

Friday 3/23 Classwork: Today’s Topic Discussed: Coordinate Plane Coordinate Plane Notes

Homework: Students were given time in class to complete, but if not done here is the worksheet……coordinate plane skills and hw practice  

Thursday 3/22 Classwork: Introduction to Integers.  Today’s Topics Discussed: postive/negative integers, comparing/ordering integers, and absolute value.  Comparing and Ordering Integer Notes    Positive and Negative Number Notes   Absolute Value Notes

Homework: Integer Review Worksheet

EXTRA:   Watch the following video and answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper.  Turn into me tomorrow for a treat! 

Wednesday 3/21 Classwork: Mrs. Bonsecour out today.  Students completed CAPS #19.  They also started a milestone practice test in their peach books.  We will continue working on this review next week.  We will start our integer unit TOMORROW!


Tuesday 3/20 Classwork: Statistics Test

Homework: NONE

Monday 3/19 Classwork: Worked on Study Guide for Statistics Test.  Students checked their answers and picked up an extra practice worksheet.  Statistics Test 2018 STUDY GUIDE Bonsecour

Homework: Statistics Test Tomorrow

Ways to Study-

  1. Click on the following link and a treat might be given tomorrow to those who complete it!      Statistics Review
  2. Review study guide you worked on today in class.
  3. Review Notebook Pages 37-49
  4. Review Blog Weeks 25-27

Quarter 3 100% Club Students

The following students have made ONE or MORE 100’s on their CAPS, QUIZ, and/or TEST for Quarter 3! 

1st Period: Logan, Reed, Sean, Demmy, Rachel, Addy, Shannon, Morgan, Yamna, Evyn, Natalie, Katie, Adam, and Elizabeth.   Congratulations to the top students in the class, Rachel, Morgan, and Natalie, who both got 4 100’s!

 2nd Period: Ben, Helena, Andie, Gabriel, Erica, Ann Macon, Giovanni, Sofia, Anna H., Jerry, and Anna M. Congratulations to the top student in the class, Helena, who got 6 100’s!

 3rd Period: Tori, Morgan, Carlisle, Evan K., Riley, Jeremy, Arantxa, Conner, Prasoon, Amanda, Sofia, and Ciara. Congratulations to the top student in the class, Prasoon, who got 7 100’s!

4th Period: Heather, Tyler, Julia, Ava, Abby S., Jorden, Matt, Maddie, Sophia, Abigail G., Lily A., Amara, Elise, Allie, and Violet.  Congratulations to the top student in the class, Julia, who got 7 100’s!

Week 27 March 12-16

This weeks blog is posted below the HTMS 17 Days of Kindness post! 

HTMS 17 Days of Kindness

As part of Hightower Trail’s Acts of Kindness Project, we are suggesting that students participate in completing a different act of kindness each day beginning on March 14th until Spring Break.  Students will log their acts of kindness on the attached log and as they complete five acts, they will turn the sheet into the box that will be located in the atrium.  For every journal of five acts each student completes they will be recognized on our Acts of Kindness Wall.  Please encourage your student to participate in this project over the next 17 days.   

Below is a list of acts of kindness.  Please choose a different act each day and record the act on the attached journal:

  • Bring hot cocoa to a neighbor
  • Give away old toys to younger children
  • Leave a treat for the mail carrier in your mailbox
  • Give some flowers to someone feeling unwell
  • Make happy notes on the sidewalk with chalk
  • Organize an afternoon of games for your neighborhood
  • Take icewater and cups to the playground to share with others
  • Hold a Lemonade Stand to donate to a cause you support
  • Rake leaves (or do gardening) for a neighbor
  • Take snacks to your local fire department
  • Donate DVDs to the local Hospital
  • Read inspiring stories to a group of children
  • Donate books to a doctor’s or dentist’s office
  • Take a treat to a bus driver
  • Educate yourself and your neighbors about recycling
  • Invite another family over for dinner
  • Take a Thank You card to the local librarians
  • Open the door for people entering a shop or restaurant
  • Bring a meal to a family in need (recent birth, sickness, or loss)
  • Write a poem for someone you love
  • Make “Be Happy” notes and put them in mailboxes
  • Learn a joke to tell to a cashier
  • Make a list of things you love about someone and send it to them
  • Send a postcard to a distant cousin or friend who moved away
  • Pick up trash around the neighborhood or at a park
  • Sing for the elderly
  • Make a phone call to a friend or family member far away
  • Go on an errand and smile at everyone you see
  • Volunteer in a local animal shelter
  • Take cans of food to the local Food Bank
  • Donate old clothes a local organization
  • Introduce someone who just moved to your neighborhood to new friends
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line at the store
  • Sit with someone new at lunch
  • Create your own

Upcoming Important Dates: 

Statistics Test Tuesday 3/20 (Will count for Quarter 4 grade) 

Friday 3/16 Classwork: Review Day of box and whisker plots.  Box and Whisker Plot Classwork

Homework: Box and Whisker Plot Stem Activity

Thursday 3/15 Classwork: Today’s Topic Discussed: How to create a box and whisker plot.  Box and Whisker plots notes

Homework: Box Plot Homework

Wednesday 3/14 Classwork: Metric vs. Customary Units Peach Book Questions.

1 cup (liquid) = 8 fluid ounces. 1 day = 24 hours. 1 ton = 2000 pounds. 1 hour = 60 minutes. 1 pound = 16 ounces. 1 minute = 60 seconds. 1 mile = 5280 feet. 1 gallon = 4 quarts. 1 yard = 3 feet. 1 quart = 2 pints. 1 foot = 12 inches. U.S. Customary Units.

Homework: NONE

Tuesday 3/13 Classwork: Statistics QUIZ

Homework: NONE

Monday 3/12 Classwork: Mrs. Bonsecour was out today.  CAPS #18.  Students worked on a classwork/quiz review worksheet.  2018 Organizing Data CLASSWORK

Homework: Don’t forget posterboard is due on 3/23

Week 26 March 5-9

Upcoming Important Dates 

Statistics Quiz Tuesday 3/13 (Last grade for Quarter 3) 

Statistics Test Tuesday 3/20 (Will count for Quarter 4 grade) 

ALL STUDENTS WILL NEED ONE PIECE OF POSTER BOARD BY MARCH 23RD.  (put name on it and period and turn into Room 6A2) 

Friday 3/9 Classwork: Review Day of Histograms.  Touchstone assessment on mean, median, mode, line plots and histogram.

Homework: Finish Histogram Graphs if not complete in class.  Histograms Graphing

Thursday 3/8 Classwork: Today’s Topic Discussed: Using a frequency table (yesterday’s lesson) make a histogramHistogram Virtual Nerd VIDEO           Histogram Notes

Homework: Histogram Homework Problem


Wednesday 3/7 Classwork: Today’s Topic Discussed: Finding scale intervals of a given set of data to create a frequency table. Frequency Table Notes

Homework: Frequency Table Homework

Tuesday 3/6 Classwork: Review Day of Line Plots.  Students worked on practice problems in their peach book.  We ended the class with a line plot lyric activity.

Homework: Discussed why ALL students need ONE poster board by Friday 3/23.  We will be working on the math part of the 6th grade capstone project on survival skills.   They will turn in their posterboard to my room, with name and period on it.

Monday 3/5 Classwork: CAPS #17.  Today’s Topic Discussed: Organizing Data onto a line/dot plot. 

Line Plot Notes      Line Plot Study Jams Video

Homework: Line Plot Homework



Week 25 February 26-March 2

Important Dates to Remember: 

Unit 5B Surface Area and Volume Test Tuesday 2/27 

CAPS Corrections DUE Friday March 2nd 

Friday 3/2 Classwork: Day #3 Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Review.  Students worked in groups on the Skittle MMMR Lab.

Homework: NONE

Thursday 3/1 Classwork: Students had a great day with review of MMMR.  Students who might have been struggling with the concept got that extra practice and walked away with a better understanding of how to find the measures of central tendencies.  GREAT JOB ALL STUDENTS!

Homework: CAPS Computation Corrections DUE TOMORROW!   CAPS Repair Opportunity Letter

Wednesday 2/28 Classwork:  I can’t believe we are already in Unit 6.  This year is flying by.  In Unit 6 students will learn about statistics.  Today’s Topic Discussed: Mean, Median, Mode, and Range of a given set of data.  mean, median, mode, range NOTES

Homework: mean, mode, median, range hw

Tuesday 2/27 Classwork: TEST DAY!

Homework: Continue working on CAPS Corrections…Due for those students who choose to do it on 3/2

Monday 2/26 Classwork: Students were given back CAPS 13-16.  They have an opportunity to make corrections to all problems missed to receive those points back.  It is not mandatory, but if you received low scores this is a great way to get your grade back up.  NO LATE CREDIT!  CAPS Repair Opportunity Letter

Review DAY for Unit 5b Test.  Students got back their quizzes, checked their study guide, and completed a gallery walk review.


Ways to study-

  1. Review Notebook Pages 22-35
  2. Review Study Guide 3D test study guide answer key
  3. Review Blog Weeks 23-25

Week 24 February 12-16

Upcoming Important Dates


Tuesday 2/27: Surface Area and VOLUME TEST 

Friday 2/16 Classwork: Volume and Surface Area word problem review with a partner.  UNIT TEST is on Tuesday 2/27. HELP SESSION MONDAY 2/26 @ 8:15 AM!  Be there or Be Square 🙂 

Homework: Enjoy your break, but remember that the study guide is due the Monday we get back from break…………2018 3-D figures test study guide

Thursday 2/15 Classwork: Mrs. Bonsecour back…..we went over assignments that have been completed while I was gone.  Today’s Topic Discussed: Finding Volume of rectangular prisms and cubes.  Volume PPT Notes

Homework: Volume Worksheet Homework

Wednesday 2/14 Classwork: Surface Area Quiz

Homework: Surface Area and Volume Test STUDY GUIDE DUE MONDAY February 26th.

2018 3-D figures test study guide

Tuesday 2/13 Classwork: Mrs. Bonsecour OUT TODAY!  Students worked on a Touchstone Surface Area graded assessment.  Students then completed their classwork if not finished during Monday’s class.  Started Quiz Review and is homework if not finished.


Quiz Review SA Quiz Review 2018

SA quiz review ANSWERS

REMINDER: Choice Board DUE THURSDAY.  Surface Area Choice Board

Monday 2/12 Classwork: CAPS#16.  Students completed/almost finished a Surface Area Wrap-up Assessment.  If not complete in class students will have tomorrow in class to work on.

Homework: NONE

Week 24 February 5-9

Upcoming Important Dates: 

Wednesday 2/14: Surface Area Quiz 

Tuesday 2/27: Surface Area and Volume TEST 

Friday Classwork: Today’s Topic Discussed: How to find surface area of a square pyramid.  

Homework: Start working on your choice board (Due Thursday February 15th) Surface Area Choice Board

Thursday Classwork: Review Warm-up of the characteristics (faces, edges, bases) of solid figures.  The rest of class was spent reviewing surface area of triangular prisms.

Homework: NONE

Wednesday Classwork: Today’s Topic Discussed: Finding Surface Area of Triangular Prisms. SA Triangular Prism Notes

Homework: Triangular Prism Homework

Tuesday Classwork: Review day for SA of Rectangular prism and cubes.  Introduced SA word problems into the mix of review questions today.  We will continue to work with word problems throughout the unit!

Homework: Finish Classwork……….SA of RP and Cube Review

Monday Classwork: Finished the cereal box activity from Friday.  Today’s Topic Discussed: Finding Surface Area of rectangular prisms and cubes.SA of Rectangular Prism and Cube NOTES

Homework: SHOW ALL WORK!!!!!  surface area smackdown worksheet

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